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The New Mini Countryman SE Favoured and 2021 PHEV

SE Favoured  The New Mini Countryman SE Favoured and 2021 PHEV

The large electric Countryman is agile and enjoyable to drive, offering a playful driving experience befitting its go-kart roots. Additionally, its regenerative braking mode is mild enough for one pedal driving when necessary.

Indoors, the circular LED infotainment display looks beautiful and works seamlessly when coupled with a standard HUD that displays information around its edges.

SE Favoured Comfort Access

The Countryman stands out in technology terms with its signature circular infotainment screen, powered by Mini’s Operating System 9 software which adapts itself seamlessly to fit the screen’s contours and deliver a fluid and engaging user experience. Climate controls wrap around its perimeters while driving modes change color of display as they drive.

The front seats may feel firm at first but provide comfort over long drives. There are a few small pockets and cupholders for storage purposes; however, cargo space remains modest when compared with competitors like Audi Q3 (23.7 cubic feet) or Mercedes-Benz GLB (22.5 cubes).

The Countryman PHEV’s smaller battery pack helps it achieve an estimated fuel economy rating of 166mpg, with regenerative braking providing additional battery recharge and fully charging the 8.8kWh pack in approximately two hours.

SE Favoured 

SE Favoured  Customizable Seating

Inside the 2021 Mini Countryman PHEV you’ll discover a luxury cabin designed to keep everyone relaxed. Both front and back passengers will appreciate its adjustable height and tilt-adjustable lumbar support features.

The central 8.8-inch media display puts essential info like audio, navigation instructions, and alerts directly in your line of sight. Inspired by jet cockpit technology, this retractable display helps keep you focused on driving safely ahead.

Customize the exterior look with paint and roof color choices like White Silver metallic and Sage Green metallic for an eye-catching statement. Or go even bolder by selecting Piano Black accents like mirror caps and roof to complement body color, or adding unique hood stripes that pay tribute to our British heritage. Plus, our ALL4 all-wheel drive offers superior grip for exploring Loudoun County!

SE Favoured  MINI Connected

MINI Connected is the technology suite behind this redesigned cabin. It includes an OLED 9.4″ display with a user interface that is simple yet eye-catching, an intelligent personal assistant, cloud-based native navigation and eight MINI Experience Modes which use ambient light projection to set the mood.

The Countryman E is equipped with a 66.5-kilowatt-hour battery pack that adds nearly 4,400 pounds to its curb weight, but allows this EV to accelerate quickly and cover 269 miles using Europe’s WLTP test cycle.

Countryman SE’s two-tonne mass is concealed remarkably effectively by providing an exceptionally comfortable ride that’s gentle on ears, especially on city drives where its suspension soaks up cobblestone craters for an extremely relaxing driving experience.

SE Favoured Enhanced Safety

As an SUV, the Countryman offers ample cargo room. When folded down, 45.7 cubic feet can be gained for storage purposes.

The 2024 Mini Countryman SE comes equipped with advanced safety features, such as front collision warnings, automatic emergency braking and lane departure warnings. You can also add features like head-up display and adaptive cruise control for extra peace of mind.

With the Driving Assistant Professional package, your car can park itself. Cameras monitor its surroundings to keep tabs on traffic conditions around you vehicle and can detect and avoid barriers.

This feature is particularly helpful for city driving, where obstacles are more likely to appear than on open highways. Additionally, this feature can help find parking spots when time is of the essence and keys aren’t on hand; and can prevent you from hitting pedestrians.

SE Favoured  All-Wheel Drive

The 2024 Mini Countryman SE Favoured is the priciest electric model available and includes a premium 6.5-inch circular infotainment display, heated front sports seats, a 12-speaker Harman Kardon stereo system and panoramic sunroof. Furthermore, JCW-style twin electric motors up front deliver additional 313 horsepower and 364 pound-feet of torque, giving this vehicle a rapid 0-60 time of only 5.6 seconds.

As opposed to its gas-powered models, the electric Countryman SE ALL4 sits higher and on larger wheels than ever before for greater road presence and improved airflow through its interior – yet remains agile thanks to its relatively light curb weight and cutting-edge powertrain.

Driving an all-electric Countryman around Cascais, Portugal was an exhilarating experience. The vehicle’s progressive damping provided soft cushioning over small imperfections but firm enough to prevent body roll when cornering sweeping curves. Steering was quick and precise with plenty of feedback while its 14.7:1 gear ratio made for effortless cornering.

SE Favoured 

SE Favoured Powerful Engine

The Countryman is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder with an electric motor providing extra torque when needed – giving it a distinct edge over previous generation vehicles that were built upon UKL architecture.

On a twisty road, this car feels capable with precise and well-weighted steering as well as impressive body control that helps settle it after sudden changes of direction. We were also impressed by its new height adjustable suspension feature which firms up frequency-selective dampers in Sport mode or lowers 15 mm for reduced body roll.

The Countryman PHEV is both spacious and practical, providing 405 litres of cargo capacity when the rear seats are down or 580 when folded away. Our test car was equipped with a panoramic sunroof, Chester leather seating surfaces, Harman/Kardon audio system and the Harman/Kardon charging port that looks similar to a fuel cap on its passenger side to add to its luxurious feel. Opening it at any public station was straightforward.

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