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Gullak 4 Review

Gullak 4 stays true to its predecessors with entertaining yet relatable storytelling, featuring Sunita Rajwar as Bittu Ki Mummy who continues to keep viewers hooked by her antics and her antics continue to keep audiences interested in this series.Gullak 4

However, this season does not match up to its predecessors in terms of drama. Additionally, audiences do not find enough engaging conflict to keep them watching.

Gullak 4  | The Story

Gullak has quickly built an avid following since its debut. Each episode provides viewers with both laughter and drama; this season explores how family dynamics change with adulthood.

The story follows Santosh Mishra (Jameel Khan), his wife Shanti (Geetanjali Kulkarni) and their two sons Anand and Aman; with Shivankit Singh Parihar acting as an observer narrator to document their daily struggles from religious customs to office politics – topics the show explores with precision and humor.

As with previous seasons, this show shows how a middle-class family deals with everyday problems. The Mishras may spar and debate, yet remain close as an extended unit; their love is evident through small gestures like making tea or cooking their favourite vegetable together.Gullak 4

At times, however, the plot can become repetitive and tiresome for viewers. If only writers could come up with some innovative and exciting scenarios to keep audiences interested – especially if gullak’s dialogue becomes preachy – but other than this the episodes remain enjoyable and relatable.Gullak 4

Gullak 4

Gullak 4  | The Cast

Gullak is known for its stellar cast who deliver riveting performances. Jameel Khan plays Santosh Mishra with Geetanjali Kulkarni as Shanti Mishra; Vaibhav Raj Gupta as Anand Mishra; Harsh Mayar plays Aman Mishra while Sunita Rajwar serves as Bittu Ki Mummy – this season also brings Helly Shah into the fold!

The actors have an infectious charm that draws you into the Mishra family’s world. Each looks authentically Indian, and their struggles feel very real; worrying over exams for their children or dealing with Bittu Ki Mummy is something everyone has experienced at one point or another in their lives.

Realism was key in drawing audiences in, with an engaging script featuring light touches and an engaging storyline making for an enjoyable viewing experience.

However, Gullak fails to live up to the high expectations set forth by previous seasons. It initially feels slow and dull; however, later episodes do deliver some great comic moments and Helly Shah adds new dimensions. Overall look and feel remain; however, due to moving away from its theme of adulting vs parenting which worked so effectively.

Gullak 4  | The Direction

Once upon a time, family dramas like Gullak, Panchayat, and Yeh Meri Family dominated Hindi television programming. But as audiences increasingly gravitated toward thrillers and crime dramas instead of these heartwarming comedies, family shows like Gullak seem less relevant – until season 4 of Gullak proved otherwise! With its light-hearted tale of middle-class families still being watchable.

The show continues its story about the lower middle-class Mishra family from Season One. Santosh works in the electricity department while Shanti Mishra serves as a housewife and mother to Aman and Anand. Each episode centers around their daily struggles ranging from expense management, parenting, sibling love to chain snatching and police bribery – among others.

Geetanjali Kulkarni and Jameel Khan’s performances keep the series running smoothly as they effortlessly play their respective roles. Sunita Rajwar is another standout as Bittu ki Mummy who frequently offers unexpected advice at her door step. Their characters’ dynamic is refreshingly relatable; each episode manages to pack an emotional punch through its captivating storytelling.Gullak 4

Gullak 4

Gullak 4  | The Final Words

Gullak returns with its fourth season and features more of the Mishra family; although, unlike previous installments, this edition doesn’t provide anything that makes you sit up and applaud out loud. But there are some excellent comic bits and an engaging narrative arc, along with Helly Shah adding his unique perspective to proceedings.

As for dialogues, they remain humorous and intelligent but lack some of the charm found in previous seasons. Unfortunately, we miss having the narrator present – instead we only get banter between Mishras which remains enjoyable but does not live up to previous versions of this show.

Gullak is one of the few shows to remain relevant over time, teaching viewers about life’s small yet significant pleasures that often go overlooked, and helping them understand that not everyone needs to be perfect in order to find happiness – the Mishras may not be perfect but work well together as an unit – which makes the show all the more captivating!

At a time when streaming services are saturated with crime dramas and action shows, Gullak offers an idyllic diversion: watchable family shows like Gullak! Definitely give this show a look – you won’t regret it!

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