Sony Ult Tower 10

Sony Ult Tower 10 launches powerful speakers and headphones in India, a better option for that party

Sony Ult Tower 10

Sony held a launch event in India on Monday, where they unveiled a new line of headphones speakers. This new range, named Ult Power Sound, includes three Bluetooth speakers and wireless headphones that boast powerful deep bass. Music enthusiasts will find these products very beneficial.Sony Ult Tower 10

Sony has introduced a new series in collaboration with a renowned German singer, featuring award-winning products like Featherweight, Ult Tower 10, Ult Field 7, Ult Field 1, and Ult Wear. Notably, all these products come with a dedicated “UlT” button. According to the company, this button enables users to access an enhanced audio experience with just a single click.Sony Ult Tower 10

Specifications and Cost of the Sony Ult Tower 10 Model

The Ult Tower 10 is a high-energy party speaker equipped with Ult Power Sound technology, which amplifies low-frequency bass at the touch of a button, delivering a more intense and immersive audio experience. This enhanced bass response is characterized by its physical impact, making it more felt than heard. The speaker also features a convenient top-mounted control panel. With a price tag of Rs. 89,990, it’s an investment for those seeking an exceptional sound system.

Sony Ult Tower 10

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Specifications and Cost of the Sony Ult Field 7 Model

The Sony Ult Field 7 is a compact, bass-enhanced party speaker designed for on-the-go entertainment. It features vibrant dynamic lighting and a built-in microphone port, perfect for karaoke enthusiasts. With rapid charging capabilities, this speaker can operate for an impressive 30 hours on a single charge. Additionally, it boasts an IP67 rating, ensuring it’s both water- and dust-resistant. This versatile speaker is available at a price point of Rs. 39,990.Sony Ult Tower 10

Sony Ult Tower 10

Sony Ult Tower 10

“Exploring the Capabilities of Sony’s Ult Field 1”

The Ult Field 1 is a portable and sleek Bluetooth speaker that offers an impressive 12 hours of uninterrupted playback on a single charge. With its IP67 certification, it boasts exceptional water and dust resistance, making it perfect for outdoor use. This stylish speaker is available in two subtle yet sleek color options: black and off-white.Sony Ult Tower 10

This speaker is orange in color and includes a built-in microphone. It features Echo Cancelling technology. The price of this speaker is Rs. 10,990.Sony Ult Tower 10

“Cost of Sony’s Ult Wear Revealed”

Sony has recently unveiled its newest wireless headphone model, specifically catering to bass enthusiasts. This innovative device allows for tailored sound preferences through customizable EQ settings, supports 360 Reality Audio, and features advanced noise cancellation technology. Priced at Rs. 16,990, this cutting-edge headphone is an attractive option for audiophiles.

Sony Ult Tower 10

Sony has unveiled its new ULT Series portable speakers in India, boasting an impressive 30-hour battery life and water resistance. The powerful Chhotu Speakers are designed to withstand water immersion and can operate continuously for 50 hours. The brand has launched its latest ULT Power Sound series, featuring three robust speakers that deliver exceptional sound quality, 50-hour battery life, and IP67 rating for protection against water and dust.

The new lineup includes the ULT Tower 10, ULT Field 7, and ULT Field 1, all of which promise powerful sound and long battery life, along with IP67 ratings for water and dust resistance. The compact ULT Field 1 Bluetooth speaker offers 12 hours of battery life, water and dust resistance, and is available in four colors, priced at Rs 10,990. Meanwhile, the ULT Tower 10 party speaker utilizes Power Sound technology for enhanced bass performance and features omnidirectional lighting, with a price tag of Rs 89,990.

Sony Ult Tower 10

Sony Ult Tower 10

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