The Bikeriders

The Bikeriders Movie Review | Best Movie In 2024 ?

The Bikeriders

Jodie Comer makes Kathy an endearing witness in The Bikeriders as they recount the story of 1960s bike gang the Vandals as told through Danny Lyon’s 1968 photo book. From its origins as fist-flailing rising bandits to their far darker downfall.

Like Easy Rider by way of Goodfellas, this film slowly peels back its cliches to reveal generational frustrations, class struggles, outcast traumas and toxic masculinity.

The Bikeriders Austin Butler

The Bikeriders captures a time of rebellion and social change in America during the 1960s. Based on Danny Lyon’s book of photographs documenting a Chicago-area motorcycle club led by Johnny (Tom Hardy). As they transform from an outsider group into a dangerous gang led by Johnny, Kathy (Katharine Rossi), wife of one of these bikers finds herself irresistibly drawn towards Benny (Austin Butler).

Jodie Comer’s captivating portrayal as the lethal assassin Eve on Killing Eve makes for an excellent addition to this cast as Kathy, an innocent who becomes involved with motorcycle culture despite knowing its danger. She delivers an outstanding performance as someone drawn into its perils even though they realize its harmfulness for themselves.

Cinematography in this film is filled with stunning period details, adding authenticity to its narrative. Unfortunately, however, its plot bogs down as we near its midway mark; but Butler keeps viewers engrossed through his captivating performance, making every line sound like it came after an inexplicably pregnant pause and thoughtful stare from him.

The Bikeriders

The Bikeriders Jodie Comer

Jodie Comer recently made waves as one of the lead characters in Doctor Foster, but has given one of her most powerful performances yet in The Bikeriders as Kathy, wife to hotheaded club member Benny. In The Bikeriders she plays Kathy fiercely strong woman determined to give her child everything he deserves in life.

This film shares many elements with classic films like Rebel Without A Cause and The Wild Ones; its story revolves around love, betrayal, and dark places. Austin Butler, Tom Hardy, Michael Shannon, Boyd Holbrook Mike Faistus Norman Reedus all star as outstanding actors in an excellent cast that brings this tale alive.

Comer shines as Kathy, an innocent yet wise-cracking good girl enamored of Benny (Austin Butler). But as times change and their world starts shifting, their attraction turns to attraction as Johnny forces the two members of Johnny Vandals Motorcycle club to choose between their loyalty to Johnny’s club and true feelings for each other – this powerful performance from Comer confirms her potential greatness as an actress.

The Bikeriders Tom Hardy

Based on Danny Lyon’s book of photographs, The Bikeriders takes its form from its source material as an intricate storybook. Writer-director Jeff Nichols also serves as producer, assembling an ensemble cast that includes Boyd Holbrook, Norman Reedus and Michael Shannon as potential leads in separate productions.

Austin Butler shines as Benny, the heartthrob and potential successor to club founder Johnny’s throne. Zipco, Cockroach and loyal lieutenant Brucie round out this team of leather warriors.

Nichols brings genuine empathy to each member of his gang and never turns them into caricatures; much of this success can be credited to Butler, whose screen presence combines slim physique with California golden boy aura with seething emoting stance. Furthermore, this film benefits from stunning cinematography inspired by photography that perfectly captures bikers’ sense of place.

The Bikeriders Mike Faist

Mike Faist is an actor best known for his appearances in Jodie Comer’s hit TV show “Killing Eve,” where he frequently portrays Art, one of its more mature members. Although given limited screen time for character development in his scripted scenes, Faist shows an array of depth beneath Art’s cool exterior by giving voice to all his emotions and showing that underneath.

His growth from wide-eyed aspirant kid to leather jacketed icon mirrors that of the whole group of bikers. Each character, such as easygoing resident mechanic Cal (Boyd Holbrook), bug-eating jokester Cockroach (Emory Cohen), menacing-yet-deep Zipco (Michael Shannon), and quirky Funny Sonny (Norman Reedus), receives similar treatment, emphasizing their characteristic in order to show how they influence The Kid’s choices.

Jodie Comer brings movie star charisma to the role of Kathy, a woman drawn into Austin Butler’s Benny’s world of Biker culture by way of misinformation. Like Lorraine Bracco from Goodfellas (1990), Kathy must first recognize its harmfulness before breaking free.

The Bikeriders

The Bikeriders Tom Sizemore

Tom Sizemore is a versatile performer. His roles often possess mythic qualities that draw admiration (Masters of the Air) or revulsion (Dune: Part 2) from viewers; yet in The Bikeriders he proves captivating as the leader of a 1960s Chicago biker gang.

The movie tracks Vandals’ original ideals as they transition into an unruly mafia group that eventually take an unexpectedly dark turn. Though it seems inconceivable, Nichols successfully peels back some layers to show class struggles, outcast traumas and toxic masculinity as major obstacles.

The movie is something of a delicate balance as it seeks authenticity while also exploring mythology. However, one cannot deny Nichols and his cast’s natural instincts for compelling performances by Hardy as an immoral gangster and Comer as Kathy; their dialogue alone would fill an entire phone book, adding to a strong sense of place. Unfortunately the plot mechanics become somewhat lacking towards its conclusion but nonetheless it remains an interesting and engaging dramatization of lost subcultures.

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