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After Kannada superstar Darshan Thoogudeepa?s arrest on charges of murdering 33-year-old pharmacy employee, Vijayalakshimi deactivated her Instagram account and unfollowed everyone, before later reactivating it and returning to posting regularly on her account.

She also visited in prison, and is reported as being tearful when visiting him there. Here are details from their meeting:

Darshan | Vijayalakshimi urges fans to stay calm

Thoogudeepa, better known by his moniker Challenging Star, is currently embroiled in a murder investigation regarding Renukaswamy of Pharmacy Worker Renukaswamy. Along with Pavithra who is linked with him allegedly orchestrated the abduction and torture of this pharmacy worker. This case has caused outrage and outcries for justice from Kannada stars; most have refrained from directly accusing Darshan but those who have expressed their views have received threats against them from these individuals.

Vijayalakshimi, wife of an arrested star, has issued a heartfelt message asking fans to remain calm and focus on doing good deeds instead of posting unauthenticated information online. She shared that her husband is moving forward with his life and will remain an important part of her prayers.

Darshan remains in police custody with Pavithra and 16 others connected to this case, and will be produced before a judge tomorrow for trial proceedings; all are expected to face jail time as part of their gang.

Vijayalakshimi recently visited her husband in prison. Since then, she has returned to Instagram, after deactivating it and unfollowing everyone- including him- on both accounts. In her latest post she advised fans to remain calm while doing good deeds and refrain from sharing unconfirmed information regarding his case.


Darshan | Vijayalakshimi addresses murder allegations

Darshan Thoogudeepa’s arrest for the Renukaswamy murder case has sent shockwaves through fans across Karnataka. However, Vijayalakshimi, his wife has encouraged fans to remain calm and not spread false information online. Additionally she posted an interim injunction order issued by X Additional City Civil and Session Judge Bengaluru prohibiting 38 print and electronic media outlets from publishing or broadcasting information that might harm both their reputations – an order issued on Wednesday by X Additional City Civil and Session Judge Bengaluru prohibiting publication or broadcast of information which might cause harming to them or their husband’s reputations.

Darshan is one of the biggest stars in Kannada film industry with an avid following. His face can often be seen plastered across auto-rickshaws and new releases are often celebrated with fans pouring milk over posters of his movies. Even after being accused of involvement in murdering someone, no family members from Darshan’s immediate family have visited him in jail since this happened.

Vijayalakshimi appears to have taken steps toward legal advice and support from peers. On Wednesday, she released her first statement after visiting her husband in police custody.

Annapoorneshwari Nagar police station summoned actress Jhanvi to provide information regarding Darshan’s shoes being found at her residence, and she appeared for questioning the same day – this time for five hours straight – regarding Renukaswamy’s murder, how they arrived at her flat, or any potential links between them and this case.

Darshan | Vijayalakshimi shares fan art

Vijayalakshmi Thoogudeepa, wife of Kannada actor Darshan Thoogudeepa has reinstated her Instagram account after previously deactivating and unfollowing everyone following Darshan’s arrest in connection with Renuka Swamy’s murder. She has encouraged fans of Darshan to remain peaceful and take positive actions.

Vijayalakshmi also issued an appeal to her followers to respect the legal system and assured that her husband would remain safe while imprisoned, warning any individuals seeking to harm him would face consequences. Furthermore, she thanked his supporters (known as celebrities ) and expressed her thanks.

On Wednesday, Vijayalakshmi visited Annapoorneshwari Nagar police station where her husband and 17 others are currently being questioned for the case. At this station under X Additional City Civil and Session Judge Bengaluru she recorded her statement.

According to sources, Darshan and his co-accused are expected to be produced in court after Thursday. Police do not anticipate seeking an extension in custody for either individual. His brother Dinakar and mother Meena have yet to visit Darshan while reports claim he broke down when hearing of his arrest.


Darshan | Vijayalakshimi penned a long note

Karnataka police are working tirelessly to piece together details of an unprecedented murder case that has the entire state talking. Darshan Thoogudeepa, an established South Indian actor and romantic interest of actress Pavithra Gowda whom Darshan had an ongoing romance with, has been arrested in relation to this heinous killing of pharmacist Nivas Subramanyan who sent lewd text messages.

According to reports, Pavithra was at the centre of a conspiracy which resulted in Renukaswamy’s abduction, torture and eventual murder by Darshan, one of his fans who received abusive messages on her Instagram handle from Renukaswamy for over a year. When this escalated into harassment on her part from Renukaswamy himself, she complained about it to Darshan who then had him abducted and murdered in a shed at her behest.

Vijayalakshimi, wife of Kannada actor who had gone silent following his arrest has now reactivated her social media account and issued an appeal to all his fans to remain calm. Additionally, she called his fans celebrities and encouraged them to focus on doing good deeds instead of seeking attention for any infractions against .

Vijayalakshimi has also lambasted the media for repeatedly referring to Pavithra as her husband’s wife. She requested they refrain from publishing or broadcasting unsubstantiated information regarding ongoing investigations. Her heartwarming fans’ support has touched Vijayalakshimi deeply; she wrote them an open letter as she hopes that justice will soon prevail.

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