Sohail Khan

Sohail Khan and Sikander Kher Punch Each Other in a Pub | Best actor in 2024 ?

Sohail Khan

Sikander Kher wowed audiences with his performance as Daulat, Sushmita Sen’s trusted aide in Aarya – a crime drama web series released just recently.

Reportedly, actor Aamir Khan became embroiled in a fight with Vishal at a Mumbai pub recently. Thankfully, other patrons intervened and defused the situation.

Sohail Khan

Sohail Khan is a producer, director and actor. He is best known as being Salman and Arbaaz Khan’s brother; having made his film industry debut in 1992 he has directed and produced various projects since.Sohail Khan

Sikander Kher is one of Bollywood’s most beloved actors, having appeared in hit films such as ‘Aarya’ and ‘Freaky Ali’. Most recently he appeared alongside Giorgia Andriani in a new film that went viral due to its depiction of an incident involving sexual abuse committed by one’s own father against a daughter.

He has long championed the right to bear arms and serves on several organizations’ boards, such as the American Conservative Union, Children’s National Medical Center and interfaith Center for Interreligious Understanding. Furthermore, he is widely known for writing several books and giving numerous talks related to religion and politics.Sohail Khan

Sohail Khan recently discussed his marriage and shared insights into their happiness together during a recent interview. He advised young people on how best to deal with heartbreak by acknowledging when relationships have reached their end, remaining true to yourself, accepting rejection gracefully, and not fearing taking risks.

Sohail Khan


Sohail Khan| Ashmit Patel

Bollywood has long been known for drunken brawls between celebrities, yet some celebs seem to be breaking this pattern. Amisha Patel’s younger brother Ashmit recently made headlines when he attacked an unsuspecting guest at a Lower Parel nightclub and beat up an unsuspecting guest with injuries sustained to both their face and head resulting in them being sent to at least four hospitals for medical attention.Sohail Khan

Sikander Kher is often remembered for the 2005 incident at which he offended Salman Khan with comments at a pub. After taking offense to this comment, Salman Khan became incensed, prompting a fight between himself and Sikander Kher to such an intense degree that it involved actor Sidharth Singh and musician Garima Wahal too!

Kirron Kher and Gautam Berry’s son is Kirron Kher’s stepson Anupam Kher; Kirron had two husbands before marrying Anupam. Aside from acting, he’s well-known for appearing in several films as well as competing in reality shows like Indian Power Couple and Bigg Boss.

He is known for his sexual charm, having dated Tanya Singh, Amrita Arora and Ayesha Takia during his dating history. However, perhaps best-known is an MMS clip between himself and actress Riya Sen that caused controversies. At present he’s working on films like Aarya and Tooth Pari while portraying West Bengal cop Partik Kal in Netflix’s forthcoming show Kid.Sohail Khan

Sohail Khan| Shirish Kunder

Bollywood has witnessed some real brawls over the years. In 2004, Salman Khan hit a photographer trying to snap Katrina Kaif in a pub; Sikander Kher and Sohail Kher got into an argument at a Mumbai nightclub after one of Sohail’s brothers made an offensive comment about him; Ashmit Patel joined Ashmit Kher in supporting Sohail, and eventually an altercation ensued that turned physical.

Shah Rukh Khan became embroiled in an altercation with Farah Khan’s husband Shirish Kunder at Sanjay Dutt’s eveningclub bash, when Kunder began following him around and intoxicating himself to such an extent that Shah Rukh became so upset he pinned Kunder down onto a sofa and slapped him multiple times, according to sources.

Although no longer friends, SRK and Kunder reportedly haven’t spoken in over 10 years despite this; nevertheless SRK has not filed an FIR against him for his behaviour. Kunder will soon feature prominently in a web series called Chidiya Udd which will air on MX Player and depict human trafficking with Jackie Shroff, Madhur Mittal, Gopal K Singh, Dheeraj Dev playing key roles based on real criminals from Kamathipura as pivotal characters. Interestingly enough the character played by Kunder was inspired by an actual real criminal from Kamathipura!Sohail Khan

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Sohail Khan | Farah Khan

Bollywood’s biggest stars can often lose their temper and engage in altercations; some even resort to physical fights! One such actor, Shah Rukh Khan (SRK), frequently gets into pub brawls. His notorious fight with lensmen who captured him with Katrina Kaif at a party became legendary news over time.

Farah Khan, Shirish Kunder’s wife, has her share of fights with friends as well. Recently at Giorgia Andriani’s party hosted by Farah for actress Sikander Kher, his gestures on camera did not sit well with Farah and led to an argument.

Sikander Kher is the son of Anupam and Kiron Kher and an accomplished actor, having appeared in numerous films to date. Recently he made an appearance alongside Saqib Saleem and Kay Kay Menon in Citadel: Honey Bunny.

According to an NDTV report, Sohail Khan roughed up Sikander after she made an unfavorable remark about Salman Khan at a pub back in 2005. Witnessed by many A-listers and sparking off an enormous brawl with Ashmit Patel involved as well; Sohail and Sikander were arrested later that day following which Anupam Kher filed a complaint against them both.

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