Increases Petrol Diesel Prices

Karnataka Government Increases Petrol Diesel Prices By Rs 3

Increases Petrol Diesel Prices

State government decisions aimed at increasing revenue could bring between Rs 2,500 crore and Rs 2,800 crore into state coffers, with fuel prices set based on international crude oil prices and rupee-dollar exchange rates.

R Ashoka, leader of the opposition in Karnataka Assembly R Ashoka has stated that Congress government’s anti-people approach is taking revenge on Kannadigans for voting them into power. In his post on X he wrote “having emptying their coffers through unscientific guarantee schemes they are now filling them back up by taxing people”.

Increases Petrol Diesel Prices  | 1. The hike is aimed at generating revenue

Karnataka Finance Department’s decision to increase fuel prices aims at increasing revenue for the state. This move follows review by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah who reviewed financial needs of Karnataka. To meet target resource mobilisation goals set, “money for Guarantees and Development was needed, hence this hike,” as he stated. Increases Petrol Diesel Prices

The central government has delegated responsibility for setting petrol and diesel prices to India’s three state-owned oil marketing companies (OMCs). Each OMC reviews prices biweekly to take into account international crude oil price fluctuations, rupee-dollar exchange rate, sales tax levied on transport fuels as well as any sales taxes levied against transport fuels. Increases Petrol Diesel Prices

However, the central government can influence how much excise duty is levied on petroleum products and windfall profits on crude oil sales. Hardeep Singh Puri of the Union Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas recently issued harsh criticism of Congress government for this issue on social media platform X. In an online post by him comparing fuel prices in Karnataka with those in neighboring BJP-ruled states such as Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat using this measure he found them higher by Rs 8-12 litre. Increases Petrol Diesel Prices

He went on to argue that the Congress party is using fuel prices as a taxation mechanism against Kannadigas. “Having depleted state coffers with their unscientific guarantee schemes, Congress now wants to fill its coffers by taxing people,” he asserted. He added that he will organize a protest across Kannadaga against this move; already the BJP has condemned this decision and requested it be reversed by government authorities. Increases Petrol Diesel Prices

Increases Petrol Diesel Prices

Increases Petrol Diesel Prices  | 2. It is a retaliatory move

The Congress government in Karnataka, having failed to deliver on its promises and neglect state development, is burdening its constituents by increasing petrol and diesel prices. This move will increase prices of essential commodities like rice, pulses and milk; electricity and water costs; travel expenses will increase; middle class families may even spend more money for travelling expenses than they originally anticipated – all part of their strategy to retaliate against voters; the voters of Karnataka will show this move

who really runs things with future elections for Zilla Panchayat elections set for Zilla Panchayat elections set for soon retaliatory strikes by electing representatives to Zilla Panchayat elections; soon-held elections for Zilla Panchayat, Taluk Panchayat and Gram Panchayat elections will show just who really runs things compared to Congress retaliatory moves such as these! Increases Petrol Diesel Prices

At a meeting chaired by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, the decision was taken to increase fuel prices. At that meeting, revenue generation targets for 2019 were reviewed while encouraging officials to work harder; further, in that meeting he ordered finance department officials to reduce windfall taxes on crude oil production by 10 per cent; raising fuel prices should generate between Rs 2,500-2800 crore during this fiscal year Increases Petrol Diesel Prices

As soon as he heard about this move, Karnataka BJP President B Y Vijayendra harshly condemned it and demanded its rollback. Vijayendra threatened a state-wide protest by his party at all district centres on Monday over financial constraints facing Karnataka government owing to guarantees. Additionally, Vijayendra stated that wages demand of workers in different sectors cannot be met in time by this government. Increases Petrol Diesel

Haveri MP-elect Basavaraj Bommai also expressed discontent at this move, noting that state treasuries are currently empty and that the Congress government’s tax proposals aim to fill these voids by taxing its people. He accused Centre of manipulating VAT adjustments previously to siphon off resources away from Karnataka.

R Ashoka, Leader of Opposition in the Assembly, strongly denounced the Congress government for raising fuel prices and taking revenge on people of Karnataka for voting against it in Lok Sabha elections. Ashoka claimed this anti-people government would fill their state treasury through taxing Kannadigas to replenish state coffers. Increases Petrol Diesel Prices

Increases Petrol Diesel Prices  | 3. It is a slap on the face of the people

At a time of economic strain and increased debt burdens, this increase comes at an unfortunate time for state finances and their residents. Fuel price hikes only serve to make their lives harder. Increases Petrol Diesel Prices

BJP supporters are justifying their move by saying that more money is necessary to pay election “guarantees” and fund development efforts. State Minister for Commerce and Industries MB Patil stated that the increase was caused by rising oil prices globally; further noting that state authorities must find solutions to meet rising international fuel costs. Increases Petrol Diesel

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah also supported this decision and encouraged officials to work harder and meet state revenue generation goals. As previously reported, Siddaramaiah has advocated tax increases as a strategy for increasing state finances.

On the other hand, Congress has been harshly critical of the BJP’s record in Karnataka. Recently, one BJP Minister was caught on camera slapping a woman when distributing land titles in Hangala village of Chamarajanagar district. When approached by her to discuss why she hadn’t received one yet, the Minister quickly responded by slapping her before everyone.

Randeep Singh Surjewala responded to this incident by demanding Somanna’s resignation and criticizing BJP politicians’ arrogance; further noting how his behavior indicated he had lost control. He claimed the Minister may have lost his mind.

An earlier incident involved a Janata Dal (Secular) politician threatening and abusing a female student at school before being arrested after footage of it went viral on social media.

Karnataka will cast votes for 28 Lok Sabha seats over two rounds during this election cycle, starting April 26 and continuing on May 7. Votes will be counted June 4. BJP hopes to capture all 28 seats within Karnataka.

Increases Petrol Diesel Prices

Increases Petrol Diesel Prices  | 4. It is a ploy by the Congress government

Karnataka is an important state for both the Congress and BJP, serving as both India’s IT center and home to multiple religious minorities. Under current Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, right-wing BJP has created friction among residents by targeting Muslims specifically, in line with their goal of turning India into a Hindu Rashtra or nation. Mansoor Khan of the Congress stated that this has had serious repercussions for Karnataka:

“[BJP is] using religion card for voter manipulation” as they’re trying to win votes from Muslims who had supported them before,” Mansoor Khan told Al Jazeera that these right-wing politicians had used religion card against them in previous elections and “using religious rhetoric against those who previously supported them in Karnataka”. Increases Petrol Diesel Prices

The Congress government has responded strongly to BJP’s divisive politics by emphasizing their five guarantees and calling out injustice done to States by the central government when devolved funds are dispersed from Delhi to States. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has been vocal on these issues and even marched in protest at Delhi in protest. Increases Petrol Diesel Prices

But the BJP isn’t standing idly by. It has launched an aggressive campaign against Congress using religion to gain political advantage. They accuse it of corruption and mismanagement as well as supporting terrorists while not doing enough to protect its citizens. Increases Petrol Diesel Prices

Despite these accusations, the Congress government remains confident it can maintain its majority in Karnataka. They are targeting southern districts where they have strong presence. They hope to gain some seats from JD(S), which recently formed an alliance with BJP. Increases Petrol Diesel Prices

However, the coalition is facing obstacles due to an array of scandals. Chief among them is alleged involvement of sand mining contractors in an alleged kickback scheme intended to fund Congress campaigns in Telangana; state intelligence agents are currently probing these allegations while several BJP MLAs in Bengaluru have asked Congress leaders to identify those involved. Increases Petrol Diesel Prices

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