Dinesh Karthik IPL

Dinesh Karthik IPL Retirement: Dinesh Karthik’s career has come to an end, has he retired from IPL? Hali hugged him, he was closer to Dhoni in this matter | best player in 2024

Dinesh Karthik IPL

Dinesh Karthik IPL Retirement: Dinesh Karthik i.e. DK (DK) Indian Premier League (IPL) Have decided to retire from. Although this was not announced by Dinesh Karthik. But during the live TV broadcast, it was informed that Dinesh Karthik IPL has put an end to the journey of. Our 16 of the year IPL During the journey, Karthik 6 Played for IPL teams. The way Karthik met his teammates and greeted the audience after the eliminator match, It has been decided that now Karthik’s IPL journey has come to an end

Wednesday (22 May) RCB’s IPL2024 Experienced wicket keeper after losing to Rajasthan in the eliminatorBatsman Dinesh Karthik indicated that this was his last IPL there is a match. Playoff at Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad (eliminator) After losing the match to Rajasthan Royals, it was announced on live TV about Dinesh Karthik that he is ending his IPL journey. Dinesh Karthik took off his keeping gloves during this time, Fans welcomed him with applause. DK in the stadium, DK slogans were also chanted

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As soon as Rovman Powell scored the winning run for Rajasthan in the eliminator match, After that 38 Dinesh Karthik of the year hugged Virat Kohli. Although Karthik has not yet officially confirmed his retirement from IPL, But the photo released by Jio Cinema and the video released by IPL, It is believed that Karthik has retired from IPL

Dhoni made his Test debut against Sri Lanka in Chennai in December.2005 did in. Dhoni’s ODI debut December 2004 I was in Chattogram against Bangladesh. Although t20 Dhoni and DK had their debut in the same match, which was played against South Africa

Dinesh Karthik IPL


2 nd – most dismissals by a WK in #IPL

3 rd – most appearances in the league’s history!

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Dinesh Karthik IPL Made international debut before Dhoni

Keep in mind here that Karthik’s debut in international cricket was before MS Dhoni. Dinesh Karthik in November 2004 Made his test debut against Australia in. ODI debut there 5 september 2004 against England at Lord’s. there t20 debut 1 December 2006 Was done against South Africa in Johannesburg

Dinesh Karthik IPL related news IPL career

Dinesh Karthik has been among the players who have played in the IPL since the initial season. they they 257 in matches 22 scoring a half century 4842 scored runs. karthik ipl history top 10 Run scoring players include. During this time Karthik 147 catch and37 also stumped

Dinesh Karthik IPL

Dinesh Karthik  IPL 2024 journey of

Karthik once again played the role of finisher in IPL 2024 Of 15 in matches 326 scored runs. Kartik proved himself with his performance20 Was brought back in the race for a place in the World Cup team. Indian captain Rohit Sharma jokingly told Karthik on the field with the experienced wicketkeeper that DK is yet to play the World Cup, itand it went viral

Dinesh Karthik IPL ipl 6 Karthik played with teams

Dinesh Karthik has represented six teams in his IPL career. 2011 Before going to Punjab, he 2008 Started with Delhi Daredevils in. 2014 He spent the next two seasons with Mumbai before moving back to Delhi in. 2015 rcb met sha. After this, before spending four seasons 2016 And 2017 Played for Gujarat Lions in. Then

He came back to KKR team, He also led this team. Karthik 2022 Returned to RCB in 2017 and played the role of finisher very well.

When IPL due to performance DK Got a place in the World Cup team

Karthik had made his age a mere numbers game in IPL. After joining RCB, DK was playing in a different style. IPL with RCB 2022 Karthik had an incredible performance in. here they 330 Run 183 K straws were made at a rate, After which his selection t20 I was in the World Cup team

Dinesh Karthik international cricket career

Dinesh has 26 while playing test 1025 runs scored during 57 catch and 6 stump also that a. There itself 94 While representing Team India in ODI, he 1752 scored runs, During this time he 64 catch and 7 also stumped. There itself 60 T20 While playing the match they 686 scored runs, In this format he 30 catch and6 also stumped | Dinesh Karthik IPL .

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