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Tata Motors plans to rule the auto market! Company will sell 50 lakh new passenger vehicles | best car in 2024

Tata Motors

Tata Group Chairman of N Chandrasekaran According to, domestic in the next few years Passenger Vehicle Segment Annual Sales 50 It is expected to cross the lakh mark and Tata Motors is ready to take advantage of this growth opportunity. 

Tata Motors future plan 

2023-24 In a message to the company’s shareholders in its annual report, he said the company will focus on revenue growth and strong free cash flow in its business going forward. Chandrasekaran said– 

India in passenger vehicles in the next few years 5 On track to cross million vehicle sales mark, which last year 4.1 Was million. 

He said that the penetration of vehicles in India, Per 1,000 population at approx. 30 va han is, Which is much lower than global norms and is expected to continue to rise. 

Tata Motors

EBITDA will also improve 

Chandrasekaran said Tata Motors is well positioned to further strengthen its market position and take advantage of this growth opportunity. Elaborating on the passenger vehicle segment, he said that the next phase will focus on boosting business revenue growth., EBITDA Improvement in, strong free cash flow, Will focus on technology and brand leadership. 

He said that apart from the sale of vehicles, Businesses related to vehicle park like spare parts, Will also focus on digital and smart mobility solutions, Which will help in reducing the volatility of the vehicle sales business. 

Tata Motors

Tata Motors

Number-1 in EV Segment 

Chandrasekaran said the EV business will look to increase penetration through multiple product launches., focus on market development, The charging network will focus on introducing enhanced and aspirational product features. The company’s PV business achieved financial results in the financial year 24 In 52,353 crores of rupees 

Recorded its highest ever turnover with annual revenue, which financial year 23 Compared to 9.4 Percentage increased. 

Tata Motors

What was said about JLR? 

About JLR, he said the brand will continue to double down on its journey of becoming a premium luxury OEM, Will deliver strong revenue growth, will further improve profitability, Will drive positive free cash flow and continue to invest in products and technologies.

Tata Motors: Has JLR shared its future plan, the impact will be visible on the stock?

The stock of Tata Motors has increased by 43 percent in the year 2023 and by 39 percent in the last one year. There has been a steady rise in the stock since the last 5 sessions. 

Tata Motors’ luxury car brand Jaguar Land Rover has put forward its future plans.. It envisages full adoption of changing technologies with high targets for income.. Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekaran said that next year i.e. 2025 By 2017, JLR will become completely electric and all Jaguar models will also be made electric and with this, JLR will be made a modern luxury electric vehicle brand.. he financial year 2024 For 28 A target of billion pound income has also been set.

Tata Motors 

Tata Motors

What is the future plan of Tata Motors? 

In a presentation before investors on Monday, the Chairman said that he is aiming that in the financial year 2024 For 28 achieve billion pound income. the financial year 26 For 30 Billion pounds target has been set.march 2023 JLR’s income in the financial year ended 2017 22.81 was a billion pounds

At the same time he estimated that the financial year 2024 EBITDA margin in 6 Percentage and financial year 2026 margin in 10 can reach percent. The interim CFO of the company said that the average income per vehicle has been continuously increasing for some time.. financial year 2019 Income per unit in 45 There were thousands of birds which are now 70 has reached a thousand pounds. Along with this, the company financial year 2026 every year till 3 Also planning to invest billion pounds

debt reduction plan 

JLR financial year 2025 aims to reduce net debt to zero by. According to JLR, currently its electric unit is facing concerns related to semiconductor supply.. Still, amidst these challenges, the company reduced its net debt from last year. 3.1 less than a billion pounds 2.9 has brought in a billion pounds, The credit situation will further improve with the end of supply-related concerns.

last 5 Tata Motors stock up from session 

past 5 Tata Motors stock up since session 2.47 Percentage increase has been seen. stock on monday 0.27 with percentage increase 564 closed at the level of. tata motors stock year 

2023 In 43 Percentage and in the last one year 39 percentage has increased.

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