iPhone 16

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iPhone 16

Rumors swirling about the iPhone 16 series are widespread, suggesting major upgrades. Reported changes include larger displays on Pro models (6.3″ and 6.9″), wider implementation of its exceptional tetraprism camera system, as well as a brand new Capture button.

One of the biggest rumors concerns MagSafe. Renders created from prototypes reveal changes to the magnetic charger ring that may signal imminent release.

iPhone 16  Screen Size

Apple usually unveils a new iPhone every September, giving tech rumor mill plenty of time to speculate on any potential hardware changes. According to reports, this year’s iPhone 16 lineup may include larger screen sizes than its predecessors as well as slimmer bezels.

Rumor has it that both iPhone 16 and Plus models will feature screens measuring 6.1-inches like their iPhone 15 counterparts, while Pro models could see some size increases; Redditor Unknownz21 suggested they will have larger 6.3-inch displays while Ross Young at DSCC suggested an even larger 6.7-inch panel on Max models.

Reports from Korean publication The Elec indicate that Apple will incorporate innovative technology that reduces internal footprint of circuitry, enabling Apple to minimize bezel sizes around its displays and offer larger screen sizes without compromising battery life or display quality. This would enable their new iPhone 16 line models to offer slightly larger displays without compromising other essential aspects such as battery life or display quality.

Rumor has it that the new iPhones may feature brighter screens than their predecessors, enabling them to be used in more environments without light reflections or glare being an issue. Also expected on iPhone 16 may be a new button which acts as a camera shutter key; when lightly pressed it activates the camera while when fully depressed will take a photo.

iPhone 16

iPhone 16  Camera

Apple phones have long been known for having some of the top cameras on the market, and this year’s iPhone 16 could offer even greater improvements to its renowned snapper.

Reports indicate that one of the major new features could be a vertical stacked dual-lens design for iPhone 16 models, which reports indicate could allow regular iPhone 16 models to record stereoscopic video for use with Apple’s Vision Pro headset – something previously only available with Pro models last year. Furthermore, this move would enable native simultaneous multi-camera recording – something available via third party apps but now natively built-in.

According to Weibo tipster yeux1122 (who has an established record with Apple leaks), another potential improvement would be a super-telephoto periscope camera with significantly enhanced optical zoom capabilities, making close-up shots much simpler – possibly up to four times zoom capabilities!

The iPhone 16 and 16 Plus should feature an anti-reflective lens coating designed to reduce lens flare, applying using atomic layer deposition technology that should ensure thinner lenses without adding bulk to their phones. Redesign of physical buttons may occur, with Capture button (formerly used for mutes/ring switches) likely replaced by Action Button and Camera Button which might use capacitive technology instead of mechanical switches; although not a drastic change, this might increase access to key features more quickly.

iPhone 16 Battery

Apple is continually working to enhance their phones, typically through upgraded displays and cameras as well as better battery life. While making the phone more power efficient can help, sometimes simply increasing battery capacity may provide faster results.

That seems to be in store for Apple’s iPhone 16 lineup. According to new reports, two models from this generation – specifically iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Plus – will come equipped with larger batteries than their predecessors; it is reported that they both will boast an increase of 6% battery capacity over their previous counterparts.

These numbers come from Weibo leaker Baby Baby Sauce and match with a previous report that detailed iPhone 16 battery sizes, though that report didn’t account for iPhone 16 Pro as it used a different number for its battery size than what Weibo leaker Baby Baby Sauce reported here.

According to reports, both Pro and Plus iPhones could receive Wi-Fi 7 support and 5G modem upgrade capabilities as part of an update for iOS 16 models. Rumors also abound about 8GB RAM upgrades across all models as well as improvements in AI performance. While iOS 16 boasts many advantages over previous updates, users have reported battery drain due to new features, bugs or hardware.

iPhone 16

iPhone 16  Design

The iPhone 16 will likely resemble its current cousins – the iPhone 12 and 15 models – closely, according to reports and leaks. Apple’s next-gen phones may not feature any major design differences from previous models; however, Pro versions could offer larger screens compared to earlier models while regular iPhone 16 units could come equipped with an entirely different button layout.

Since the launch of iPhone 13, Pro and Max models of Apple’s smartphone will feature displays with sizes of 6.3-inches and 6.9-inches respectively. While this larger screen size may make them slightly less convenient to use than previous generations, it should provide significantly enhanced navigation experience when running apps that require zooming or panning functions.

Apple is said to be working to minimize the size of iPhone 16 bezels with Border Reduction Structure technology, a practice allowing it to reduce internal space required by circuitry while not impacting performance.

Another potential feature that could make its debut on the iPhone 16 is a dedicated camera button dubbed by blogosphere as the Capture Button, rumored to allow users to take pictures or record videos with just one tap of a button – similar to physical shutter or pressure sensitive keyboard buttons on phones today.

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