Samsung Galaxy Book 4

Samsung Galaxy Book 4 – The Thinnest 2-in-1 Laptop With Intel Meteor Lake Processors | best upcoming laptop

Samsung Galaxy Book 4

Samsung has now updated their large 2-in-1 Galaxy Book 4 laptop to use Intel’s Meteor Lake processors, providing it with stunning displays and powerful hardware; however, some might consider its software excessive.

This laptop is an excellent choice for content creators and hardcore gamers, boasting configuration options that should satisfy even the most discerning users – plus an outstanding battery life!Samsung Galaxy Book 4

Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Intel(r) Core(tm) Ultra 9 processor

Intel(r) Core(tm) Ultra 9 processor with NVIDIA(r) GeForce RTX 4070 Laptop GPU3 delivers impressive performance that optimizes productivity. The intelligent processor combines faster central processing unit (CPU), improved graphics processing unit (GPU), and an innovative neural processing unit (NPU) for advanced AI capabilities.Samsung Galaxy Book 4

Experience powerful PC performance with sleek and durable design. Samsung Knox security will protect against malware attacks for peace of mind.

Dynamic AMOLED 2X displays offer an immersive viewing experience. Anti-reflective technology reduces distracting reflections while Vision Booster enhances clarity in challenging conditions. A touchscreen makes navigation and creation simple while its powerful battery keeps your creative projects on schedule for hours at a time.Samsung Galaxy Book 4

Samsung Galaxy Book 4

Samsung Galaxy Book 4 NVIDIA(r) GeForce(tm) RTX(tm) 4070 Laptop GPU

The Galaxy Book 4 provides an outstanding, all-day premium experience. Featuring an OLED display featuring stunning clarity, HDR, and superior contrast for movies, games, video editing and other content creation tasks. Furthermore, its sleek clamshell design, powerful processor and optional pen allow you to be creative or productive wherever life may lead you.

Intel Core(r) Ultra 9 processors are an unparalleled productivity boost, boasting fast CPU performance, higher GPU graphics processing capability and the newly added neural processing unit (NPU) in one package to enhance your experience. Coupled with NVIDIA GeForce(tm) RTX 4070 Laptop GPU technology for ultimate efficiency.

With dedicated ray tracing and AI hardware, RTX 40 Series laptops deliver exceptional 3D rendering performance in 3D rendering, video editing, graphic design and photorealistic content creation using NVIDIA Studio suite. You’ll feel immersed in games using DLSS frame generation technology. Plus, its fast performance delivers world-class stability for an unmatched gaming experience on today’s latest games – featuring NVIDIA Max-Q, which optimizes system performance, power, battery life and acoustics to provide maximum efficiency for peak efficiency!Samsung Galaxy Book 4

Samsung Galaxy Book 4 15.6-inch Full HD OLED display

Galaxy Book 4 was designed to meet your unique needs, making it the ideal laptop for every lifestyle. From managing household budgets and schedules to editing passion projects, powerful productivity can be found within our thinnest laptop.

The Samsung Galaxy Book4’s enhanced display makes it easy to stay focused no matter the environment. Revel in vibrant colors on its 3K Dynamic AMOLED 2X touchscreen and enjoy intelligent viewing features such as Vision Booster and anti-reflective technology – ideal for working in bright conditions!

Watch videos and play games with a wide color gamut, up to 120Hz refresh rate, 10-point multitouch capability and Corning Gorilla Glass DX protection. Photo editors can take advantage of choosing from among sRGB, Adobe RGB or DCI-P3 color presets for optimal editing workflows.

Integrate Intel(r) Core(tm) processor and HD graphics into your daily life for smooth streaming and multitasking performance, plus secure content with up to 2TB expandable storage.

Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Sleek and light design

Samsung has designed a premium laptop that doesn’t compromise form for function. Their Galaxy Book 3 Ultra follow-up is striking in appearance with tapering chassis thickness and an attractive trackpad similar to what can be found on Apple MacBooks.

The Core Intel(r) Ultra 9 processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 laptop GPU are powerful enough to handle demanding applications like editing 4K video and playing hardcore games, as well as Vision Booster’s automatic contrast and color adjustment feature, giving you a clear view no matter what environment it’s used in.

With all its power, the Galaxy Book 4 Ultra boasts an amazing 13-hour battery life; four more hours than our tests of Galaxy Book 3 Ultra and more than most modern Windows laptops can manage. It is truly remarkable, demonstrating just how smart a computer it truly is.

Samsung Galaxy Book 4

Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Intelligent productivity

No matter if you’re working in tablet mode, streaming videos, or taking notes – Galaxy Book 4’s intelligent processor, powerful graphics and advanced security features deliver an experience that’s smarter and simpler to use than ever before.

Intel(r) AI PC Acceleration Technology2 powers the NVIDIA(r) GeForce RTX(tm) 4070 Laptop GPU to facilitate advanced creativity and immersive experiences. Samsung Studio,10 an innovative way for creators across devices, lets you edit videos in greater detail on PC while Photo Remaster11 optimizes photos automatically for clarity and quality with AI-enabled optimization.

Samsung Knox, our comprehensive security system,1 provides personal data security as well as business information protection. Seamless connectivity with other Samsung devices–like your phone, tablet, Buds and Watch–enables effortless and effective work experience. One possible downside of this notebook–though this may depend on your ecosystem preferences–is its inclusion of so much Samsung software; some may prove useful while some could be considered “bloatware”.

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