Hero Xoom 160

Hero Xoom 160 – The Perfect Combination of Style, Performance and Affordability

Hero Xoom 160

The Xoom 160 offers an impressive mileage of 40 kmpl, making for an economical travel option and providing more time with loved ones.

Hero MotoCorp unveiled their inaugural ADV maxi scooter at EICMA 2023: the Xoom 160 ADV. Boasting an upright posture and large windscreen, its features include an ADV-style front fascia for increased rider protection.

Hero Xoom 160 Powerful Engine

Hero MotoCorp’s entry into the premium scooter market with the Hero Xoom 160 marks their entry. Competing against established models like Yamaha’s Aerox 155 and Aprilia SR 160, this stylish but budget-conscious vehicle provides the ideal blend of style, performance and affordability with its robust engine and wide variety of eye catching colors available to select customers.

The 156cc engine has the power to handle any riding condition with ease, including disc brakes for added safety and control. Furthermore, this scooter features an LED digital console which displays speed as well as other relevant data.

The Xoom has a large fuel tank that allows you to cover longer distances without stopping to refuel, boasting an impressive mileage of 40 kmpl – perfect for daily commutes! Additionally, use its Fuel Cost Calculator feature to estimate savings per month.

Hero Xoom 160

Hero Xoom 160 Stylish Design

Hero’s new Xoom 160 premium scooter will bring exciting competition into this market by providing stylish design and powerful engine features that are likely to outshone those from Yamaha and Aprilia/Vespa. It is expected to offer compelling alternatives with its stylish appearance and more fuel efficient engine design.

The maxi-scooter offers an ideal blend of comfort and adventure features. It comes equipped with a large wind deflector, twin LED headlight cluster, 14-inch wide block pattern wide tyres with black cladding on their side profile as well as its signature front beak, transparent visor and high riding position.

Xoom 160 scooter features telescopic front forks and dual rear shock absorbers for superb control, front disc brakes, drum brakes and ample underseat storage space, smart key entry system and digital console to add charm and sophistication. Perfect for city commuting as well as mild off-road explorations alike; additionally equipped with corner bending lights, underseat storage compartment and projector LED headlamp.

Hero Xoom 160 Automatic Transmission

Hero’s Xoom 160 scooter stands out from its class by featuring an automatic transmission mode, ideal for riders who prefer to focus solely on driving ahead – increasing safety and performance in turn.

The Xoom 160 boasts a liquid-cooled engine which provides ample power to meet various riding conditions, along with i3S technology for enhanced fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness. Furthermore, its digital console and smart key provide extra safety when driving safely and conveniently.

The Xoom 160 scooter is an eye-catching model designed to compete against Aprilia SXR 160 and Yamaha Aerox 155 in the premium scooter space. Boasting a tall stance and large 14-inch wheels with block pattern tyres for a rugged appearance, it features split LED headlight setup with clear visor for additional aesthetics and telescopic front forks with dual rear shock absorbers to deliver a comfortable ride experience.

Hero Xoom 160

Hero Xoom 160 Affordability

The Hero Xoom 160 maxi scooter will make an exciting entry in the maxi scooter market and is expected to debut in May 2024, promising style, power and performance at an attractive price. Boasting a 156cc liquid-cooled engine to deliver an enjoyable ride; modern features include split LED headlights with transparent visors; sleek maxi scooter bodywork design; front/rear disc brakes as well as telescopic front forks and dual rear shocks for exceptional control and safety; plus front/rear disc brakes/telescoop forks/ and dual rear shocks provide great control/safety when riding it comes out this May 2024!

At EICMA 2023, Hero MotoCorp unveiled an adventure scooter featuring an athletic design. It boasts a muscular frame with tall stance, as well as twin headlights that would look at home on any motorcycle and an integrated spine running along its single piece seat. Furthermore, it comes equipped with digital console functions, smart key technology remote ignition faraway transfer Smart Find features; plus its hardware includes a 156cc liquid-cooled engine equipped with Hero’s i3s technology along with telescopic front forks and dual rear shocks for ultimate performance.

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