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AIFF President Kalyan Chaubey Has Big Plans For Indian Football | Best Team In 2024

Kalyan Chaubey

Kalyan Chaubey, President of All India Football Federation (AIFF), has big plans for Indian football. Speaking exclusively with The Times of India (TOI), he discussed various initiatives being pursued under his tenure.

Former India coach Igor Stimac has launched a powerful attack against AIFF president Kalyan Chaubey, suggesting his departure is vital to safeguarding the future of globalized sport in India. Additionally, Stimac threatened legal action against them for outstanding dues.

 Kalyan Chaubey Igor Stimac slams Kalyan Chaubey

Igor Stimac, who was fired as head coach of India football team last month, launched an impassioned attack against All India Football Federation president Chaubey and his lies to media outlets. Stimac accused Chaubey of incompetence and lying while criticizing Indian football as being “imprisoned”, noting it will take two or three decades before improvement occurs.

On 17 June, the AIFF fired Igor Stimac after his failure to qualify for the third round of 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers. This decision was reached through a virtual meeting led by AIFF Vice President N.A. Haris and attended by other senior officials including Menla Ethenpa, I.M Vijayan and Climax Lawrence among others.

Stimac promised after his dismissal to hold a press conference to expose those behind India’s football and to make a case against Chaubey for leaving Indian football sooner rather than later. He further asserted that it would benefit Indian soccer if Chaubey left sooner rather than later.

Stimac’s tenure with India was difficult and they only managed to win one match during his leadership. Still, he set many records for their national team; breaking the record for most consecutive clean sheets in a calendar year with 12 (including wins over Mongolia, Myanmar and Kyrgyzstan); as well as winning the 2023 Intercontinental Cup with a 2-0 victory against Lebanon at Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar Odisha.

Kalyan Chaubey

 Kalyan Chaubey He is a liar

After being dismissed as head coach of Indian football team, Croatian Igor Stimac made controversial claims against the All India Football Federation (AIFF). He accused Kalyan Chaubey, president of AIFF, of lying and suggested he exit Indian football sooner rather than later.

Stimac lambasted Chaubey in a virtual media interaction on Friday for his lack of commitment towards Indian football’s advancement. According to Stimac, Chaubey only cares about garnering social media clicks and photographing with influential people rather than looking after its future well-being.

Stimac further asserted that the AIFF did not consult him before finalizing team matches and there was no mutual trust between it and FSDL (Football Sports Development Limited), who run India’s top-tier football league, Indian Super League. Furthermore, competitions like King’s Cup and Merdeka Cup were organized without his input, which hindered India’s Asian Cup preparations.

Stimac also took aim at I M Vijayan, an iconic Indian footballer and Technical Committee chairman for the AIFF. According to him, Vijayan should be replaced soon as soon as he is no longer suitable. Additionally, Stimac claimed that AIFF members have broken many promises made.

 Kalyan Chaubey He is a politician

Former Indian national team coach Igor Stimac delivered an explosive virtual press conference, where he laid into Kalyan Chaubey, president of the All India Football Federation (AIFF). Stimac accused Chaubey of not taking his leadership responsibilities seriously while prioritizing popularity over performing his duties as an effective leader.

Stimac held an online press conference where he blamed Chaubey for most of the problems facing Indian football and claimed that he was “fed up” with unfulfilled promises and lies during his tenure. Stimac further threatened legal action against AIFF if his outstanding dues weren’t paid within 10 days.

Chaubey, 45 years old former goalkeeper who had played for Mohun Bagan and East Bengal FCs respectively, defeated Bhaichung Bhutia 33-1 during AIFF elections held on Friday and will become its inaugural ex-player leader in 85 years of history.

Chaubey, as a politician, seems focused on increasing clicks on social media and photographing himself with famous players – rather than contributing to Indian football’s wellbeing. Indian football needs someone powerful and influential who understands running sports organisations than just another part-time politician like Chaubey who doesn’t even command respect in Kolkata and no one knows him outside AIFF meetings.

Kalyan Chaubey

 Kalyan Chaubey He is a fool

On Friday, former India football coach Igor Stimac made an aggressive statement against All India Football Federation President Kalyan Chaubey. Stimac, who was fired following India’s poor showing at World Cup qualifiers, asserted that Chaubey is responsible for most issues plaguing Indian football; furthermore he voiced his displeasure over Chaubey’s unfulfilled promises and declared himself to have become “fed up”.

Stimac made these accusations during a lengthy online press conference where he accused Chaubey of prioritizing social media engagement and photographing with famous players over the welfare of the game. Stimac stated his hope that AIFF Chief, Subodh Chaubey would leave soon due to lacking the capacity to govern India’s most beloved sport. Stimac also strongly criticised IM Vijayan as head of AIFF Technical Committee.

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