Royal Enfield New Logo

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Royal Enfield New Logo

Royal Enfield recently trademarked two new logos; one features a font style from their early days while the other was created to look like an antique badge.

The second logo is more likely to appear on merchandise and apparel; its application on motorcycles remains uncertain.

Royal Enfield New Logo | Trademarks

Royal Enfield recently filed trademarks for two new logos that will be featured on future models and marketing collaterals. One design features script elements reminiscent of their early-day logo, while the other more closely resembles an old-school badge design.

This new trademark has been given a “Send To Vienna Codification” status by the World Intellectual Property Organization, meaning that it will undergo further review to ascertain if its design can be registered for registration purposes. Although, its script may be suitable for apparel or other accessories rather than motorcycle use.Royal Enfield New Logo

On the other hand, old-school badges are likely to return on new models from Chennai-based manufacturer Royal Enfield. REL is currently developing several products ranging from 350cc, 450cc and 650cc platforms – the Guerrilla 450 with Sherpa engine is expected to debut later this year, while Classic 350 Bobber and Scrambler 650 are already under production.Royal Enfield New Logo

Royal Enfield also hopes to attract a younger audience with this change, hoping it can appeal to millennials as competition from Harley Davidson and Triumph increases. In order to remain relevant in today’s market, Royal Enfield must evolve in order to remain viable and stay ahead of its rivals.Royal Enfield New Logo

Royal Enfield New Logo

Royal Enfield New Logo | Classic Badge Logo

Royal Enfield recently registered two new logos that could potentially appear on future products. One design, featuring a classic badge logo that captures their heritage while also hinting at modernity, will likely appear on future motorcycle models, such as Guerrilla 450 and Classic 650 Bobber models.

The Royal Enfield badge logo features two letters “R” and an “E”, separated by wings in the shape of a crown, designed to appear like they are flying; underneath this text reads, “Royal Enfield since 1901”. While this design offers improvements over its predecessor, it does not stand out among similar winged logos in terms of aesthetic appeal.

Emigre’s Brothers Bold typeface used in their crest and seal is an increasingly popular choice for vintage or rough effects; however, their new font lacks impact and authenticity compared to its older iteration and looks strange next to more recent fonts. While we applaud them for staying true to their brand identity by keeping the iconic Emigre Brothers Bold typeface, instead they should have focused on increasing production or improving bike reliability instead of altering such an iconic symbol.Royal Enfield New Logo

Royal Enfield New Logo | Typeface Logo

Royal Enfield, the Chennai-based classic motorcycle brand is one of India’s best-selling bike makers and boasts an ardent following and strong brand loyalty. Eicher Holdings recently trademarked two new logos which may appear on future products from this manufacturer in order to attract younger audiences and increase brand relevance.

One of the new logos features a cursive font similar to Royal Enfield’s original logo while another appears like a vintage badge; both may soon make their debuts on upcoming models such as Guerrilla 450 or even Classic 650 models.

An additional trademarked logo features a cannon-inspired emblem as a trademarked emblem, symbolizing strength and endurance. Just as motorcycles represent riders’ passions, cannons are emblems that signify history of strength and resilience.

Royal Enfield bikes have long been known for their timeless nature, built to endure generations. A cannon’s perpetual fire represents power and endurance – both qualities valued by Royal Enfield.

Royal Enfield New Logo

Royal Enfield New Logo | Other Logos

Royal Enfield has announced their plans to produce two new motorcycles: Guerrilla 450 and Classic 650. Both have been seen testing on public roads; perhaps this explains why Royal Enfield trademarked these logos that may or may not appear on bikes but could instead be used on apparel or other products from them.

One of RE’s trademarked designs resembles an old-school badge while the other features font style that dates back to their early days – this could be an effective way for them to pay tribute to their rich history without diluting its modern appeal.

The final design is more stylised and would fit more appropriately on modern motorcycles. It features wings reminiscent of many car or bike logos; unfortunately it lacks that special something which could help the RE logo stand out among all its competition.

RE motorcycles will likely feature new logos, particularly on new versions of Classic 350 Bobber and Scrambler 650 models. Existing Classic 350 and Interceptor 650 models will keep their existing logos.

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