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TCS Launches Generative AI Aggregation Platform WisdomNext | Best AI 2024 ?

AI Aggregation

TCS Announces Launch of Generative AI Aggregation Platform WisdomNext

Artificial intelligence and GenAI applications play a pivotal role in business value chains, but solution designers often struggle to select, test and decide on foundational models with constantly shifting foundational capabilities. TCS AI WisdomNext allows solution designers to select appropriate models while simplifying new business solution development with GenAI tools.AI Aggregation

AI Aggregation  | Real-time Experimentation

TCS AI WisdomNext simplifies and expedites business adoption of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) technologies by allowing enterprises to rapidly design new solutions with minimal coding needed. The platform’s distinguishing capabilities include an easy interface for comparing GenAI models and tools as well as a real-time experimentation framework which supports vendor, internal, and open-source large language model (LLM) solutions.

Additionally, it offers preconfigured industry solution blueprints to facilitate rapid deployment, intelligent “evaluator bots” that assist organizations in quickly evaluating various GenAI ecosystems and technology stack choices, and making more informed decisions; scenarios designed to optimise running costs using native intelligence within the platform; as well as centralized governance with in-built guardrail agents to ensure compliance with local regulations and best practices.AI Aggregation

TCS AI WisdomNext has already proven itself across various projects for clients such as fast-tracking sales for an outdoor advertising company in the US; improving productivity and efficiency with a smart mortgage assistant for an insurance provider in the US; and increasing customer focus and satisfaction through natural voice-enabled virtual agents for UK banks. TCS has already digitalized its deep GenAI expertise through this platform and plans on investing further into developing low-code tools that enable customers to rapidly build customized GenAI solutions, leading to faster time to value and speeding adoption within their businesses.AI Aggregation

AI Aggregation

AI Aggregation | Ready-to-deploy Business Solution Blueprints

TCS AI WisdomNext offers customers an effortless path for developing and launching business solutions by providing real-time experimentation of vendor, internal, and open-source large language models (LLMs). Furthermore, the platform also features preconfigured industry solution blueprints with built-in guardrails.

TCS has already used AI WisdomNext with several of their major clients; fast tracking sales at an outdoor advertising company in the US; improving productivity for an American insurance provider; and offering a smart mortgage assistant service at one leading UK bank are among several use cases.AI Aggregation

TAI WisdomNext was developed to enable organizations quickly adopt next-generation technologies at scale, reduce costs and comply with regulatory frameworks. According to TCS AI for Business Study results, while business executives remain optimistic about AI’s impact, their path toward transformation remains uncertain. With TCS AI WisdomNext businesses can select appropriate models and accelerate design of new business solutions using GenAI tools for faster deployment of GenAI-powered GenAI tools.AI Aggregation

Alongside its acceleration of GenAI adoption, this platform enables low-code solutions with composable archetypes and reusable components, predictive analytics through an intelligent evaluator bot that identifies best-fit models and technology stack choices; running costs optimization with built-in intelligence; enhanced governance & discipline with central governance and actionable metrics in FinOps; as well as being the single source of truth for data and GenAI models across cloud services.

AI Aggregation | Intelligent Evaluator Bots

TCS AI WisdomNext is a GenAI platform that consolidates multiple GenAI services into one interface and empowers businesses to rapidly adopt next-generation technologies at scale and at optimal costs, in compliance with regulatory safeguards. Real-time experimentation with GenAI solutions from various vendors or internal or open-source large language models (LLM) helps enterprises select their ideal model; additionally it includes intelligent ‘evaluator bots’ which compare available ecosystems/technologies stack choices as well as deploy their chosen model within an easily scalable architecture.

TCS recognizes generative AI as an indispensable new business capability with the potential to enhance customer value through unlocking data insights and driving innovation, improving efficiency and productivity, creating hyper-personalized experiences and creating greater customer satisfaction. Solution designers however often face significant difficulties selecting and deploying foundational GenAI models, as per TCS.

TCS conducted its AI for Business Study and discovered that business executives are optimistic about GenAI’s potential impact, yet remain uncertain of its path toward transformation. TCS AI WisdomNext offers solutions to these challenges by helping clients select suitable models and streamlining business solutions using GenAI tools.

Testing this technology, it has already enabled customers to develop prototypes aimed at speeding sales for an outdoor advertising company in the US with real-time inventory availability and quote generation through maps integration; increasing productivity and efficiency across application migration and modernization lifecycles of an insurance provider; and offering enhanced customer experiences via smart mortgage assistants at UK banks.

AI Aggregation

AI Aggregation | Centralized Governance

The platform empowers business users to rapidly create GenAI solutions by offering preconfigured industry solution blueprints and composable archetypes, while speeding time-to-market by simplifying deployment with integration adapters for DevSecOps toolchains and software code assistants. Intelligent tools can reduce costs through model utilization/spending optimization capabilities while providing responsible AI practices through central governance with in-built guardrails.

Enterprises are grappling with the difficulty of scaling generative AI. According to a TCS AI for Business Study, 4 out of 10 executives believed they needed to make changes for GenAI to be implemented successfully, and finding skilled resources and expertise necessary to develop or fine-tune large language models (LLMs) and embedded GenAI applications is challenging.

WisdomNext is an innovative solution that aggregates multiple GenAI services into one centralized interface and empowers organizations to rapidly adopt next-gen technologies while simultaneously reducing costs and meeting regulatory compliance.

WisdomNext removes barriers for developing and launching business solutions by providing real-time experimentation using foundational models from vendor, internal, and open-source LLM libraries; its intelligent evaluator bots enable organizations to compare available GenAI ecosystems and related technology stack choices, making selection easy; plus low-code development through ready-to-deploy blueprints coupled with an SDK featuring built-in guardrails!

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