Hero Maverick 440

Hero Maverick 440 Delivery Starts: Hero Maverick 440 delivery starts, see these prices and whether it is cheap or not.

Hero Maverick 440

Hero Mavrick 440 Delivery Starts : Hero MotoCorp launched its powerful bike in the premium bike segment at the beginning of the year. Hero Maverick 440 was launched. Now the delivery of this bike has also started

Let us tell you that Mavrick 440 Hero’s most powerful bike till date. Let us know further about the features and price of this cool bike. 

Hero MotoCorp your flagship bike Mavrick 440 has started delivery of. Executive Chairman of the company Pawan Munjal He himself started the delivery of this cool bike by handing over the keys to the customers. Hi Ro launched this premium segment bike in February. 2024 was launched in. After the launch, its delivery has now started in April.

Pawan Munjal Handing over the keys to the customers itself is a sign that the company has full confidence in its powerful bike. on the streets in the future Mavrick 440 may see the threat of Hero Maverick 44.

Hero Mavrick 440 Powerful Engine 

Hero Mavrick 440 The company in 440 CC has a powerful engine. this engine 27 BHP power of and 36 Generates Newton meter torque

But the special thing is that the engine of this bike especiallyFocus on end torque is designed by tightening. This means that you will get a great riding experience both in the city and on the highway Hero Maverick 440 .

TakeEnd torque provides faster acceleration to the vehicle, especially in low gear. Bar to go out on the townYou get rid of the hassle of changing gear. This engine is also very useful during overtaking on the highway.

Hero Mavrick 440 Delivery Starts – First Batch Owners Get Freebies

Hero Maverick 440

Hero Mavrick 440 Features 

Hero Mavrick 440 Not only powerful engine but also equipped with great features. Let us know some features of this bike… 

in the front 43mm Telescopic fork and rear 7-Step adjustable twin shocks are superb suspension, So that a comfortable journey can be enjoyed on every route. while riding Safety is most important. Keeping this in mind, Hero has included dualChannel ABS in front with 320mm in disc and rear 240mm given the disc, which of all kinds situation Provides excellent braking performance in

Hero Maverick 440

Hero Mavrick 440 Not just a powerful bike but also a machine full of technology. in this bike 35 More connected features are provided than

Features like LED lights and digital speedometer not only make this bike modern gives a look, But also helps in better visibility at night and easy viewing of riding information

Hero Mavrick 440 Also takes into account your budget in terms of price. The company offers this bike in three variants base, Presents in mid and top Hero Maverick 440.

Hero Maverick 440

Hero Maverick 440

Let us know the price range and base variant for you. 1.99 lakhs of rupeesCan be the best option at showroom price. There itself,Yes if you want more features, so mid variant 2.14 lakhs of rupeesshowroom price is. And if you want a powerful bike with all the features, so top variant 2.24 lakhs of rupeesYou can get it at showroom price. So, You can choose the variant according to your budget and need Hero Maverick 440.

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