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Tata Punch EV Nexon EV Review | Tata Car In 2024 | Best Car Ever ?

Tata Punch EV Nexon EV

The Punch EV takes an effortless start from zero and quickly accelerates you towards highway speeds without breaking a sweat. Additionally, this budget-friendly EV offers many convenient features and an impressive range.

As with the Nexon EV, the Aron can be fitted with either a 25 kWh or 35 kWh battery pack and equipped with a 7.2kW AC fast charger to reduce charging times from 10% to 80% from 56 minutes down to just 25.Tata Punch EV Nexon EV

Tata Punch EV Nexon EV | Powertrain

Tata Punch EV Nexon EV’s electric powertrain feels intuitive and fluid; pulling away from traffic lights without issue and propelling you up to 100kph in approximately nine and a half seconds (according to their claims). There’s plenty of scope for enjoyment thanks to three drive modes – Eco, City and Sport – designed specifically to cater for various driving styles and conditions.

The steering in the Tata Punch EV Nexon is light yet incomprehensive and displays some torque steer under hard acceleration. Brakes are responsive and inspire confidence; with long corners being navigated without pedal-to-floor instability.

Tata provided us with a rugged track to test the Nexon EV’s off-road capabilities and was quite impressed by how easily it handled obstacles like rocks, ditches and potholes despite having just 190mm of ground clearance and favorable approach/departure angles. Incredibly enough, its steep inclines/descents were also managed quite effortlessly too!

Tata Punch EV

Tata Punch EV Nexon EV | Safety

Bharat NCAP recently conducted crash tests on both Tata Punch EV and Nexon EV electric SUVs, and both earned five-star ratings from them. Both electric SUVs are among the safest available for sale in India and will provide maximum protection should an accident occur.

Both vehicles offer an ideal balance between ride comfort and handling on the road, even when cornering hard. Thanks to its lower center of gravity and wide 195 section tyres, the Punch EV remains planted to the road even under intense cornering force.

However, cornering at high speeds does cause some body roll and vagueness; nonetheless, steering remains light at city speeds while gradually becoming heavier as speed increases.

Both EVs come equipped with multiple airbags, 360-degree cameras, blind-spot monitoring systems, electronic stability control and an auto-dimming rearview mirror for added safety and peace of mind. Both vehicles also offer three levels of regenerative braking – in which the vehicle automatically slows down while decelerating to save energy – to maximize range; each boasting claimed driving ranges of 315 km and 421 km respectively on one charge and equipped with both 7.2kW AC home wall chargers as well as CCS2 DC fast charger ports to add convenience for charging devices to connect securely and seamlessly into society.Tata Punch EV Nexon EV

Tata Punch EV Nexon EV | Comfort

The Punch EV features an ample battery pack, which helps lower its center of gravity and make it feel very stable on tarmac. Even when pushed hard around sweeping corners, there is minimal body roll thanks to generous 195-section tyres.

Its compact size contributes to an enjoyable ride; its suspension system is soft and absorbs most adverse roads with relative ease, although sharp edges may thud into the cabin due to a raised floor rather than directly through its tires.

Punch EV offers impressive agility despite its limited wheelbase, reaching triple-digit speeds in no time at all. Safety features of this electric SUV include multiple airbags, 360deg camera, blind spot monitoring and ISOFIX seat anchors; charging from 10% to 80% takes 56 minutes using either standard AC wallbox chargers or DC fast chargers.

Tata Punch EV Nexon EV | Technology

Tata Punch EV features several upgrades not found on its petrol sibling, such as a Harman-sourced electric sunroof from Harman and an intelligent voice assistant that understands Hinglish; both can open the sunroof upon command from within the car itself. Furthermore, there’s a rearview camera installed for added ease when parking as well as to warn of low battery levels in real time.

Exterior styling of the Nexon EV resembles that of its petrol counterpart with sculpted flanks and high beltline, but differing features such as green registration plate and 16-inch wheels distinguish it.

As with the Nexon, the Punch EV offers multiple driving modes such as Eco, City and Sport; Sport mode being its most energetic. Furthermore, its DC fast charger reduces charging time from 10% to 80% to just 56 minutes; further adding to its appeal and providing buyers with a seamless purchasing experience.Tata Punch EV Nexon EV

Tata Punch EV

Tata Punch EV Nexon EV | Value for money

The Tata Punch EV is an outstanding value proposition. An electric mini-SUV with an impressively capable driving experience that can accommodate four or five adults at the same time, its 190mm ground clearance and well-shaped approach/departure angles ensure it can traverse obstacles easily without bottoming out on steep inclines or bottoming out when making sharp turns.Tata Punch EV Nexon EV

From the front, the electric version looks almost identical to its petrol-powered sibling; with one exception being that its charging port is up front beneath a cover which can be opened via a button on the centre console.Tata Punch EV Nexon EV

Features-wise, the car offers everything that can be expected from an updated offering: it features a smart infotainment system with 10.4-inch display and Bluetooth connectivity, satnav, voice assistant and smartphone mirroring; plus keyless entry and go functionality, air conditioning with rear vents, power-fold/adjust ORVMs, cruise control, projector headlamps and auto wiper. In addition, six airbags and an ESC system come standard.Tata Punch EV Nexon EV

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