Sony ULT Field 1 Review

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Sony ULT Field 1 Review

Sony’s latest portable speaker release from their Ult line of portable speakers focuses on bass. I found it to be quite powerful for its size; you can place it horizontally or upright with ease and hang it from its strap if desired.

With ULT mode enabled, this speaker adds depth that’s often missing from speakers of this kind; thus boosting MDAQS scores for Timbre and Immersiveness by one point each.

Sony ULT Field 1 Review  Sound

Though Sony only provides one ULT mode (instead of their usual two), this speaker still manages to produce impressive bass response, particularly during tracks containing heavy bass beats like Kendrick Lamar’s “Loyalty.” The low end can keep any party going!

At higher volumes, bass begins to decrease – something to expect with portable speakers of similar size; however, it may still seem underwhelming when compared with similar-sized speakers. The ULT button may be helpful but may be more suited for users who enjoy listening at lower volumes.

On the top of the unit is a silicone control panel which houses play/pause buttons, power/pairing buttons and ULT buttons similar to what are found on other JBL products – these allow you to answer calls and navigate tracks depending on how often they’re pressed. Though convenient, audiophiles may find this feature too simplistic compared to its more intuitive service provided by JBL One App.

Sony ULT Field 1 Review

Sony ULT Field 1 Review Design

Sony designed its ULT series with hardcore bass in mind, and the Field 1 is no exception. Though it cannot match Kendrick Lamar’s 34-second drum loop for “Loyalty”, its high mids and frequencies still offer plenty of punch for its size and give vocals some depth as well.

Without using Power Sound, the ULT sounds slightly thin; however, its impressive dynamic sound pressure makes up for any perceived loss in volume. Bass-heavy EDM tracks like Kaskade’s “Alive” and Deadmau5’s “Bright Lights” demonstrate how effectively its EQ settings boost low end.

As is characteristic of Sony products, the ULT series includes Party Connect for easy synchronization between devices and control of music playback via a smartphone app. Furthermore, LDAC Bluetooth standard support and multi-point pairing allow two Field 1s to be linked for stereo playback simultaneously. There’s even an USB port and microphone input available for use karaoke or guitar amp use! A durable off-white cloth wrap feels tough while IP67 water and dust resistance ensure a safe experience overall.

Sony ULT Field 1 Review Portability

Sony’s ULT Power Sound series specializes in bass. This trio of speakers and headphones offer variations on its Extra Bass and XE-Series models, respectively. A portable speaker known as the ULT Field 1 comes in black, forest gray, off white, orange finishes – it even boasts an IP67 rating to ensure dustproof protection when travelling or visiting sandy locations!

Rubberized ends on each side of the speaker add extra durability by helping keep it firmly planted on a flat surface, as well as protecting against drops. Sony says their speaker can withstand up to 1.22m (4 feet) of impact onto a wooden floor surface.Sony ULT Field 1 Review

Rubberized play buttons on the top control power, Bluetooth pairing, music playback, volume up/down adjustments and ULT bass booster EQ buttons. Pressing them twice navigates tracks; three presses answer or reject calls; they also have snap-shut covers to protect their USB-C port for charging purposes.Sony ULT Field 1 Review

Sony ULT Field 1 Review Battery life

ULT Field 1’s compact speaker packs impressive audio muscle for its size. Turn up the volume, and its deep bass rumble will provide enough low end to provide entertainment at a picnic or park gathering.

Although relatively lightweight in feel, this bag is extremely sturdy despite being covered with fabric that appears strong enough to withstand outdoor use and its inevitable bumps and scrapes. A paracord tether acts both as handle or lanyard and feels strong enough for any task or adventure that arises.Sony ULT Field 1 Review

Battery life on Sony’s Flip 6 is less impressive; Sony promises up to 12 hours of playback versus 13 on its Flip 6, though that should still be sufficient for long hikes or beach days. A dedicated Music Center app offers basic customization but is less intuitive and up-to-date compared to what can be found with JBL Ones.Sony ULT Field 1 Review

Sony ULT Field 1 Review

Sony ULT Field 1 Review Call quality

The Sony ULT Field 1 portable speaker provides powerful sound with plenty of features, such as its IP67 rating and long battery life. Ideal for backyard BBQs, casual park hangs or beach days; parties or dinner preparation in the kitchen alike!Sony ULT Field 1 Review

The ULT Field 1 connects wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.3 and can support both SBC and AAC codecs, offering superior audio quality and stable connections – perfect if you have multiple speakers in your home! Furthermore, its audio quality settings can be prioritized to provide optimal listening experiences without disturbing others around you.Sony ULT Field 1 Review

The Sony Music Center app may be outdated and laggy, but it does enable you to easily customize the bass and lighting modes on the speaker. Furthermore, its ULT Mode feature makes setting the speaker for specific songs easy if that is your goal – especially with singer/songwriter pieces like Indigo Girls’ Closer to Fine or Billie Eilish’s 30th, where ULT Field 1 provided an intimate listening experience while revealing high-frequency details in vocals easily.Sony ULT Field 1 Review

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