Volvo EX90

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Volvo EX90

Volvo has unveiled their inaugural three-row electric SUV: the 2025 EX90 electric SUV is their inaugural three-row entry in an increasingly thriving family market for all-electric family vehicles. Equipped with computer-actuated dual chamber air suspension for optimal road performance and smooth handling over uneven pavement conditions.

Volvo has equipped this 14.5-inch display with its latest Google-powered infotainment system with built-in maps and access to outside apps via wireless Apple CarPlay connectivity. A reference-grade 25 speaker Bowers & Wilkins sound system comes standard.

Volvo EX90 Interior

The Volvo EX90 Electric SUV features an unparalleled interior that blends natural, recycled and renewable materials into one remarkable interior design experience. Seating seven people on upholstery made of organic wool combined with recycled PET bottle plastic and bio-attributed polymers from Scandinavian forests; two display screens located behind the wheel offer all of the information necessary for safe driving; plus its sleek dashboard offers all necessary information to be aware of.

The second screen is built into the center console for easy access to an array of functions using Google technology. You can connect your smartphone wirelessly using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto and listen to music through a 25-speaker Bowers & Wilkins audio system.

When it’s time to charge, the Volvo EX90 Electric SUV features a 111 kilowatt-hour battery pack to power your home or other compatible devices. Plus, its regenerative braking system helps recharge its own battery while you drive, cutting down on charging times.

The Volvo EX90 Electric SUV marks the debut of Volvo’s fully electric vehicle line-up. Available for preorder now, deliveries should begin early 2024. With up to 402 horsepower from its Twin Motor powertrain or upgrade for an even quicker 4.7 second 0-60 time performance version.

Volvo EX90

Volvo EX90 Exterior

With its sleek lines and classic Volvo design, the EX90 Electric SUV stands to regain its place at the head of our lineup. Previewed by Concept Recharge from 2021, its appearance was more wagon-like than that of XC90; featuring signature “Thor’s Hammer” LED headlamps as well as vertical taillights. A standard Twin Motor powertrain will produce up to 402 horsepower while more robust versions offering 510-hp are also available.

The all-wheel drive vehicle will utilize a 111kWh battery pack that provides up to 300 miles of range and can be recharged quickly via DC fast charger in as little as 30 minutes. Furthermore, its bi-directional charging capability enables it to supply power back into your home or other compatible EVs.

Within, you’ll discover an attractive minimalist interior featuring most controls located on a large infotainment display. This makes navigating via Google Maps and accessing your apps wirelessly through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto easier, while an optional Bowers & Wilkins stereo system with Dolby Atmos technology boasts 25 speakers – including ones embedded within the front headrests – for an optimal experience.

Nordico seat upholstery combines wool fabric with recycled PET bottles and bio-attributed polymers from Scandinavian forests, for maximum comfort and versatility. You can select one of several vivid colors including bold Onyx Black, luminous Platinum Grey, lighter Vapour Grey and pearlescent Crystal White; rugged Sand Dune; or comforting Denim Blue for your next adventure.

Volvo EX90 Technology

The EX90 electric SUV provides up to 300 miles of range and can be charged up in 30 minutes, making it the perfect companion for any adventure. Plus, with towing capacity up to 4,850 pounds1, you have room to bring along small boats, ATVs or pop-up campers if desired.

Volvo’s Zero Accident Vision requires cars that meet their drivers safely. The EX90 features cutting-edge technology designed to achieve this aim and usher in a new era of driver safety. Volvo’s state-of-the-art Safe Space Technology creates an invisible shield of protection using one long-range lidar, five radars, eight cameras, and 16 ultrasonic sensors which continuously scan your surroundings – including one long-range lidar with six radars; eight cameras; 16 ultrasonic sensors as well as 16 ultrasonic sensors continuously monitoring them – plus an internal driving monitoring system which recognizes when someone may become tired or experiencing medical events so it intervenes accordingly.

The 2024 Volvo EV equipped with Nvidia’s advanced computing platform and software from Luminar and Zenseact’s full-stack autonomous driving solutions works to protect children or pets accidentally left inside in hot temperatures, helping prevent heatstroke or hypothermia. Furthermore, its Intersection Straight Crossing Path automatically reacts to oncoming traffic when turning left at intersections, providing drivers with confidence when turning left or crossing intersections with confidence. All this is made possible thanks to our partnership – they worked alongside Volvo Cars together on creating full-stack autonomous solutions specifically tailored for our cars – helping reduce risks for heatstroke or hypothermia!

Volvo EX90

Volvo EX90 Safety

Volvo Cars prioritizes safety as one of its top priorities, which is why the EX90 comes equipped with cutting-edge technologies and multiple driving modes that help keep drivers feeling secure behind the wheel.

Safety features of this vehicle include autonomous emergency braking, lane-departure warnings and blind spot monitoring. Furthermore, adaptive cruise-control can take over for short periods on highways if allowed to do so.

The EX90 marks Volvo’s inaugural introduction of its groundbreaking advanced driver-assistance system, Ride Pilot. This feature uses radar and camera sensors to scan the road for cars, pedestrians, or any potential obstacles when traveling at highway speeds. If it detects you losing concentration while driving on highway speeds, warnings will increase gradually until it brings your attention back onto the road and slows or comes to a complete halt on either side of it – activating its hazard lights in case no response is received from you.

Inside the cabin, you’ll enjoy a frameless 14.5-inch infotainment screen equipped with Google that streamlines navigation and entertainment functions. A 25-speaker Bowers & Wilkins surround sound system features Dolby Atmos audio; 15% of steel and 25% of aluminum used are from recycled sources – you’ll also be able to connect your smartphone via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay for over-the-air updates!

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