Him a Perfect No 4

Suryakumar Yadav – The One Shot That Makes Him a Perfect No 4 | Best Player In 2024 ?

Him a Perfect No 4

Indian cricketer Rishabh Pant, who can also bowl, left everyone speechless after unleashing an astounding “offside scoop” shot off Jofra Archer during a Twenty20 International match. The video went viral, leaving cricket fans stunned at his exceptional talent.

RP Singh believes India shouldn’t hesitate to test Suryakumar Yadav at No. 4 in ODIs ahead of the World Cup.

Him a Perfect No 4  1. Lap Shot Over Mid-Off

Suryakumar Yadav, more popularly known by his initials SKY, has taken full advantage of the chance presented him to score runs for India in T20 cricket. His right-handed batsman has been making good use of long and short boundaries while running swiftly between wickets to score singles, twos, and threes quickly.Him a Perfect No 4

SKY’s ability to execute various types of shots with equal ease has made him an extremely challenging opponent for opposing bowlers, and one such shot that has caught both fans and experts’ eye is his lap shot.Him a Perfect No 4

The lap shot is an extension of the sweep in which a batter pushes their back foot further back while maintaining their usual bat swing, giving more time for picking shots and turning any potential yorkers into full length balls with power sweeps.Him a Perfect No 4

SKY put his sweeping skills on display when he struck two sixes off Jofra Archer’s opening two balls during India’s T20I series against England, sparking life into their innings and helping India recoup. Ricky Ponting himself has recognized this ability of his to alter the course of games; which has earned SKY great respect.

Him a Perfect No 4

Him a Perfect No 4  2. Flick Over Fine-Leg

Suryakumar Yadav demonstrated his versatility by scoring his maiden T20I century against England at Trent Bridge last year, showing not only an ability to overcome bowlers but also pick gaps and take control of the game against his opposition.Him a Perfect No 4

The 33-year-old continues to push the limits of what batsmen can achieve with willow bats, offering an extensive arsenal of shots such as an offside scoop and his signature “Supla” shot while also possessing devastating accuracy when hitting over fine-leg region.Him a Perfect No 4

Suryakumar displayed this ability throughout his innings against SRH at Wankhede on Saturday. India were on 21/0 after three and a third overs and it seemed as though rebuilding might occur before Suryakumar’s big-hitting abilities came into play; smashing two sixes in four balls to drastically change the course of the match.Him a Perfect No 4

Suryakumar was known for his elegant flick over fine-leg, leaving fielders no chance of defense. This stroke requires patience and the right foot planted outside off-stump – it works against pace or spin bowlers alike and even off-breakers! In addition, Suryakumar used this skill to hit several fours from this region that other batsmen would consider sixes.Him a Perfect No 4

Him a Perfect No 4  3. Slog Sweep Over Backward Point

Suryakumar was an absolute revelation on a track where most batters struggled to establish a rhythm, producing unbelievable shots at every opportunity. Beginning with a straight six behind square, he then executed an unthinkable sweep over backward point that has Indians of his vintage studiously avoiding it; such a stroke left pundits exultant as even Sachin Tendulkar became excited in the Mumbai Indians dug out!

At that point, he wasn’t finished; he continued his batting clinic against Rashid Khan by repeatedly hitting him at forward leg and square leg, or over and behind square. It was an attack so swift and brutal that Afghan captain Kabir Amir appeared completely bemused by it.

Suryakumar then showcased an incredible display against Alzarri Joseph. From slog sweeps over long-off and lofted off-side scoops he picked up by watching kids playing tennis ball cricket, Suryakumar kept fans on their toes with his brilliant creativity.

Suryakumar stands out from other top-order batsmen by his ability to attack any length ball with ease, be it shoulder-high short balls over mid-off with ease or off-stump yorkers over backward point with one-handed flicks; his attacking approach has earned him the moniker ‘Mr 360’ – something shared by other batsmen such as AB de Villiers.Him a Perfect No 4

Him a Perfect No 4

Him a Perfect No 4  4. Sweep Over Deep Midwicket

Suryakumar’s trademark sweeping shots defy cricket’s rule book; they require exceptional hand-eye coordination to pull off at speed – something Suryakumar has in abundance.

SKY stands out due to his extraordinary ability to attack any bowler. Be it his trademark down-on-one-knee tonk over cow corner or near-impossible slice over third man, most bowlers have been rendered clueless by his bat. In one match against New Zealand in Mount Maunganui he even hit Richard Gleeson delivery nonchalantly over the square leg fence for six.

Later against Afghanistan in the Super 8s, he received a full ball from Mohammad Asghar around the tramline and swung it wide of deep midwicket for one run. Rashid Khan and Fazalhaq Farooqi then provided match-clinching blows. A slog sweep over wicketkeeper for six was followed by a wrist-flick past third man for four, thus finishing an amazing 27-ball fifty and India’s innings.

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