Apple CarPlay

Next-Gen Apple CarPlay Gets Radical Update | Upcoming Car Best option in 2024 ?

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay smartphone mirroring software is getting an extensive overhaul. As per a video breakdown released by the company, drivers will soon be able to customize driving mode or assistance features within its ecosystem.

The system will also display vehicle-related information such as tire pressure, outside temperature and gear selection. Aston Martin and Porsche both showcased designs compatible with this updated CarPlay.

Apple CarPlay | Changes to the Home Screen

CarPlay is an iPhone mirroring system that takes over a vehicle’s infotainment screen; with the next-gen version taking this further by fully integrating into car display systems such as instrument clusters.

Connected to a supported car, drivers can view and manage their favorite apps through an interface tailored specifically for that car. Apple is also unveiling SharePlay – allowing passengers to stream music using their phones running iOS 17 or later, with a prompt appearing on their driver’s iPhone to join in the session.

This new system can also take over a car’s gauge cluster, showing widgets customized by each car manufacturer based on fuel economy and weather updates, along with specific vehicle features like tire pressure monitoring or rear camera feeds.

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay  | Additional Screen Real Estate

Apple CarPlay currently connects your iPhone to vehicle displays, providing access to apps on them and partially replacing its built-in infotainment system. At WWDC 2022 software showcase, however, Apple unveiled major revisions designed to work across all displays within a dashboard, not just central infotainment panel.

CarPlay can integrate seamlessly with a vehicle’s gauge cluster, offering drivers the option of displaying widgets similar to iPhone’s interface directly on their dashboard. The system can also incorporate navigation maps, ADAS-related data, camera controls and vehicular data such as tire pressures (if supported).

Apple notes that dashboard integration will be possible via a secure Bluetooth system connection with your car’s hardware, reading steering inputs, speed, phone positions and battery status (if relevant in an electric vehicle) to provide information such as battery power left. Furthermore, CarPlay will let users control climate controls, FM radio stations and heated seats through user-customizable interfaces; in addition to playing music podcasts and audio books without taking their eyes off the road while using these features.

Apple CarPlay | Additional Control Layers

Apple CarPlay currently allows users to project apps and content onto your vehicle’s central display, but next year it will expand its abilities by being able to control all screens within it – this includes HUDs like those found in electric vehicles from Volvo and Honda as well as screens used for advanced driver assistance systems and infotainment purposes.

CarPlay’s revamped interface enables drivers to easily access specific vehicle settings without leaving the app – for instance, they can adjust climate controls from their home screen or activate an auxiliary power system through an easy-to-access icon on the bottom left of their display.

The new interface will also feature notifications based on vehicle data, such as charging station status or battery charge remaining time remaining. Furthermore, there will be a widget displaying where parked vehicles are located – providing invaluable assistance for people using third-party parking assistance systems.

Apple announced this week that its software would feature a customizable look to match each vehicle. Aston Martin screens featured graphics that mimic their recent gauges while Porsche designs had classic fonts and patterns on a houndstooth background – two examples shown as mockup images by Apple this week.

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay  | Third-Party Apps

Apple has long had visions of its future vehicles being equipped with all-in-one displays that utilize CarPlay as an in-car interface, and with this latest update the company is taking steps towards that vision by providing car makers the option of adding custom functionality into CarPlay.

Apple claims that next-gen CarPlay will allow access to vehicle climate controls, FM radio and more. Furthermore, iOS 17’s beta has revealed several native CarPlay apps which give drivers quick access to vehicle functions like temperature adjustments and rear camera feeds.

Current CarPlay supports internet-based radio services like Spotify and Audible, but hasn’t been able to tap into FM, AM or satellite tuners built into vehicles. Apple plans on adding support for streaming audio/podcasts/car-specific playlists with its next-gen CarPlay implementation.

Apple has demonstrated this capability with two CarPlay prototypes currently being tested in Porsche and Aston Martin vehicles. These demos showcase a flexible modular design that can be tailored to each vehicle’s aesthetics and brand identity, such as templates for circular gauges in its cluster or wallpaper to match Porsche’s Pepita seat pattern.

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