S1 Scooter Portfolio

Ola Electric Announces Offers on Its S1 Scooter Portfolio | Best Scooter

S1 Scooter Portfolio

Ola Electric recently unveiled special offers on their S1 scooter portfolio. Ola has reduced prices of their S1 X+, S1 Pro and S1 Air models to make switching more cost-effective for customers looking for electric two-wheelers.

Ola Electric announced an industry-first 8-year/80,000 km extended battery and add-on warranty at no additional cost, as well as expanding their Hypercharger network by 50 per cent.

S1 Scooter Portfolio S1 X+

Ola Electric recently unveiled their entry-level electric scooter, S1 X+. Based on Ola’s second generation e-scooter platform and equipped with exclusive features. This ICE-killer offers outstanding value.S1 Scooter Portfolio

The S1 X+ (4kWh), manufactured by an EV maker, comes in three variants. The 3kWh variant boasts of an IDC range of up to 143km while its counterpart – S1 X (2kWh) can deliver 190km on one charge.S1 Scooter Portfolio

Both models come equipped with numerous attractive benefits, including flat discounts, cashback on credit card EMIs and exchange bonuses. Customers can also take advantage of Ola Care+ worth Rs 2,999 which provides complimentary services such as annual comprehensive diagnosis, free service pickup and drop, consumables delivery service pickup/drop-off/dropoff service pickup/dropoff services roadside assistance battery health warranty coverage etc.

This electric scooter comes in several vibrant color choices including Vogue, Stellar, Funmk Red Velocity and Porcelain White for maximum fun and practicality. It has an eye-catching display and 34 litre boot space – making it an eco-friendly alternative to 100-110cc gasoline scooters such as Ather 450X(3.7kwh) and TVS X. Acceleration from 0-40kmph takes only 3.3sec! Bookings for the S1 X-2kWh version start from Rs69,999 while for S1 X-3kWh version it starts from Rs84999 with bookings ending June 26.

S1 Scooter Portfolio

S1 Scooter Portfolio S1 Pro

Ola Electric’s S1 Pro electric scooter stands head to head against rival models such as Ather 450 Apex and Ather 450 X in terms of functionality. Recently upgraded features such as garage mode, faster hyper charging, Concert mode and Ride Journal make for a superior riding experience.S1 Scooter Portfolio

The scooter has also been enhanced to make it more fun and easier to maneuver through traffic with its lighter kerb weight of now 116kg, disc brakes at each end, a 7-inch TFT display featuring inbuilt navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and 7-inch TFT display with navigation functions and Bluetooth connectivity.S1 Scooter Portfolio

The scooter is extremely nimble and agile, making it easy to navigate traffic while its acceleration time of 5 seconds from 0-40kmph in Hyper mode is impressive. Additionally, its ride quality is very pleasant without noticeable power-sucking issues which one might expect with an EV. Furthermore, its 5.97kWh battery pack allowed us to cover 102km on one full charge in Sport mode!S1 Scooter Portfolio

S1 Scooter Portfolio S1 Air

The S1 Air is the company’s more cost-effective version of their popular S1 Pro electric scooter. Offering similar experiences and promising to be an entry point into mobility technology – but does it deliver on this promise?S1 Scooter Portfolio

Ola’s Gen 2 platform serves as the basis of this scooter, featuring a lighter battery pack which claims to be more efficient, lighter and powerful. Furthermore, its frame has been improved with 14 percent less parts and 5 per cent reduced weight – contributing to better handling feel as it weighs 17kg less than its Pro counterpart. Other features available on S1 Air include garage mode, faster hypercharging regeneration profile controls Care Mood Concert mode which are all enabled via an over-the-air update process.S1 Scooter Portfolio

Design-wise, the S1 Air takes on more of a commuter appeal with its flat floorboard, black body cladding, one-piece pillion grab rail and steel wheels. Unfortunately, its drum brakes aren’t as efficient compared to those found on its counterpart – front lacks bite while rear locks up easily when applying hard brake pressure.S1 Scooter Portfolio

The S1 Air is offered at an introductory price of Rs 1.10 lakh and will increase to Rs 1.20 lakh after August 15. Buyers have various financing options available to them including no down payment, no cost EMI payments and zero processing fees – making the transition into electric mobility financially manageable.S1 Scooter Portfolio

S1 Scooter Portfolio

S1 Scooter Portfolio S1X++

Ola Electric recently unveiled an array of exciting offers on their S1 portfolio, such as a flat discount on the S1 X+ in addition to exchange bonuses and credit card discounts, free extended warranty coverage, and significant battery discounts – designed to make e-scooters more accessible and financially sustainable for prospective buyers.

The S1 X+ comes with two battery pack options, both 2kWh and 3kWh options, priced respectively at Rs 99,999 until August 21st when prices will increase to Rs 1,09,999; delivery for the latter should begin by September end.

Ola Electric also recently unveiled MoveOS 4, an upgrade of their software platform that improves user experience. According to Ola, MoveOS 4 provides more effective battery usage management, faster hypercharging capabilities and enhanced regeneration abilities, in addition to features such as garage mode, concert mode profile controls care mood and proximity unlock.

The S1 X+ competes with products like the Bajaj Chetak 2901 Tecpac, Okinawa Praise Pro and Ampere Magnus EX. Available in seven colours (Funk, Liquid Silver Midnight White Red Velocity Stellar Vogue).

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