Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra | What We’d Like to See on the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra | best camera phone in 2024

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra will be an advanced smartphone that runs on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 system-on-chip and likely features a 6-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display.

The device will likely retain its quad rear camera setup, featuring a 200 MP main sensor accompanied by upgraded 50 MP ultrawide sensors and variable zoom telephoto lenses.

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra | Display

Samsung could do with improving some aspects of its Galaxy S25 Ultra smartphone, including its display. The current model uses a 6.8-inch 120Hz Dynamic AMOLED screen offering 2600nits of brightness; we hope to see this improved in any new models but it remains too early for certain predictions.Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra

Samsung should make strides to improve its software in other ways as well. While their phones often come packed with multiple features that may lead to complex software, we hope that they’ll reduce bloat by simplifying UI and improving overall user experience with Galaxy S25 Ultra.

Hardware-wise, the Galaxy S25 Ultra will likely feature a Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 SoC capable of 45W fast charging. Furthermore, this processor may utilize new 3nm technology which promises more efficiency compared to earlier generations of this chip.Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra

Rumors also point towards a quad rear camera setup with a 200MP main sensor as its centerpiece, joining 50MP ultra wide-angle and 50MP telephoto cameras, both offering 3x optical zoom, for improved low light performance and hybrid zoom capabilities. Furthermore, Ice Universe suggests that the Galaxy S25 Ultra will feature a 5000mAh battery supporting fast charging capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra | Camera

Samsung phones have long been known to pack features into every nook and cranny, leading to complicated and cumbersome software. We would like to see Samsung streamline its camera app on the Galaxy S25 Ultra by creating an easier user experience that makes finding and accessing crucial features simpler.Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra

The camera on the Galaxy S24 Ultra performed admirably during our tests, offering accurate exposure and color reproduction under most lighting conditions. It successfully managed image noise levels while taking high-resolution zoom shots; however, quality may suffer in low light.Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra

One area where Samsung could do much to advance itself is with the tele lens. Although its 5x optical zoom works fine, we think a 10x lens would make an even greater improvement and help take advantage of pixel-binning for improved 3x and portrait snaps in low light environments, and improve hybrid zoom performance when switching between 2x and 5x lenses.

Early reports indicate that the Galaxy S25 Ultra may utilize the 200MP ISOCELL HP2 main sensor found on its predecessor S24 Ultra but that its periscope zoom camera could get an upgrade. A tweet by @ISAQUES81 suggests this new Ultra may feature a main camera with larger sensors to let in more light while offering two focal lengths (4-5x and 6-7x) for variable zoom lenses.

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra | Processor

Samsung phones have long been known to include numerous features. Unfortunately, this can result in complicated software that makes phones hard and unintuitive to use. We hope that Samsung will focus on simplifying accessing its AI tools when designing its new flagship phone – the Galaxy S25 Ultra – more than ever.

Expectations is high that the Galaxy S25 will ship with Android 15, One UI 7 and Google Gemini Nano 2 machine learning platform – providing on-device AI.

Internally, we expect the S25 Ultra will utilize Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 system-on-chip found in this year’s S24 models; however, some markets may require the Galaxy S25 Ultra to rely on Exynos silicon instead.

Rumor has it that the Galaxy S25 Ultra will feature improved camera setup by switching from its current GN3-type lenses on the S24 series to Sony sensors for higher photo and video quality. Early rumors also suggest faster UFS 4.1 speeds which should make gaming at higher settings more manageable, along with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage.

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra | Battery

Smartphone battery life has significantly increased thanks to larger capacity cells and better processor efficiency, but manufacturers also implemented software optimizations designed to extend runtimes, including power management features that help manage background processes and block non-critical functions from running in the background.

Samsung already includes this technology in their Galaxy AI suite, but they may introduce an even more advanced version in their next flagship device. A feature called “Battery AI” could optimize battery use to save 10 percent on power usage.

As opposed to other power-saving features, Battery AI won’t compromise performance or limit key functions like camera, telephony and 5G connectivity. Instead, this AI system will identify and prioritize essential applications while intelligently suspending those that consume too much energy.

Still uncertain is how exactly this system will operate, it is expected to integrate smoothly with either Snapdragon or Exynos chipsets – something which could prove crucial considering reports suggest Samsung won’t increase battery capacity on premium flagship models this year.

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