US T20 World Cup 2024

US T20 World Cup 2024 Hosting Factors; Olympics, Sports Market, Economy | Best Matches

US T20 World Cup 2024

Why is T-20 World Cup being held in America: Cricket will become popular in the world’s richest country, ICC will also benefit. 

these years 1751 This is the story of. New York Weekly Post BoyAccording to the report published in, A cricket match was played between London and New York. New York won the match. This story is for those people, Those who are still asking this question that T in America-20 Why is the World Cup being played? 

2 Ninth T-match to be hosted by America and West Indies from June-20 The World Cup is starting. Cricket has deep roots in West Indies, So there is no question on that. But, America’s interference in this game is negligible so far, then why ICC of this tournament 16 The match is being organized in America. answer to this question 5 will understand from factors..

First a little more background on cricket in America 

The picture is of the players of St. George Cricket Club. In their club, between Canada and America 24 From 26 september 1844 The first international cricket match was played. 

The first evidence of cricket being played in America is from a farmer named William Byrd. 1709 It comes from a diary written in. they write,’Morning 6 we woke up at o’clock and played cricket, I won.There is also evidence that 1754 Benjamin Franklin, considered the Founding Father of America, brought the rulebook of cricket from England to America. American soldiers played it instead of cricket in that era. wicketsUsed to say. US T20 World Cup 2024 

near 200 This game flourished in America for yearsBloated. deer Of 22 Cricket was being played in the States. 1844 The first international match was played between Canada and New York team. 1849 There is also mention of President Abraham Lincoln attending a cricket match in Chicago. even EnglandAmericaThere are also stories of cricket rivalry between Canada. US T20 World Cup 2024 

Although, 1919 After the First World War, baseball became more popular than cricket in America. Cricket was considered a slow game played throughout the day. The fame of baseball player Babe Ruth is considered to be the reason for the demise of cricket in America. He is also seen as the killer of American cricket. 

US T20 World Cup 2024

Now let’s understand them 5 Factors leading to cricket’s return to America.. 

factor-1: Fanbase of cricket teams exists in America 

America is included in those selected countries, Where people from all over the world are settled. country’s population 33 is more than crores, in which approximately 4.50 Crores of people are immigrants from other countries. also in 50 lakhs are South Asian and about 1.50 crores of people belong to those countries, Where cricket has more audience, including australia, Africa, Including Europe and the West Indies. i.e. in America 16 there will be matches, There will be no dearth of support for the top teams there. 

India in New Yorkpakistan match 9 It will happen in June. its tickets 80 by a thousand 16 Sold for up to lakh rupees. stadium capacity 34 Thousand and all the tickets are almost sold out. Team India will play three matches in New York and one in Florida., All their tickets have also been almost sold out. US T20 World Cup 2024 

The special thing is that due to the increase in South Asian population in America, the trend of cricket also increased. Year 2000 in America only 2,000 were registered cricketers, Then South Asian people 22 There were lakhs. Year 2020 South Asian population increased in 55 got lakhs, This also adds to the figures of registered cricketers. 2.50 Reached lakhs. India in South Asia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Countries like Bangladesh and Afghanistan come. 

Latest data year of South Asian population 2020 Till now only. US T20 World Cup 2024 

US T20 World Cup 2024

US T20 World Cup 2024

factor-2: American Sports Market 

Cricket is not very famous in America. rugby here, basketball, ice hockey, There is a trend in sports like baseball and football only. Dallas Cowboys is at number one among the highest earning sports teams., Which is a team of American Football League. Top-10 America’s among the highest earning teams 7 and english football 3 Teams included. These 10 teams basketball, It is a part of football and American football. 

top in net worth-10 The sports teams are from America only. Dallas Cowboys are on top in this too, Team’s annual net worth is around 3500 It is crores of rupees. compared to IPL Net worth of top team Mumbai Indians 722 It is only crore rupees. i.e ME Dallas’ earnings are close to 5 times more. Top in brand value-6 America is also in the franchise league 4 Leagues are included. US T20 World Cup 2024 

US T20 World Cup 2024

factor-3: American economy 

GDP According to America, America is the richest country in the world. If cricket grows here, the International Cricket Council will target big American companies for sponsorship. This makes money in international cricketFlow will increase rapidly. Currently the highest amount of money in cricket 

It is with the Indian Board. If cricket is successful in America ICC also earning BCCI Can reach a position to compete with.

To promote cricket in America ICC ne t-20 List of franchise tournament Major League Cricket here before the start of the World CupRated A. i.e MLC Statistics of players and teams now-20 Will be counted in the records. 

ICC As per rule, tee in an associate board-20 league listDoesn’t get A grade. Although, Associate Board of Afghanistan Franchise Tournament Afghanistan Premier League Statistics t-20 Are not counted in the records. America too ICC is the associate board of, But here to promote cricket MLC list toA has been recognized. 

US T20 World Cup 2024

factor-4: Cricket’s inclusion in Olympics 

2028 Olympics will be held in America, This includes cricket. Tea-20 in the world cup 16 After hosting the match, it will become clear that America will organize the cricket match well in the Olympics also. in the olympics 206 countries take part, cricket so far 103 Has reached only countries. With cricket joining America and the Olympics, the game will grow globally. US T20 World Cup 2024 

With the help of America and Olympics, if more countries start playing cricket, then the game can reach the level of football. At present 200 Professional football is played in more than 100 countries. Whereas the cricket playing countries are only half of this number. 

US T20 World Cup 2024

US T20 World Cup 2024

factor-5: Growth of cricket in America 

America’s first international match 1844 i definitely played, But in international cricket ICC recognized the American team of the year 2004 I gave. Because why did America intervene? 159 Haven’t played any international cricket in years. The country has t-20 International also 2019 Played for the first time. 

American team in white ball format 100 Couldn’t even play international matches. Although, In the last few years, the country has started making its mark in cricket. 2023 The franchise tournament Major League Cricket started here in 1915. Nicholas Pooran in this, quinton de kock, heinrich classen, Andre Russell, devon conway, Top cricketers like Matthew Wade participated. 

America also included Pakistan’s Shayan Jahangir in its national team., Ali khan, Milind Kumar of India, Players like Monank Patel and New Zealand’s Ko Rei Anderson have been given place. With whose help the team defeated Bangladesh 3 Tea-20 series of 2-1 Defeated by. 

Now American team India in World Cup, Pakistan will play group stage matches against teams like Pakistan and Ireland. The team here 1-2 If we win the match, the youth of the country will be inspired to play cricket. With this, the possibilities of growth of cricket in America will also increase to a great extent. 

US T20 World Cup 2024

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