Jatt and Juliet

Jatt and Juliet 3 Box Office Collection Day 2 | Best Movie in 2024 ?

Jatt and Juliet

Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa make for an incredible onscreen duo, and their latest collaboration, Jatt and Juliet 3, has received overwhelming fanfare from audiences. Directed by Jagdeep Sidhu, this movie marks part of their franchise that began back in 2012.

This film achieved the second-best Punjabi opening day collection with 3.35 crore, though competition with sci-fi drama Kalki 2898 AD may have negatively impacted its collections.

Jatt and Juliet Diljit Dosanjh

Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa’s sizzling on-screen chemistry is one of the primary factors contributing to Jatt and Juliet 3’s success. Both actors exude confidence while leaving an impactful mark on audiences everywhere they appear onscreen.

Jatt and Juliet 3 is the third installment of Jagdeep Sidhu’s popular Jatt and Juliet series, directed by Diljit Dosanjh and featuring Diljit Dosanjh, Neeru Bajwa, B.N Sharma, Nasir Chinyoti Rana Ranbir BN Sharma Jaswinder Bhalla as its stars. It made history for Punjabi cinema this year by becoming its biggest release ever; receiving positive reviews both from audiences and critics alike.

The movie made an outstanding start at the box office, earning Rs 9.43 crore on its opening day in India and USD 700K and CAD 370K respectively in USA and Canada respectively – this marks one of the best opening days ever seen for a Punjabi movie! Additionally, its collection was helped along by widest release ever for such film in India and popularity of franchise.

Jatt and Juliet Neeru Bajwa

The third installment of Jatt and Juliet franchise, featuring Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa, is making waves at the box office. On its opening day worldwide it made over Rs 4.13 crore in revenues; India alone brought in over Rs 4.25 crore – setting a new record for Punjabi films at the global box office.

Jagdeep Sidhu directed this movie that follows two Punjab police officers as they venture to Canada and encounter unexpected obstacles. Audiences loved their on-screen chemistry which helped solidify them as beloved stars in Punjabi cinema.

It has also garnered one of the highest first day pre-sales ever for a Punjabi title, surpassing 1.50 crore gross. This achievement can largely be attributed to Diljit Dosanjh and his star power driving this franchise forward. But while its collection may remain impressive over time, rival sci-fi drama Kalki 2898 AD may prove too strong of competition in terms of future earnings.

Jatt and Juliet

Jatt and Juliet Jasmin Bajwa

Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa have once again taken center stage with the release of Jatt and Juliet 3. Opening to overwhelming praise both from audiences and critics alike, it looks set to do well at box office.

This romantic comedy follows Fateh Singh (Diljit Dosanjh) and Pooja Singh (Neeru Bajwa). Both are egoistic policemen who regularly deceive each other and lie for money, until Pooja is caught red-handed committing an illegal act and charges are laid against her by law enforcement authorities. The plot unfolds accordingly when her crimes come to light.

Directed by Jagdeep Sidhu and featuring B.N Sharma, Nasir Chinyoti, Rana Ranbir, BN Sharma and Jaswinder Bhalla as its central characters; produced by White Hill Studios. Sacnilk reports it already collected Rs 4.55 crores on its opening day – more than ever seen with any Punjabi film before (Honsla Rakh earned just 2.52 crore on opening day).

Jatt and Juliet BN Sharma

Jatt and Juliet 3, the latest installment in a popular franchise, has made an excellent start at the box office. Starring Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa who delivered engaging performances while their on-screen chemistry won over audiences, as well as Jasmin Bajwa, B.N Sharma, Rana Ranbir and Nasir Chinyoti who appear in supporting roles.

According to Sacnilk, Diljit’s new Punjabi film earned Rs 3.25 crore on its opening day, an impressive figure which may become his highest-grossing Punjabi movie ever. This figure already exceeded Honsla Rakh and Shadaa which earned 2.52 and 2.4 crore respectively during their respective opening days in theaters.

Jatt and Juliet 3 is the latest installment in the highly successful Jatt and Juliet franchise directed by Jagdeep Sidhu and produced by White Hill Studios, Storytime Productions, and Speed Records. A romantic comedy, it received an unrestricted adult certificate and has an estimated budget of 10 crore rupees including marketing expenses; providing audiences with an unforgettable cinematic experience in Punjabi cinematic cinematic.

Jatt and Juliet

Jatt and Juliet Nasir Chinyoti

Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa’s incredible on-screen chemistry in Jagdeep Sidhu’s Jatt and Juliet 3 is sure to dazzle audiences. Starring along with Diljit, Neeru, Jasmin Bajwa Rana Ranbir B.N Sharma Nasir Chinyoti this film promises an enjoyable viewing experience for viewers everywhere!

On its second day at the box office, The Revenant should continue its success. Although its first-day collection may have fallen slightly below that of Carry on Jatta 3, but its launch nonetheless marked an encouraging beginning for its box office run.

First day numbers for this Punjabi movie were second highest ever for any Punjabi flick. Unfortunately, however, they fell short of Kalki 2898 AD which grossed Rs 8.10 crore due to clashing with Prabhas’ starrer film.

Though not perfect, Jatt and Juliet 3 has still managed to set new box office records with its performance and storyline impressing audiences and critics alike. Jatt and Juliet 3 has also received extensive praise from critics and fans alike.

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