Realme V60s

Realme V60s With 32-Megapixel Rear Camera best phone in 2024

Realme V60s

Realme has quietly announced two V60 and V60s smartphones that target the market for 5G at an entry level, with the same specs and design.

Both phones come with the 6.67-inch LCD display that has a moderate 720×1604 resolution, and a 120Hz refresh rate. Both phones provide up to 625nits of maximum brightness.

Realme V60s Camera

Realme V60s with 32 megapixel rear Camera is a standout as a low-cost smartphone camera due to its amazing autofocus feature and its reliable performance. Furthermore, its high memory, lightweight design and distinctive aesthetic makes it stand out.

The camera’s main feature is the Samsung Isocell HM6 sensor with one of the most tiny pixels accessible at 0.64um and more than 100 million pixels total along with nine-to-one binning on images with 12MP as default.

The camera is a success and produces crisp images that have exceptional contrast.

It’s a great camera, and produces clear and crisp selfies in less than ideal lighting conditions. The camera comes with different modes of shooting and filters, such as beauty mode that can produce more stunning outcomes. In addition, Android 11 with realme adjustments was used as its base, and security patches are current as of April 2022. Preinstalled third-party apps are not allowed, which allows for simple removal. Furthermore, its user-interface design allows an easy way to navigate; it also comes with features like screen mirroring capabilities, as well as an drawer for apps!

Realme V60s

Realme V60s Battery

Realme V60s has a an unremovable, massive non-removable battery of 5,000mAh that allows for quick charging. Additionally, the phone comes with an ordinary mini jack that can fit most headphones, while its aptX technology boosts audio quality by transferring stereo audio through Bluetooth.

The phone has Android 11 with the latest security patches, and comes with features that shut down non-essential applications and other features to prolong the life of batteries. Additionally, an ultra power-saving mode prolongs the life of batteries by limiting brightness and contrast levels.

A crucial aspect to consider when choosing the best mobile phone is the camera’s resolution, which is the amount of pixels on the sensor of its image. Cameras with higher resolutions have larger pixels, which allows the capture of more detail in videos and photos.

The Realme V-line of phones are a favorite among Amazon customers for their reliable performance and impressive camera systems. The Realme V60s phone is no exception, and is a great mid-priced phone that has large screens with plenty of capacity for battery backup and durable cameras.

Realme V60s Performance

Realme V60s equipped with 32 Megapixel Rear Camera is one of the stunning cameras, including its quad Bayer sensor of 64MP and ultra-wide lens that can capture stunning wide-angle images. Additionally there is it comes with a Time-of-Flight (ToF) depth sensor can be available to help autofocus as well as for creating subtle depth bokeh effects while in portrait mode.

This package is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 6300 SoC that is equipped by eight CPU cores running at 2.0GHz Two cores (Cortex-A76s) specialize in performing tasks, while six other Cores handle everyday tasks.

The photos taken by the main camera work well under bright conditions, and show lots of detail, but often appear dull due to the lack of contrast. However, low-light conditions can be a challenge for the phone in looking to create sharp detail in photos, but it is able to create satisfactory images.

The quality of video recordings is generally high and has a precise white balance and beautiful colours in all lighting conditions. Noise is usually more apparent in moving images as opposed to stills.

Realme V60s

Realme V60s Design

Realme smartphones have swiftly become a top choice among smartphone users because of their low cost and high performance, but Realme also has amazing cameras. We have looked at a variety of top models from Realme and found that they are way beyond their cost!

On the rear, there’s a dual camera setup that includes an IMX258 Sony primary 13MP sensor as well as an auxiliary camera with 2MP. The camera on the secondary side is for the function of depth-sensing in bokeh with extremely realistic results, however the quality of its images is not as good as those of telephoto lenses that are found on other smartphones.

It’s V60 has Android 11 like other recent realme phones. All security patches were in place as of the testing time. There are a handful of installed apps, however they can be removed to free up space for more essential apps. In contrast to many flagship phones it does not come with DRM certification which means that it is only able to stream content via major streaming sites at SD quality.

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