Google Joins AI Laptop Party With Chromebook Plus | Best laptop in 2024 ?

Chromebook Plus

Google is joining the AI laptop trend by including AI tools in their Chromebook Plus laptops, such as Gemini Advanced chat and Magic Editor photo editing features as well as face and gesture tracking controls for hands-free control of their computers.

Help Me Write is soon coming to Plus laptops as an artificial intelligence (AI) feature powered by Gemini. Accessible via home screen icon as well as integrated into Docs, Sheets and Gmail for seamless use, it will bring ease-of-use.

Microsoft and Intel are expanding the boundaries of artificial intelligence (AI) PCs with Copilot+ and M-series laptops, while Google is taking an intriguing step toward pocket-friendly, everyday AI capabilities in Chromebooks. Today they announced several AI features which promise assistance with writing, editing and photo enhancements.

Gemini makes searching and organizing all documents on Chromebook Plus devices easy – using an internet connection and Google Account! Searches can include documents found across computers, phones and tablets as well as emails accounts and social media profiles; USB drives that regularly synced together; instantaneous organization of documents across devices!

Your Chromebook Plus device will also gain access to an enhanced version of Magic Eraser, used by Google phones to remove power lines and people from photos as well as photobombing in pictures taken using it. Now, this tool can also help delete unwanted objects from photos or blur background video calls!

Chromebook Plus

Chromebook Plus

Chromebook Plus laptops will come pre-loaded with one year of the Google One AI Premium plan – normally priced at $20/month – free of charge, providing access to Gemini Advanced and 2TB storage, plus new features like inline code execution and deeper search for text in Docs, Sheets and Slides.

Magic Editor Google unveiled their Chromebook Plus AI PC earlier this year and included cutting-edge hardware and AI software features not found on regular Chromebooks – such as an overview screen that displays all open windows, tabs and applications – including an “all windows, tabs and applications” overview screen.

Recent updates build on that success by providing user-friendly AI tools like Magic Editor that make editing photos in Google Photos simpler than ever, with simple circle, tap, hold and drag gestures as well as contextual suggestions to reimagine them.

Enhancements also include remembering where you left off when logging in, an improved method for organizing browser tabs, and Gemini-powered “help me read” feature that provides summary text of pages or documents.

All these services are powered by Gemini, an app built into Chromebook Plus’ app shelf and installed as standard on every device. However, unlike Copilot+’s Recall feature that Rubin mentioned, clicking Gemini opens an online web app instead and requires internet connectivity – yet another unique benefit of Chromebook Plus!

Chromebook Plus

Help Me Write
Just days after Microsoft unveiled their Copilot+ branding for next-gen PCs with on-device generative AI, Google is expanding the reach of AI features available to Chromebooks with greater clout. All Chromebooks that meet the Plus designation now have access to Gemini – Google Assistant launched last fall – as well as some AI features built directly into their operating systems: for instance adding Gemini as a button in their app shelf for faster chatbot use and providing “Help me write” assistance when writing blog posts or song lyrics or formal letters/resumes

Chromebook Plus

Gemini assistant can recognize your movement and assign actions such as left/right key clicks/dictation as well as moving the cursor when tilting head up/down/left/right – it even detects when tilting occurs with its new AI feature!

AI tools are only available on Chromebook Plus laptops running the most recent operating version from HP or Acer – starting at $379 you’ll get 12 months of Google One AI Premium included free with this purchase.

Google recently unveiled Gemini Chat, their AI chatbot previously known as Bard, as being available on all Chromebook Plus laptops. As before, Gemini can answer questions and help with writing assignments; but now you can also use it to summarize websites or PDF files, create images or code 20 different programming languages!

Chromebook Plus

Chromebook Plus

Gemini keeps an accurate record of your conversations in its context window and uses this snapshot to provide responses that sound natural and on topic in future conversations.

Gemini cannot remember everything, so mistakes may arise in its responses. If this occurs, click the thumbs-down icon or use Double-Check Response in Google to correct its answers and take a deeper look. Highlight supporting sources as light green while those it couldn’t locate as light orange.

Google plans to upgrade Gemini this year with features that will make interacting with it more natural, such as Gemini Live that offers two-way voice chats via your phone camera between you and Gemini with advanced speech models adapting to sound more human-like.

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