Ducati 30 Anniversario Naked

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Ducati 30 Anniversario Naked

This limited, numbered edition commemorates 30 years of Monster. Featuring an exclusive Tricolor livery inspired by sportiest Monsters from years past, gold-colored rims, and an Ohlins NIX30 fork to heighten sensation while increasing ground clearance and lean angle, it commemorates this significant milestone in Monster history.

Other upgrades include an animated 4.3-inch TFT dash display when you start it up, an embroidered 30-year logo on the seat and a plaque bearing your serial number. There are also mechanical updates such as Termignoni exhaust and steering damper modifications.

Ducati 30 Anniversario Naked | Chassis

When the Monster first debuted in 1993 it was a revolutionary ride, breaking new ground by changing rules and setting an industry-wide standard that many other naked bikes followed thereafter. Since then the Bologna-based brand has refined their design while adding new features without compromising its core character. Ducati 30 Anniversario Naked

The 30th Anniversary model offers a contemporary interpretation of this formula, featuring components that not only look attractive but also help make riding even more pleasurable and versatile. Limited to 500 units worldwide, its commemorative livery and sophisticated technical package combine elegance with sporty sensibility for an enjoyable riding experience. Ducati 30 Anniversario Naked

Special features on this bike include a special screen and steering damper to enhance riding experience and comfort, with forged wheels designed to reduce unsprung weight and moment of inertia for more agile performance. Furthermore, Ohlins suspension – which weighs less than the regular Monster or Monster+ models – adds feel while improving ground clearance and lean angle. Ducati 30 Anniversario Naked

The engine used by this Monster is identical to that found on any standard Monster; a 937cc Desmo Testastretta producing 111hp, coupled with a road legal, type approved Termignoni exhaust that improves performance and sound quality. Maintenance needs only to be conducted every 18,000km thanks to Ducati ECU technology which also delivers impressive fuel economy when necessary while still offering maximum power when necessary.

It makes an enjoyable ride thanks to flexible handling, low maintenance requirements (valve clearance checks every 18,000km), easy maintenance (valve clearance checks every 18,000km), low maintenance costs (valve clearance checks every 18,000km), combined with incredible flexibility, simplicity in maintenance needs (valve clearance checks every 18,000km), providing maximum power at any one time and delivering maximum economy at all times while providing excellent fuel economy as well as power when necessary from both sources.

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Ducati 30 Anniversario Naked | Engine

The Ducati Monster 30 Anniversario is a limited, numbered edition of its iconic naked motorcycle to commemorate 30 years of personality, performance, and timeless style. Limited to only 500 units worldwide, this version adds commemorative graphics along with an elegant technical package designed to blend elegance with sportiness.

Though altered, this model still weighs in at 184 kg, 4 kg lighter than its standard Monster counterpart due to carbon fiber mudguards and lithium battery weight savings. Forged aluminum wheels, Ohlins suspension, an approved Termignoni silencer as well as embroidered seat and steering damper components also help lighten its package significantly.

Although not a superbike, the Laverda still packs plenty of power with a claimed 111 horsepower and 69 lb-ft of torque. The same 937cc Testastretta 11deg V Twin engine returns as well as cornering ABS, Ducati Traction Control (DTC), wheelie control and Launch Control as well as its 14L tank capacity. Ducati 30 Anniversario Naked

Ohlins-equipped front suspension features a fork that weighs in 1.3 lbs less than on Monster and Monster+ models, creating a superior ride feel, increasing ground clearance and lean angle, as well as improving precision. Completing this fully adjustable system are an approved Termignoni exhaust and steering damper. Ducati 30 Anniversario Naked

Ducati 30 Anniversario Naked | Suspension

The Ducati Monster was an instant classic when it debuted and its forward-biased silhouette has since become the standard template for naked bikes. Its simple formula combined a powerful engine ideally suited for road use with an advanced Superbike frame featuring wide handlebars and no fairing; an idea which has earned Ducati over 350,000 loyal “Monsteristi”. Ducati 30 Anniversario Naked

Monster Motorcycles have long been associated with Italian style. To commemorate 30 years since their introduction, this anniversary edition features a limited-edition livery inspired by past designs and heritage – featuring a gold Ohlins NIX 30 fork alongside an Ohlins cantilevered rear shock absorber and 17″x 3.5-inch and 17″x5.5″ aluminum wheels with Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV tires to complete its specification.

As a tribute to its predecessors, this Monster retains the V-twin engine with Desmo valve gear that defines it. That engine produces 111hp and feeds two Desmodromic 48mm throttle bodies for increased power output. Ducati 30 Anniversario Naked

The Ducati 30 Anniversario distinguishes itself from regular Monster and Monster SP models with its addition of a steering damper and windscreen, making it virtually identical in all respects. Furthermore, this model boasts to be the world’s lightest Monster ever due to a lighter fork, Termignoni slip-on exhaust system, Brembo Stylema brake calipers with their lithium batteries, lightweight forged rims and lithium battery; that totals 405.6 pounds curb weight is 4kg lighter than SP version and 2kg less than its base model counterpart! Ducati 30 Anniversario Naked

Ducati 30 Anniversario Naked

Ducati 30 Anniversario Naked | Brakes

The 30 Anniversario, limited to 500 units worldwide, boasts some premium parts not found on the more focused Monster SP; yet at PS16,095 it remains quite expensive. Most notable among these components are an Ohlins NIX30 front fork that Ducati claims is 0.6kg lighter than non-adjustable 43mm forks fitted on standard Monster and Monster+ models and Brembo Stylema front brake calipers that weigh in 0.4kg lighter. Furthermore, Ducati employs aluminium flanges on 320mm front discs to further reduce weight and inertia.

Other features of note include adding wet riding mode to its existing suite of ride modes, using lithium-ion battery power and carbon fiber front and rear mudguards. Furthermore, the control unit has been equipped with an upgraded 4.3in TFT screen displaying racing-inspired graphics as well as providing three riding modes.

Of course, the main draw of the Monster 30 Anniversario is its special number on its top yoke – and dedicated animation on its 4.3in dash when switched on. Furthermore, this bike features an embroidered 30-year logo on its seat cushion and bike cover; all these extras weigh just 184kg dry which puts it four kilograms lighter than its base machine counterpart and two lighter than more targeted SP models.

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