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Craig Fulton at Idea Exchange | best coach ever ? | hockey player in 2024

Craig Fulton

Craig Fulton took some time away from running his busy managed service provider (MSP) to speak with Channel E2E. Since leaving ConnectWise last year for Evergreen Services Group – one of several private equity-backed firms recently purchasing MSPs – Fulton provides his insight on MSP evolution.

Craig Fulton of Hockey India hopes his team can gain an edge at this month’s Hangzhou Asian Games with their head coach Craig Fulton hoping that their mental strength can give them the competitive edge over rival teams. Fulton acknowledges the competition will be fierce.

Craig Fulton Education

Fulton has amassed extensive IT experience as both a systems engineer and chief product officer at ConnectWise, leading its business consulting, cybersecurity, education, customer events teams as well as IT Nation’s network of MSP peers and thought leaders.

Fulton recently joined Evergreen Services Group, one of several private equity-backed organizations acquiring Managed Service Providers (MSPs). His decision came after witnessing many MSP friends sell their businesses to Evergreen and enjoy successful transitions into new chapters of their careers.

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), situated in New Mexico’s rugged mountains, has long been recognized for its advances in nuclear science and national security. But its leaders recognize that collaboration is the cornerstone of discovery, so they seek out partners within 500 miles for new ideas – such as Arizona State University’s Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering where E2 – an immersive first-year experience – and Devils Invent, design challenges that prepare students for careers in manufacturing are just two such partnerships that enable LANL/ASU collaboration is helping create a pipeline of students prepared to take on challenges of world-renowned research institutions worldwide.

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Craig Fulton Experience

Los Alamos National Laboratory, commonly referred to as LANL, recognizes innovation as key to its success and constantly seeks new ways of expanding students’ knowledge while nurturing future engineering leaders. They were fortunate enough to find such a partner within 500 miles: Arizona State University’s Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering who collaborate with them on ventures like E2: an introduction experience designed for first-year students; Devils Invent design challenges; and Innovation Showcase events.

India hockey coach Craig Fulton believes mental conditioning expert Paddy Upton can give his team an “unfair advantage” at next month’s Asian Champions Trophy and Hangzhou Asian Games, which will help determine whether India makes it onto next year’s Paris Olympic team.

Craig Fulton Skills

Craig Fulton has more than 16 years of experience leading organizations within the MSP technology space. Most recently, he held the position of ConnectWise Chief Customer Officer and led IT Nation – their community of MSPs, thought leaders, and experts – as well as overseeing cybersecurity consulting, business consulting, education teams at this global IT software provider for MSPs.

Craig Fulton

Craig Fulton

Los Alamos National Laboratory, or LANL, is well known for its advancements in nuclear science and national security, yet they understand that innovation requires collaboration. That is why they turned to Arizona State University’s Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering nearby as an innovation partner to cultivate new student experiences and drive interest in engineering – particularly manufacturing – such as E2, Devils Invent design challenges and Innovation Showcase events – in addition to helping advance students skills at Los Alamos while encouraging future careers with LANL as part of this partnership.

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