Nothing Phone 2a

Nothing Phone 2a special edition launched, the most colorful phone of the brand, 12GB RAM and 50MP camera

Nothing Phone 2a

Nothing Phone 2a The companynothing phone 2 vs oneplus 11 has launched a new color variant of. The company was teasing this phone for some time now. Now the brand has unveiled it. The brand has Nothing Phone 2a Special Edition has given name. This is the most colorful device of nothing. red in this, yellow, Blue, White and gray appear as all colors

Although, The company has also kept transparency as its core design.. Nothing has used all the colors used in this phone in its other products before.. Although, The company has not launched all these colors simultaneously

how much is the price

The brand has launched this phone in limited numbers. You will be able to buy it from the official website of the company. this smartphone 27,999 Will be available at a price of Rs., which its 12GB RAM + 256GB The price of storage variant is. this handset 5 Will be available for sale on Flipkart in June

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Nothing Phone 2a

What are the specifications

Nothing Phone 2a Comes with dual SIM support. In this you 6.7-inch Of AMOLED get display, Who 120Hz supports refresh rate. Gorilla Glass for screen protection 5 Has been given. Handset Android 14 based on Nothing OS 2.5 works on. Nothing Phone 2a

In this MediaTek Dimensity 7200 Pro processor is provided. In this 50MP + 50MP Dual rear camera setup is available. At the front, the company 32MP Has given selfie camera. In for securityDisplay fingerprint sensor is available. To power the device 5000mAh Battery is provided

Phone 45W Comes with wired charging. Nothing Phone 2a You will get to see the new color pattern only in the special edition of. In its specifications the company has no changes have been made.

Nothing Phone 2a

Nothing Phone (2a): Did the company succeed or fail in providing good Android experience for less money?

The smartphone we are going to talk about today has the latest processor., moon walk camera, 200 watt fast charging, 4K video recording, glass back, IP68 no rating. After reading this you may say why are you telling me?. Sir, Despite all this, this phone has a unique design, Great battery and custom made processor, get a decent camera. Not only this,The price is also reasonable and apart from all this its software. It is so clean that even Google Baba himself will be surprised.

We are going to talk about London based tech company Nothing Recently launched Nothing Phone (2a) of. We tried the phone and now it’s time to share our experiences.

design language 

Phone your big brother Nothing Phone 1 and middle brother Nothing Phone 2 follows the convention of. That means transparent back panel and glyph lighting.. The panel is also transparent here but the glyph lighting is a little less.. But enough for important notifications. Yes, Glyph light is not available for battery like big brother.. There will be two cameras instead of three and that too in the centre..

Design is a matter of love and hate.. Meaning, To some the camera looked like an owl’s eye and to others it looked like an owl’s eye.catching. Although, This design is the specialty of the phone. If you have it in your hand then people will definitely ask.. Although the back panel is plastic but the rubber finish on the edge provides excellent grip.. phone ip 54 Comes with rating. Nothing Phone 2a

Nothing Phone 2a

processor display and price 

Mediatek 7200 Pro Chipset which according to the company is designed according to their phone. 6.7 inch AMOLED display 120 Supports Hz refresh rate. All apps for daily use like YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp works well and Netflix and Chill means there is no problem even while watching content for long periods of time.. Despite being big in size, the phone is not heavy in weight..yes this is a good thing. of phone 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage model 23999 Which is worth Rs. including discount and offer. 20-21 K Alleygets the palle. The price seemed right because why? Nothing Phone 2 At the time of the company had ruined itself by keeping the price high

Software and user interface 

Here Nothing Phone (2a) stands apart from the league. Where nowadays even premium Android phones are availablesome useless apps (bloatware) Come with and in the midrange you can get it by the bagful., And even if you search in this phone, you will not find any useless app.. stock android. crystal cleartidy. So clean and neat that if you do not download other apps, you will get bored of seeing the user interface once.

The user interface is really great. The company is also very active regarding software updates.. Three major updates have arrived within a month due to which many bugs have been fixed.. company with 3 Promises more updates. Meaning, 15-16 And 17 We will meet that too on time. By the way, if this phone UI If you are satisfied with normal Android phones then UI can also shift to. thumbs up. Nothing Phone 2a

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Nothing Phone 2a

camera and battery 

In one line, neither very good nor very bad..hee khichakto strain 50 Megapixel main shooter is available which OIS supports

in the front 32 Megapixel sensor is installed. If we talk about how the photos come, we talked to our in-house lensman Jatin.. He found the overall camera performance to be fine

Anyway, a good photo does not depend on the megapixels of the camera but in the hands of the person taking it.. The camera doesn’t disappoint but at times OIS takes some time. The issue may be resolved with an upcoming software update.

Although the phone does not feel like holding it in hand, but it 5000 mAh battery is on. 45 Watt charging gets the job done quickly. Now how long the battery lasts and how quickly it gets charged depends entirely on the usage.. Like we got a day’s worth of backup. you may get more or less. Nothing Phone 2a

our experience 

We did not use the word review knowingly. Because why this word is overrated. What kind of review brother after driving for a month among four people?. So we tell our experience. The phone is worth the money as per its price. a little bit of everythingI get a little. Yes, If you just want a camera then it won’t work.. But great display and greatAwesomeIf you want to experience Zindabad Software then there is no problem..yes 

say in english no-nonsense. Nothing Phone (2a) something like that

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