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Imra Khan | ‘What is this happening?’ Imra Khan was declared a drug addict, mother got upset after seeing this | best actor in 2024 ?

Imra Khan 

Make your way to Bollywood where the renowned actor Imran Khan consistently garners attention. Imran made his debut in the filmWhether You Know or Not’ and steadily climbed to the pinnacle of his career. Consequently, there was a steady stream of news surrounding the actor. A particular report surfaced that depicted him as a ‘drug addict’ alongside images, causing great distress to his mother.

Imran Accused of Being a Drug Add

In an interview with India Today, the actor revealed that even without social media, negative publicity can still have a significant impact. The actor’s family members, including their mother and aunts, would read about them in newspapers and express concern. They would show the actor articles featuring unflattering photos and false accusations, such as claims of drug use, and ask distressing questions like “What’s going on?” and “Why are people saying these things about you?”

Imra Khan

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The actor explained that he needed to have a discussion with his parents regarding the situation. He had to clarify to them that the negative things written about him were false. Imran that discussing this matter with family is difficult, as he tries to convey that he cannot influence the rumors being spread about him. He emphasized the importance of not letting hurtful comments affect him. Imra Khan

“What Kept You from Coming Clean?”

During the interview, Imran Khan was questioned about his willingness to release a statement addressing the rumors surrounding him. He expressed his disinterest in providing explanations, stating that just because people are talking about something does not make it true. that others were fabricating stories about him without knowing the facts or caring correct their mistakes. He was puzzled by the individuals spreading misinformation and their lack of concern for the truth.

Imra Khan

Imra Khan

Imran Khan took a hiatus from the film industry after his 2015 movie “Katti Batti” failed at the box office, in which he starred alongside Kangana Ranaut. Subsequently, he distanced himself from Bollywood. In 2016-17, the actor was diagnosed with depression, which led to a better understanding of his situation.

The actor revealed that he and his spouse, Avantika Malik, were no longer together, citing his struggles with depression as the catalyst for their separation. In an interview with India Today, he shared that he had made the difficult decision to end their eight-year marriage, which began in 2011 and came to a close in 2019. The former couple has a daughter named Imara. Imra Khan

After a period of absence from the film industry, Imran Khan has finally spoken out about the rumors of his drug use, stating that his family was deeply troubled by these allegations, which were mistakenly attributed to his uncle, Aamir Khan.

Imra Khan

Has Imran Khan’s hiatus from the film industry led him to develop a drug habit? However, the actor has chosen to remain tight-lipped about the rumors, stating that ‘such news does not disturb my family…’ Imra Khan

Imran Khan shared in a recent interview that there were rumors about his drug use, causing to his family upon reading such reports. Imra Khan

Imran Khan, the nephew of Aamir Khan, made his Bollywood debut in a movie. The film was a massive hit, propelling Imran Khan to stardom almost instantly. He became a well-known actor overnight. Following this success, he appeared in several successful films, including ‘Katti Batti’ in 2015. Since then, Imran Khan has been absent from the industry for many years.

Simultaneously, the actor was grappling with a multitude of mental health issues, which had left him in a state of deep despair. In addition to these personal struggles, Imran’s marriage to Avantika Malik came to an end in divorce. In a candid interview, Imran disclosed that after taking a break from the film industry, he faced unfounded rumors that labeled him as a substance abuser. Imra Khan

Imra Khan

Imra Khan

After I stepped back from the film industry, rumors began circulating that I had a substance abuse problem.

In a recent conversation with India Today, Imran reflected on his journey over the past few years, including the early days of his career. He shared that even without being active on social media, he couldn’t escape the reach of negative publicity, which would often find its way into his home through newspapers. Imran recalled how his mother, aunt, and others from their generation, who still subscribed to newspapers, would be distressed by the articles and photographs published about him. They would show him the clippings, pointing out unflattering photos and false accusations, such as rumors of drug use, which would be deeply unsettling for him.

Imran also mentioned that his mother was the one who provided him with his education. His father and family had to have a difficult discussion with him to make him realize that he could not accept the words or actions of others. Imra Khan

The actor lamented, “Individuals often act impulsively, failing to consider the consequences of their actions. They blindly follow the crowd, without stopping to think about the potential outcome. Just because others claim something is true, doesn’t necessarily make it a reality.”

Imran has mastered the art of handling situations

Imran has since cultivated a personal approach to navigating the challenges that come his way, and he’s become indifferent to public opinion. However, this wasn’t always the case, particularly during his darker days when depression took hold. In a candid conversation with Film Companion, Imran revealed that during those tumultuous years, he…

I was overwhelmed by daily responsibilities. My productivity had slowed to a crawl. When crippling depression takes hold, even the simplest acts like rising with the sun, maintaining personal hygiene, and performing routine self-care feel like monumental challenges.

Is Imran planning a return to the movie industry?

Imran Khan is gradually re-emerging in the film industry, with rumors circulating that he will star in a forthcoming movie helmed by Vir Das. While no official confirmation has been made, industry insiders suggest that this collaboration is in the pipeline.

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