Google AI 2024

Google AI 2024 | A feature of Google Search is causing havoc for websites around the world

Google AI 2024

Google IO 2024 Although many big announcements were made during, But there was also an announcement which was not liked by publishers all over the world.. In fact Google has AI Overview Has introduced which will completely change the experience of Google search.. Its testing has been going on for a long time, But now it is being rolled out publicly

Search Lab I have also been using this feature for the last several months and I am not only telling you my experience., Rather, I am also telling what revolution this move of Google can bring in content publishing.

A lot of traffic to content websites around the world comes from Google search.. In such a situation, if traffic from Google search stops, then obviously the websites will have to stop. Monetisation This will be difficult to do and will have a direct impact on revenue.

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Google’s new feature (AI Overview) Actually can badly affect website traffic. It is not that Google does not need websites and other publishers.. Google will still collect all the information from websites only., But now the method may have changed. Google AI 2024

what is this after all Google AI Overview In? 

Google AI 2024

First let us know what is AI overview 

Google’s AI-generated overview is a new search results interface where Gemini Kwhat is used. this completely Generative AI is based. At present, if you search something on Google, you get a list of blue links in the result. You find what you want by clicking these links. But AI generated overview After the arrival of the top you AI Generated content will be visible. Google AI 2024

For example you Google will search on How to make lemonade or How to deal with cold and flu. in reply to Google Of Generative AI Will show you curated content at the top. This will be step wise and you can understand it easily. 

Are. Most of the time the answer you are looking for will be found above and you will not need to click on any link.

If you do not click the link then obviously you will not need to go to any other website.. Because why is the answer to the query you are looking for on Google? Generative AI will show above through. Interesting thing is that Google’s AI Curated answer not yours,Rather it must have been picked up from some website. Google AI 2024

Google AI 2024

Google AI 2024

AI Overview How will search change?? TechTonic With Munzir You can also listen in this episode of 

AI Where does he get the answer from?? 

Now if you are looking for a way to make lemonade or a remedy to cure cold and cough, then where is Google giving the answers?? How Google Of AI Curating these answers

Actually for these answers Google Takes content from other websites only. Many times Google will also show you the link of those websites.. But at the top you will get the information without any link and Google also collects that information from some link only., This means that Google remains dependent on other websites for all the information.. Because why doesn’t Google have any content of its own?. Google AI 2024

Why will publishers suffer loss?

Google AI 2024

A big question is that if most of the users will just search Google then who will see the website?. If users do not go to the website by clicking the link, then where will the page views on the website come from?

If page views and unique visitors (UV-PV) If they don’t come then how will content websites earn money?? Because the revenue models of content websites depend on ads and only those websites which are read more by people get more ads.

Many experts have expressed concern that Google AI Overview Due to this, other content websites will be badly affected and their visitors will be less.. Although traffic will continue to come from Google App, Why will Discover on Google app feature the same websites as before?. But despite this, the content website will still have problems in generating revenue.

News publishers around the world Google new of AI Overview are in trouble with and are against. currently searching AI Overview only came to America, Because of this, American publishers are worried right now. CNN In a report, the head of News Media Alliance has been quoted as saying that this step of Google will prove to be dangerous for the traffic of the website..

Because users will leave Google’s search interface and monetization of the website will not be possible.. Google AI 2024

CNN Daniel Coffey’s statement has been quoted in the report.. Daniel is actually from America 2000 Represents more than 100 news publishers and heads the News Media Alliance. Google After this announcement, they have said that whatever little traffic is coming now will also end.. Due to Google’s monopoly, once again publishers will have to agree to their terms and they will use our content as fuel.

Google AI 2024

Google AI 2024

Will content websites sue Google?

Since Google SGI The content which gives the top results is also being picked up from some website somewhere.. In such a situation, how will it be ensured that copyright is not violated?? Because why do you have to provide a link to the website from which the content is being taken or redirect to that website?

New York Times has recently ChatGPT have sued the creators of. It has been alleged that NOW to the articles of ChatGPT Is using it without permission and people are allowed to manipulate it. AI Serving in the name of content

in America AI Class action lawsuits are underway against several photo generating companies. It has been seen many times that platforms that generate photos from text are editing and presenting photos clicked by a photographer., In such a situation, their work is also getting affected and they are not getting the money they should have received for their work.

There are several ongoing lawsuits where it has been found that text-to-image generating platforms are using copyrighted photos.. Removing copyrighted logos from images now also AI It has become much easier in the times of

Google search In AI Even though common users will benefit from the features, But this can cause damage to websites. It will be especially difficult for those publishers who depend on Google search for page traffic.

Google Of AI Overview Google search will take up about half of the screen and the blue links will be much lower down.. The data shows that AI Overview in search queries approx. 80% will take. Google AI 2024

Google what does say

CNN According to the report of Google has said that AI Overview The links provided will get more clicks for any search query than traditional web listings.. Google has also said that AI This change is not harmful for the newsroom,It was rather beneficial Google AI 2024

will prove. The company has said that along with improving the search experience, Google will also provide valuable traffic to publishers and creators.. Google AI 2024

Google what is the compulsion? 

If in Google search AI Overview if you don’t give it Microsoft And OpenAI will lose the search engine race to. ChatGPT anyway after integration Microsoft search engine of Bing also entered the race. similarly Perplexity AI like many AI Centrisen Trick Search Engines are becoming popular which appear in search results. AI making full use of. till here Perplexity AI quite a while ago Google AI Overview as it is working. Google AI 2024

Obviously Google already Microsoft with AI seems to be lagging behind in the race. In this situation, in Google search AI Would like to make full use of so that users do not leave Google and use any other search engine.. It is noteworthy that ChatGPT There has been a slight decline in Google search since the arrival of. Because now more options are available to people than before.Google AI 2024

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