MS Dhoni Car Collection

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MS Dhoni Car Collection

MS Dhoni Car Collection : great players of cricket world Mahendra Singh Dhoni your sports and car collection and Bike Known for collection. Recently Mahendra Singh Dhoni has included another new beast in his car collection. Mahendra Singh Dhoni recently Mercedes AMG G 63 Has been seen with.

Let us tell you thatmercedes G63 Currently not available in the Indian market.mercedes G63 mercedes A great one coming fromsuvwith-It is also a powerful and reliable luxury vehicle.

MS Dhoni Car Collection (Mercedes AMG G 63) 

In the video that surfaced, we can see Mahendra Singh Dhoni getting a new Mercedes. AMG 63 Can be seen on the draw side. Apart from this we will get their registration number 0007 Can see. let me tell you 0007 It is the birth date of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. It is not that this is the most luxurious car of Mahendra Singh Dhoni till date, He has a huge fleet of luxury vehicles.

Apart from these, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has a huge garage of his own, in which hundreds Bike And many vehicles are kept there. Mahendra Singh Dhoni Bike Also known as lover. He has been seen many times riding with his expensive cars and bikes.

MS Dhoni Car Collection Mercedes AMG G 63 price in India 

currently G63 Not available in Indian market, But its price is approx 3 Ten million Is around. This price is of its top model.

MS Dhoni Car Collection  Mercedes AMG G 63 Engine 

To operate this monster under the bonnet 4.0 liter v8 Buy turbo petrol engine, Whereas 6000 at rpm 577 BHP and 2500 at rpm 850 Generates torque of NM. this engine 9 Is offered with speed gearbox option, Apart from this, you also get the facility of paddle shifter and support mode.

this engine only 4.5 from zero in seconds 100 accelerates in kilometers per hour, While its top speed 220 Kilometer per hour. Its BARRIER claimed mileage 6.1 kmpl Is of. Apart from this it has all wheel drive and 4wd Has been introduced in the Indian market with, Apart from this its engine bs 6 Has been operated with.

MS Dhoni Car Collection  Mercedes AMG G 63 Cabin 

On the inside, we get to see a black and red combination theme in the cabin with premium leather upholstery. Apart from this, we have also been given the facility of chrome finish at many places. You are also going to get soft touch facility at many places in the cabin, Leather finish has also been given on the steering wheel.

Mercedes AMG G 63 Features list 

features it 12.3 inch touch screen with infotainment system 12.3 Apple CarPlay connectivity is available with inch digital instrument cluster and wireless Android Auto. Other highlights include triple zone climate control, 12 Height Adjustable Drawbar Seat with Massage Function, 60:40 folding seat, wireless charging, USB port for rear passengers, sunroof, 64 Ambient lighting with color options and590 Why wait ? 15 Speaker bar Bramster sound system is available. 1

MS Dhoni Car Collection  Mercedes AMG G 63 Safety features 

Irsids Afun 63 To ADAS Has been equipped with technology. Apart from this 9 airbag, Electronic Stability Control, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, hill hall assist, Hill Descent Control, traction control and 360 Many excellent Sensex are available with Degree Camera.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s car collection includes many other great cars, for example Land Rover Defender, Green Nissan Check up And Vintage Cars

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