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Motorola’s Bluetooth Tracker With UWB Connectivity | Best Tag In 2024 ?

Bluetooth Tracker

Motorola has made their entry into Bluetooth trackers with Moto Tag, an affordable $29 gadget similar to Apple AirTags but designed specifically for Android phones.

Moto Tag works with Google’s updated Find My Device network and features an Ultra Wideband chip to quickly locate items with pinpoint precision. Furthermore, end-to-end encryption protects location data while automatic tracker alerts warn users about unwanted trackers.Bluetooth Tracker

 Bluetooth Tracker Ultra Wideband (UWB) Connectivity

Motorola is entering the tracker market with its Bluetooth accessory Moto Tag. Designed to track valuables such as wallets, keys and luggage using Android’s Find My Device network and UWB technology, users can pinpoint exactly where their items are from anywhere around the globe using an intuitive multifunctional button paired with their Edge 50 Ultra smartphone that supports UWB support.Bluetooth Tracker

The Moto Tag boasts an IP67 rating to protect it against water immersion. Equipped with a replaceable CR2032 battery that should last a year on one charge, its purpose can go beyond simply ringing smartphones; it can also serve as a remote shutter button when taking photos with an Android smartphone.Bluetooth Tracker

Moto Tag’s design mimics that of Apple’s AirTag, offering similar tracking functionality with added levels of security and privacy. End-to-end encryption on Google Find My Device network prevents other devices from tracking user location information. Furthermore, manual unknown tracker alerts on both Android and iOS platforms as well as a feature allowing them to run a scan to detect unwanted trackers are all features available to ensure your privacy and peace of mind.Bluetooth Tracker

Bluetooth Tracker

 Bluetooth Tracker End-to-End Encryption

Motorola has entered the item tracker market with Moto Tag, an affordable $29 device which leverages Google’s Find My Device network and ultra-wideband (UWB) technology for accurate tracking of wallets, keys or luggage. Reminiscent of Apple’s AirTag in its circular design, Moto Tag can keep tabs on valuable possessions like wallets or suitcases that might go missing.

Starting off, the Motorola Tag connects via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) with your Android phone, whereupon BLE triggers UWB ranging to locate it. Once in range, UWB ranging identifies it and shows its position on a map along with directions leading directly there.Bluetooth Tracker

Moto Tag can also serve as a remote shutter release for Android smartphones with camera apps open, using Google Quick Pair technology to easily pair and automatically share pairing codes between devices. In addition, its standalone Moto app enables users to rename, set an alarm sound alarm, and monitor battery life of their tag.Bluetooth Tracker

Privacy has long been a concern when it comes to location trackers, and Motorola claims they took security into account when designing the Moto Tag. All location data is end-to-end encrypted so only its owner or those they share it with can view it through Find My Device app. Furthermore, Android and iOS versions support automatic unknown tracker alerts which detect unwanted tags that might be following users.

 Bluetooth Tracker Google Find My Device Network

Motorola’s Bluetooth tracker is a direct competitor to Apple’s AirTags that were released with iPhones in 2015. It comes equipped with Ultra Wideband (UWB) connectivity for pinpointing items from longer distances than regular Bluetooth-only trackers.Bluetooth Tracker

Moto Tag is integrated with Google’s Find My Device network to assist users in quickly finding lost items when in close proximity of a compatible Android smartphone. Enabling this feature requires having a Google account as well as using Moto’s smartphone application on that phone to enable it.Bluetooth Tracker

Privacy is of utmost importance here as well. The Moto Tag employs end-to-end encryption of its user location data, meaning only its owner and those authorized with access can view its exact position on Google’s network.Bluetooth Tracker

The tracker features a round body similar to Apple AirTag and boasts an IP67 rating that allows it to be submerged underwater for up to 30 minutes, using an easily replaceable standard CR2032 battery rated for one year of usage. Users can set their device name, change alert sounds and radiuses and check battery life within the standalone Moto app, while a multifunctional button provides quick pinging of smartphones for easier locating as well as being used as remote capture shutter on connected smartphones.

Bluetooth Tracker

 Bluetooth Tracker Battery Life

Motorola’s Moto Tag was created to keep track of consumers’ most precious possessions. By leveraging Android and UWB technologies to locate devices paired with it, as well as offering key features such as remotely ringing or taking pictures remotely, its purpose is clear.

The Moto Tag works with most smartphones and features a circular body with an integrated multifunction button, designed to ring paired devices when pressed and even be used as an Android camera remote shutter shutter when necessary.

As for setup, Motorola notes that all it takes to connect their Moto Tag is placing it near their device using Google Fast Pair. Once connected, users can utilize several customizable options available through the Moto Tag App such as changing its name or volume settings. In terms of privacy, Find My Device provides end-to-end encryption so only you will see your location data while unknown tracker alerts provide unwelcomed surveillance devices from tracking you down. Finally, manual scans ensure no unwanted tracking devices follow you around!

Durability-wise, the Moto Tag is IP67 rated and can withstand submersion in up to one meter of water for 30 minutes without damage. Furthermore, its standard CR2032 battery should last at least a year.

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