New Continental GT

Bentley’s New Continental GT Speed | Best high Speed Car In 2024 ?

New Continental GT

Bentley’s iconic Continental GT receives an exciting makeover with the GT Speed, creating the fastest and most engaging grand tourer in their lineup.

This unique PHEV offers one of the brand’s most powerful powertrains yet (a combined 771bhp from gas and electric), but that is only part of its story.

 New Continental GT Power

With 771bhp, the new Continental GT Speed is Bentley’s most powerful road going Bentley ever created, yet remains technologically advanced with an Ultra Performance Hybrid powertrain delivering thrilling acceleration while also maintaining efficient operation at lower speeds.

Its 4.0-litre V8 and battery pack combine for 575bhp, propelling the grand tourer from zero to 60mph in just 3.2 seconds and reaching top speeds of 207mph. At cruise speeds, four of eight cylinders can be deactivated for reduced emissions and fuel economy – similar to what Porsche uses on their Panamera Turbo E-Hybrid update – giving an expected electric driving range of 50 miles with CO2 emissions under 50g/km.New Continental GT

Bentley has introduced its latest active all-wheel drive system with torque vectoring front to rear and four wheel steering. Furthermore, The Speed features an electronic limited slip differential as well as new software which makes its performance more dynamic in Sport mode, sending up to 18% more torque forward on corner exit.New Continental GT

Bentley may not publish performance numbers, but the Continental GT Speed can take on challenging circuits with relative ease. Though long and heavy with plenty of overt fanciness, its sporting character remains obvious even in more opulent versions of this car.New Continental GT

New Continental GT

 New Continental GT Performance

Bentley is not shy to proclaim their Continental GT Speed as their fastest production car ever. Both coupe and convertible variants of this powerful coupe produce 771 horsepower and an incredible 738 lb-ft of torque from their massive engine bays.New Continental GT

This big-boned coupe also boasts an electric motor capable of operating in pure EV mode for 50 miles without using any gasoline – making the Continental GT Speed the most advanced two-door coupe to ever earn our Car of the Year recognition.New Continental GT

Though the new Continental GT Speed is undeniably powerful, its most important characteristic may be how well it manages the transition to electrification – particularly on racetrack environments where it more than holds its own against Ferrari’s Roma and Aston Martin’s DB12.New Continental GT

Bentley has introduced several key changes to the new Speed, to better compete against supercars, including a revised active all-wheel drive system that sends more power back in Sport mode, an electronic limited-slip differential (e-LSD), rear-wheel steering for tight corners and higher speeds, as well as “charisma-dependent ESC,” designed to be more lenient towards drivers during Sport modes by applying more power earlier and braking earlier if needed to bring it under control.

 New Continental GT Design

Bentley buyers have long been known for being tough customers who spend big on luxury automobiles from Crewe-built Bentley models, so adding a plug-in hybrid powertrain to the Continental GT shouldn’t pose too great an additional budgetary constraint. Still, adding this upgrade may cost quite a lot in addition to what already makes up an already costly automobile.

The Bentley GT Speed now comes equipped with an extended electric-only driving range of 50 miles and increased output to 771 horsepower and 738 lb-ft of torque. Furthermore, its chassis now includes four-wheel steering, active all-wheel drive with torque vectoring, an electronic rear limited slip differential, 48V electric active anti-roll control and adaptive dual-valve dampers – features unique to this car alone!

Other changes to the GT Speed include an upgraded ZF 6HP 26 automatic transmission called Quickshift that reduces shift times by 50% and allows double downshifts. Furthermore, there’s now also a Mulliner Driving Specification available for convertible owners featuring drilled alloy sports foot pedals with gear lever finished in knurled chrome and hide; diamond quilted hide on seat facings, doors, rear quarter panels as well as an embroidered Bentley emblem headlining; two-tone leather/veneer combinations as well as dark stained burr walnut or piano black trim options.

Finally, Bentley offers an option with carbon ceramic brakes that are the largest ever installed on any production car. Fronts use 10-piston calipers while rears receive eight-piston units.

New Continental GT

 New Continental GT Technology

Bentley has always been at the forefront of technological innovation. But this latest Continental GT Speed represents its greatest advances yet – an electrified motoring experience!

This luxurious petrol-electric hybrid car features a 50 mile range and will become Bentley’s most powerful model when it launches later this year. Powered by an Ultra Performance Hybrid powertrain which outputs 782 horsepower and 1,009 Nm of torque, the large petrol-electric hybrid boasts an estimated range of 50 miles in electric mode WLTP terms.

Complex in design, it features rear-steer, an electronic limited slip differential and 48V active anti-roll control to make this grand tourer feel more playful than its regular Continental GT counterpart – even at its most sporty settings. Not to be mistaken with Porsche 911 GT3s though; this one remains grand touring even at its sportiest settings.

Bently has never been about big numbers and high speeds; their legacy lies in Le Mans glory and immersive driving pleasure more so. That is why this new Continental GT Speed is such a game-changer even though it might not appear much different than last year. Key new tech called ‘Charisma-dependent ESC’ uses sensor data to judge how playful its driver wants to be; when sensing that you intentionally throw the car into a slide it will support this action rather than simply damping power or applying brakes in order to straighten things out again.

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