Zero Emission

Zero Emission Drive for Commercial Vehicles | Best vehicle in 2024

Zero Emission

Zero Emission Drive brings together proven technology to accelerate fleet electrification. Electric and fuel cell vehicles drive on electricity instead of diesel emissions that contribute to air pollution as well as greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

Policy dramatically shortens the time it takes ZEVs to reach TCD parity, encouraging market uptake quickly. Light and medium vehicle segments typically reach parity 1-4 years ahead of central assumptions; regional/long haul markets reach parity by 2034.

Zero Emission | PACCAR Parts

PACCAR Parts is committed to minimizing its environmental footprint through all aspects of its products and services, from engineering advanced diesel engines that meet stringent emission standards to developing zero emission electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles – everything that makes up commercial transportation today and tomorrow. Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington – PACCAR Parts stands at the forefront of a green revolution within freight logistics!

Kenworth’s Zero Emission Drive initiative provides customers with equipment for a cleaner future, making use of federal and state incentives that help lower the cost of electric transport more accessible for fleets. Furthermore, they offer comprehensive charging solutions and infrastructure support packages with every Kenworth zero-emission truck purchase.

PACCAR currently offers an array of chargers compatible with its electric vehicles through PACCAR Parts division in collaboration with EnTech Solutions and Schneider Electric, and these range from 24kW to 350kW – enough power to fully recharge a Kenworth’s battery within two hours or less! Fleets interested in purchasing chargers may do so via PACCAR Parts, KENWORTH dealers or TRP store locations worldwide.

PACCAR Parts provides world-class customer support and parts availability at all hours of day or night, with an extensive offering of genuine OEM and aftermarket products that have proven themselves over time. Their PACCAR Genuine and TRP All Makes parts have become worldwide benchmarks of quality and value.

Zero Emission

Zero Emission | EnTech Solutions

eSkid charging solution is an easily deployable, pre-wired EV charger designed to plug right in and quickly enable businesses to offer electric vehicle (EV) charging within days of installation. Ideal for companies wanting to quickly enable their fleet of medium and heavy duty vehicles for Zero Emission Drive movements, eSkid is ideal.

Controlled environmental agriculture (CEA) demands considerable energy for lighting, temperature regulation and ventilation needs. To meet this rising power demand, EnTech Solutions and Faith Technologies created and installed an efficient electric vehicle charging station at the Automobile Dealers Association of Metro Milwaukee’s headquarters.

CALSTART partners with several industry leaders to host Zero Emission Drive events where customers can see, touch and drive a variety of ZEVs to gain more information about their capabilities. Some events feature ride-and-drives so customers can test out an entire fleet on the road or at one of the manufacturer facilities throughout the US.

EnTech Solutions experts are on hand to guide those considering or exploring electric vehicle (EV) ownership through each step of becoming a Zero Emissions Drive participant, provide insight into current charging infrastructure options available and discuss how you can begin your journey today.

Zero Emission | Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a pioneer of the net zero transition, offering products and services from edge to data center. Their solutions enable businesses to create innovative corporate sustainability strategies with decarbonization at their core; EcoStruxure platform plays a crucial role here by seamlessly linking energy management, resource utilization and information systems for greater operational efficiencies and waste reduction.

Schneider recently celebrated an impressive milestone, driving over one million zero emission miles with their fleet of battery electric vehicles (BEVs). These BEVs can be found at Southern California Intermodal Operations Center where Schneider operates one of the largest Freightliner eCascadia fleets in North America – helping accelerate Schneider’s progress toward meeting per-mile emission reduction goals of 7.5% by 2025 and 60% by 2035 while helping customers meet their own sustainability objectives.

Electric Vehicles (EVs) provide the most eco-friendly transportation alternative available today, providing lower fuel costs, reduced maintenance and lifecycle costs and enhanced driver comfort. In California for instance, Schneider electric EVs require under $1 to recharge an empty tank of gas; they also cover twice as far per charge than traditional diesel trucks!

Schneider offers an array of smart charging solutions. Their EVlink Home charger provides an intuitive experience for carports and garages in single-family homes; while their EVlink Pro AC charger caters to multi-family, work and destination applications.

Zero Emission

Zero Emission | Kenworth

EVs (fully electric or hybrid electric vehicles) reduce pollution, operating costs, and support state greenhouse gas emission reduction requirements while meeting state greenhouse gas emission reduction goals. They’re widely used across fleets such as tour boats, school bus fleets, commuter rail locomotives and taxi fleets among many others.

Paccar’s Bellevue, Washington-based Kenworth brand is an integral component of Zero Emission Drive with a full lineup of electric trucks for Zero Emission Drive including Class 8 T680Es and medium duty K270E and K370E models. At an EV test-drive event hosted by Kenworth last January, Paccar Chief Engineer Joe Adams shared that fleets that switch can expect fuel cost reduction of 50% as well as reduced maintenance expenses of 30% by making the switch to electric.

The T680E battery-electric truck offers an estimated driving range of 150 miles and is powered by Meritor’s Blue Horizon 14Xe tandem electric powertrain. Equipped with an industry standard SAE CCS1 charge port for fast charging times of less than three hours, its smooth acceleration and quiet operation make the T680E an excellent fit for pickup & delivery, regional haul and drayage applications.

The K270E and K370E models feature high-density batteries that can be recharged in as little as one hour for quick recharging times, providing up to 200-mile driving range with zero emissions emissions emissions emissions emissions, making these trucks ideal for drayage routes and pickup and delivery applications.

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