Countryman E Electric SUV

Mini Countryman E Electric SUV | Upcoming Suv In 2024 | Best Suv Ever ?

Countryman E Electric SUV

Mini’s Countryman E can cover an estimated 287 miles on one charge using the more forgiving WLTP cycle than its EPA ratings.

Storing batteries beneath the rear seat does sacrifice some cargo space, but two tall adults fit comfortably back there. We appreciate Mini’s decision not to switch everything over to touchscreens immediately as some drivers prefer this approach.

 Countryman E Electric SUV  | Powertrain

A little electric car magic helps the Countryman E feel light and responsive even when hauling heavy loads. Regenerative braking technology and plug-in options like public chargers extend its 287-mile range; comparable to more premium vehicles such as Kia Niro EV or Hyundai Kona Electric Premium.

The E is powered by a single electric motor in front, producing 204hp. To increase performance further, more expensive SE models use twin electric motors on both axles to produce 313hp for four-wheel drive capability – good enough to achieve an impressive 0-62mph time of under five seconds and 286-mile driving range (using the WLTP cycle).Countryman E Electric SUV

Though heavy, the Countryman E is eager to weave its way between traffic gaps. Acceleration from 30mph to 50mph was impressively swift; thus enabling it to easily clear most city streets. Steering is responsive and lively while there is no way of controlling its strength of regenerative braking.

The Countryman stands higher than most Minis, which may cause it to feel slightly unstable when travelling over smaller road imperfections or rapidly cornering. Luckily, its progressive damping can smooth these bumps out while also minimizing body roll on sweeping curves.

Countryman E Electric SUV

 Countryman E Electric SUV  | Range

The Countryman E is powered by a 64.7 kWh battery pack with an estimated range of 269 miles under Europe’s WLTP test cycle – this is approximately equivalent to 244 miles in the US market and marks an improvement over its predecessor’s 114 mile capacity.Countryman E Electric SUV

We had the chance to drive Portugal’s latest electric SUV and found its driving experience to be incredibly satisfying. Its electric motor produced 150 kilowatts and 184 pound-feet of torque allowing it to speed from zero to 62 mph in 8.6 seconds before reaching top speeds of up to 105 mph.Countryman E Electric SUV

Utilizing one electric motor also makes the Countryman E less bulky and versatile, without feeling cramped or stressed when driven hard. As such, its all-electric powertrain proved comfortable and balanced, making it the more enjoyable of both models to live with.

The Countryman E starts at PS42,080 on the road while its top-of-the-range SE All4 version starts from PS47,180 – this makes it competitive with premium rivals such as BMW iX1 and Mercedes EQA when taking into account features such as adaptive cruise control, keyless entry and panoramic sunroof/head-up display from their Level 1 equipment pack for which additional payments of PS2,500 may apply.

 Countryman E Electric SUV  | Chargers

The Countryman E has an entry-level electric motor capable of producing 201bhp, giving it enough power to reach 62mph in 8.6sec and cover an official 286 mile range.

At home or public charging points, using a standard Type 2 connector, your battery can recharge from empty to 80% in about 30 minutes depending on its state and power of charger.

For those needing faster charging options, the Countryman E can be connected to a Level 3 DC fast charger with up to 130 kW output; reducing driving time by as much as 40%. Furthermore, its on-board charger capable of 22 kW charging capacity will fill its battery to 80% within two hours at public charging stations.

Driving the Countryman E is an enjoyable experience, thanks to its instantaneous delivery of electric power and satisfying sound effects when you press on the throttle. While not as quick by stopwatch standards than its more powerful John Cooper Works counterpart, this model still provides plenty of fun driving enjoyment.Countryman E Electric SUV

Countryman E Electric SUV

 Countryman E Electric SUV  | Technology

The new Countryman E is available in Favoured Trim and provides brand-typical driving enjoyment coupled with advanced technology for an emission-free mobility experience. Offering up to 1,450 litres of luggage space and more ground clearance than its petrol sibling for improved comfort on rough roadsCountryman E Electric SUV

Mini Countryman E is capable of being charged from plug-in or public fast charging points and comes equipped with both BMW’s i Wallbox as standard and the faster DC rapid charger as an upgrade, with battery usage monitored continuously by the vehicle and warning drivers when near empty. In addition, Mini Countryman E is the first Mini to feature Level 2 driver assistance systems which allows semi-autonomous driving at speeds up to 60km/h without hands-free operation allowing hands-free operation at speeds of 60 km/h allowing hands-free operation at speeds up to 60km/h!

Even though its size might seem intimidating, the electric Countryman is actually quite agile and maneuverable on the road due to its low center of gravity. It accelerates quickly, feels more planted around corners than a petrol JCW Countryman and can fit through traffic gaps more efficiently than its petrol counterpart.Countryman E Electric SUV

Regenerative braking feels natural and stronger than most rivals, with an instantaneous effect that allows pedal usage to slow down at lower speeds or stop completely when stationary. Furthermore, its interior is bright, comfortable, and spacious – its circular display dominating the dashboard, controlling all infotainment systems (such as voice-controlled personal assistant and cloud native navigation services ) plus offering smartphone integration to unlock/unlock and start/stop vehicle using compatible smartphones.Countryman E Electric SUV

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