Gold Star 650 Review

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Gold Star 650 Review

BSA has chosen not to alter their classic Gold Star model too much from its original form, opting instead for a simpler yet feel-good experience. Boasting 45bhp single cylinder power and an A2 licence-friendly price point, riding this Gold Star bike can only bring joy!

At the core of every modern Gold Star is a 652cc water-cooled, fuel injected single engine producing 45hp and providing usable torque at low speeds.

Gold Star 650 Review Engine

BSA Gold Star 650’s engine is a 652cc single-cylinder unit, featuring liquid cooling and dual overhead cam. Producing 45hp with 55Nm of torque, it comes mated to a five-speed transmission for ease of use.

Starts out purring and rises to an understated growl at high speeds. Not a race bike but an excellent all-rounder; perfect for riders wanting an easy way to navigate town or taking the family out for a leisurely Sunday drive.Gold Star 650 Review

The Gold Star chassis consists of a tubular steel frame with a box section swingarm, featuring built-in flex for optimal cornering feel. Conventional 41mm forks feature shrouds that cover their stanchions, and twin rear shocks feature five-stage preload adjustment and twin Pirelli Phantom Sportcomp tyres from period. Furthermore, this motorcycle offers an instrument cluster which includes both an analogue speedometer and LCD odometer display panels so it is easy to see exactly how the bike is operating!Gold Star 650 Review

Gold Star 650 Review

Gold Star 650 Review Transmission

Purists may wish that Indian hadn’t taken over ownership of Gold Star, but instead created an innovative and carefully designed reboot of a beloved classic. Though not cafe racer-esque like its original form, this bike will find just as much enjoyment cruising through town or winding country lanes – with an upright seating position spacious enough for even tall riders and an engine capable of producing sufficient torque to propel it swiftly onward.Gold Star 650 Review

The 2018 Gold Star is powered by a fuel-injected, water-cooled single cylinder engine producing 45hp at 6,500rpm. The bike features its signature twin pod instrument console to mirror that of its predecessors while its chromed tank and stays add a vintage aesthetic.Gold Star 650 Review

BSA’s large capacity single cylinder may get slightly unstable at higher revs, but I was very pleasantly surprised when it performed far better than expected on tight curves around UTAC Millbrook’s simulated city streets. Pulling smoothly from low rpm, using its gearbox is simple. Capable of reaching speeds of 109mph top speed, its real fun lies in dropping your chin onto its tank and opening up throttle.Gold Star 650 Review

Gold Star 650 Review Brakes

Gold Star 650 stands as an important reminder of what a single cylinder roadster can offer in an increasingly multi-cylinder world. At low revs it makes for an easy, relaxed riding experience with light clutch action and easy gearshifts; when revs reach lower thresholds its distinctive grumble makes the ride all the better!Gold Star 650 Review

Gold Star may not boast the most potency on the market with peak power at 45bhp, but that should still provide enough horsepower to allow riders to use it around town and make it an engaging companion for riders returning to biking or older riders looking for a nostalgic ride experience.Gold Star 650 Review

Suspended on a double-cradle frame featuring 41mm telescopic front forks and preload adjustable dual rear shocks, this bike’s suspension was impressive across Millbrook’s pothole-ridden roads. Although engine vibrations could potentially become intrusive over long rides and mirror tests have yet to take place; in our limited time on it though, the Gold Star felt balanced despite speedometer needle bouncing at higher speeds on test. A round headlamp fits neatly below its signature twin pod instrument console while its round headlamp sits neatly below its signature twin pod instrument console which boasts similar proportions as its original model and pinstriped fuel tank bearing its iconic Gold Star logo both call back to its past as well.

Gold Star 650 Review Design

The Gold Star motorcycle was not created to travel quickly from A to B; rather, its primary function is journey. From meandering through countryside terrain to taking advantage of that single-cylinder motor’s torque output, this ride offers an unforgettable experience. Additionally, its purpose is both re-engaging older riders while inviting newcomers into motorcycling.

BSA’s signature aesthetic can be found here in its classic teardrop-shaped fuel tank, curved fenders and shiny chrome detailing; furthermore its stunning round headlamp and twin pod instruments.

Though its engine may not match those of its rivals in acceleration, the Gold Star’s engine provides ample torque for riding around town. Furthermore, it comes equipped with an engine immobiliser, slip and assist clutch, multi-information LCD screens housed within analogue twin pods, as well as a USB charger mounted on its handlebars – as well as double cradle frame designed with relaxed seating in mind; front telescopic fork and rear shock preload adjustments are both adjustable to ensure a smooth, comfortable experience; Brembo brakes feature and high quality Pirelli tires round off this impressive package!

Gold Star 650 Review

Gold Star 650 Review Price

The new Gold Star 650 can be priced anywhere between PS6,500-PS7K depending on its color and specification. The Highland Green Edition costs PS6,500 while Insignia Red, Midnight Black and Dawn Silver editions cost PS6,800 each; finally the top-of-the-line Silver Sheen Legacy Edition sells for PS7,000.

Gold Star loyalists and classic neo-retro enthusiasts are both catered for with this bike, featuring its timeless design with vintage fuel tank with pinstripes, twin pod instrument cluster, chrome accents and USB charging point, not forgetting period headlight switch design.

This engine is as friendly and balanced as an old sheepdog belonging to your local pub landlord, making for easy control at low speeds and spacious yet relaxed riding position – even for taller riders. Though not likely to garner podium results at Isle of Man TT or Daytona races, this bike will delight both novice riders and older folk coming back into biking; appealing more to those who appreciate simplicity than snobbery; also ideal as an A2-license-friendly choice.

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