Sunil Chhetri footballer

Sunil Chhetri footballer – A Tribute to the Indian Army | best football playrer in 2024 | india team football

Sunil Chhetri footballer

Sunil Chhetri grew up in an atmosphere where football was part of life – his father Kharga served in the Indian Army while mother Sushila played on Nepal’s national team – although he never thought football was going to be his calling.

India fans had long anticipated the day when Kohli would hang up his boots – and on June 6 he will play his final match for India against Kuwait in a World Cup qualifying game.

Sunil Chhetri footballer | He was a keen football lover

Sunil Chhetri has established himself as one of India’s premier goal-scorers since his debut. Currently ranked third highest international goalscorer – only Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi surpass him – his prolific goal scoring feat has earned him the title “Bharat Ke Superstar”, making him a household name across India and drawing huge support on Twitter; making him one of the most beloved athletes today.

His father, Kharga, was also an avid football fan who competed for the Electronics and Mechanical Engineers Corps Army soccer team while serving. Sushila played on Nepal women’s national team along with her twin sisters as part of her mother Sushila’s army service. Chhetri was born in Secunderabad on August 3, 1984 but spent most of his formative years living in Delhi; attending Bahai School Gangtok before going on to Ashutosh College Kolkata for further schooling and eventual graduation.

When not scoring goals for BFC or India’s national team, he loves photography and traveling – both hobbies that bring great enjoyment in his free time. When not spending time with family and friends he also likes taking photographs himself! Recently he started running early morning runs at Cubbon Park as part of Pinkathon’s initiative to promote fitness – sometimes running blindfolded alongside them; such experiences helped strengthen his mindset and develop deeper appreciation of football.

Sunil Chhetri footballer

Sunil Chhetri footballer | He was an officer in the Indian Army

The Indian Army boasts a long and distinguished military service history. From protecting India against foreign invasions to playing an integral role in India’s security and political landscape, its role as one of the best-trained armies globally with one of the widest ranges of specialized units makes it one of the country’s greatest national treasures.

Sunil Chhetri’s parents, Kharga and Sushila were visibly emotional as they watched their renowned son retire from international football in Kolkata. His retirement marks the conclusion of an amazing career which saw him win 94 caps and score 94 goals for India.Sunil Chhetri footballer

Sunil is currently the third highest active goal scorer worldwide and has won numerous awards during his extensive career. When not working or watching movies, he enjoys playing PlayStation and watching films in his free time. Sunil prides himself on hard work and disciplined living – always grateful to his family for supporting him on this path of excellence.

Growing up in a military environment and becoming familiar with Army culture early on was formative in his development; these experiences left an imprint of discipline and structure that has permeated every aspect of his life since.Sunil Chhetri footballer

Sunil Chhetri footballer| He was a captain in the Indian Army

Football runs deep in Sunil Chhetri’s blood; his father Kharga, an officer in the Electronics and Mechanical Engineers Corps, played for India Army’s soccer team while his mother Sushila and her twin sisters represented Nepal National Women Soccer Team. Born on August 3, 1984 in Secunderabad, Sunil first experienced football early on with his family navigating across India as part of their military service commitments.Sunil Chhetri footballer

Sunil was first noticed by Mohun Bagan, an Indian club football giant. They signed him in 2002. Sunil then played for clubs across Bengal (Mohun Bagan, East Bengal), Punjab (JCT FC) and Goa (Dempo, Churchill Brothers), also taking two brief overseas stints in Portugal and the US.

Chhetri was instrumental in leading his teams to domestic success. In 2013, he was appointed captain of Bengaluru FC, leading them to win both league title and Federation Cup championship. Furthermore, he has earned 150 caps with India national team scoring 94 goals overall.Sunil Chhetri footballer

Though his achievements have been substantial, Chhetri remains grounded and humble. A true team player with excellent leadership qualities, Chhetri has helped his teams to experience unprecedented success thanks to his hard work and dedication. For his efforts he was awarded several times with AIFF Player of the Year status and in 2021 received Arjuna Awards as well.

Sunil Chhetri footballer

Sunil Chhetri footballer | He was a coach in the Indian Army

Sunil Chhetri’s career in the Indian Army spanned more than two decades and earned many honors and achievements during that period. Now serving as captain of both Bengaluru FC in Indian Super League and India national team, his success demonstrates hard work and dedication’s power to reap great rewards.

At 18, Chhetri used football as an entryway into one of Delhi’s esteemed colleges – St Stephen’s College was his chosen destination – yet football soon took precedence over academic life, leading him into City Club Delhi’s squad and playing an integral role in its Durand Cup win which helped cement his popularity among peers and media alike. He scored high marks for class XI exams and made it in, but soon football overshadowed it all and soon football had become his primary passion, ultimately taking him by surprise when City Club Delhi selected him and played an integral part in helping City win that brought him recognition from within.Sunil Chhetri footballer

Chhetri made waves after shining in the ISL and was soon picked up by Mohun Bagan for signing on as their star player, becoming part of India U-20 team before moving on to JCT FC and Dempo FC before eventually playing Major League Soccer and Portuguese league soccer.Sunil Chhetri footballer

The Indian Army is an extremely large force that provides national service during both peacetime and war. It has participated in multiple United Nations peacekeeping missions; conducted major military exercises such as Brasstacks and Shoorveer; provided humanitarian relief following natural disasters like earthquakes or floods; as well as providing humanitarian aid after natural disasters occur.Sunil Chhetri footballer

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