Santosh Sivan on Aamir Khan

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Santosh Sivan on Aamir Khan

Sivan, who finds his inspiration in Kerala culture where he grew up, considers this Cannes tribute an affirmation that his visual language resonates with audiences globally. “It shows my work can reach people all around the globe.”

Mohanlal received this accolade following an extremely busy year that saw him film a Netflix anthology series as well as his directorial debut film Jack N Jill.

Santosh Sivan on Aamir Khan | ?Raakh?

After the success of Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Aamir Khan has cemented his place as one of the leading actors in Hindi cinema. A meticulous perfectionist, Khan embraces every challenge presented him by new projects with relish; amassing an immense fan base while remaining one of today’s most versatile performers.

Sivan’s cinematography for Raakh is breathtaking. His use of light and shadow creates an eerie ambiance throughout. The dark setting, stark mis-en-scene and play of light on Aamir Khan’s face make this film one of the purest examples of Indian noir.

Sivan uses mood lighting and reflective imagery to transform ordinary spaces like cafes, apartments and vehicle interiors into extraordinary settings – cafes, apartments and vehicle interiors alike. He plays with shadows as well, often concealing characters while sometimes revealing them; his scenes in which PK interrogates Aamir are particularly unnerving; the director utilizes various techniques for creating hallucinatory effects in these scenes which eventually won it the National Award.Santosh Sivan on Aamir Khan

Santosh Sivan on Aamir Khan

Santosh Sivan on Aamir Khan | ?Iruvar?

Santosh Sivan, one of the world’s premier cinematographers who has worked across Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi cinema, recently won the Pierre Angenieux Excel Lens award at Cannes and received praise from Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan on social media for this achievement.Santosh Sivan on Aamir Khan

Sivan was the first cinematographer from Asia to join the American Society of Cinematographers and has shot more than 55 films since, such as Cannes selection ‘The Terrorist’ and Mohanlal starrer ‘Iruvar’.

Thilakan?s style was heavily influenced by his native town of Thiruvananthapuram and its landscapes and close ups, such as its monsoon sky with its shifting colours etched upon his memory, or the beams of sunlight which stream through Thilakan?s carpentry workshop at Perumthachan (1990), illuminated a portrait of his grandfather that stands in ghostly detail on canvas.

Sivan has also been greatly influenced by his mentors, such as Vilmos Zsigmond and Roger Deakins, DoPs known for their dynamic cinematographic styles. While Sivan remains an advocate of celluloid, he has begun using digital cameras for some projects; specifically when filming songs. Sivan finds the latter medium ideal because it enables him to capture quick sequences more easily than celluloid would permit.

Santosh Sivan on Aamir Khan | ?Thalapathy?

Santosh Sivan has drawn much of his inspiration for his cinematic style from Kerala, his home state. Landscapes there – particularly sun’s play on light – left an indelible mark on him and inspired much of what makes his films unique.Santosh Sivan on Aamir Khan

Santosh Sivan, one of India’s premier cinematographers, has shot 55 feature films. As a member of the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), Sivan is currently shooting Mani Ratnam’s Thalapathi with superstar Rajinikanth.Santosh Sivan on Aamir Khan

Sivan discusses how he attempted to incorporate Mahabharata metaphors into Thalapathi. Additionally, he discusses his process of shooting with non-professional actors, and restricting their use in shots with kino fills.

Santosh Sivan on Aamir Khan | ?Sarfarosh?

Aamir Khan has earned the reputation as an impeccable Bollywood actor with socially conscious films that not only achieve financial success but also carry powerful messages behind them. His films not only enjoy commercial success but often also contain meaningful themes.

Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Aamir Khan’s debut movie that catapulted him to superstardom in Hindi cinema, celebrates its 36th birthday this year. This timeless love story set against iconic music immediately became a classic that established him as one of its major protagonists and made Aamir the boy next door.

Sivan is known for creating emotionally stirring imagery through cinematography. From Roja’s spellbinding landscapes of Yeh Haseen Wadiyan, or Dil Se’s foot-tapping Chaiya Chaiya – his work has inspired numerous filmmakers and audiences worldwide.

Santosh Sivan on Aamir Khan

Santosh Sivan on Aamir Khan | ?Asoka?

Asoka was an important figure in world history; his grandson Chandragupta Maurya served as one of its early patrons of Buddhism and later on he would go on to found it himself. Sivan faced a formidable task capturing Asoka’s grandeur for this film; with that goal in mind he began pre-production for it even before Dil Se was complete.

Sivan’s visual style effectively conveys Asoka’s conflict as both warrior and king in this epic. Narrated through flashbacks, showing young Prince Asoka fighting off stepbrothers’ efforts for power while being driven to war by ambition himself, Sivan narrates this film using flashbacks of Asoka as warrior and then King Asoka himself.

Asoka faces an overwhelming defeat during his bloody battle for Kalinga. Although he survives several assassination attempts and loses both his mother and Pawan during this fight, this personal blow drove Asoka towards spiritualism. Sivan explains that Asoka’s transformation cannot simply be explained away as personal grief or regret; rather it must also stem from his successes as both warrior and king.

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