Chandu Champion Movie Review

Chandu Champion Movie Review | Best bollywood movie in 2024 ?

Chandu Champion Movie Review

Kabir Khan brings Murlikant Petkar’s chaotic yet complex life to the screen in Chandu Champion. While its structure may be familiar, its boxing matches and war scenes keep audiences engrossed throughout.Chandu Champion Movie Review

Kartik Aaryan rises above his stereotype to give an incredible performance in this film.

As India’s appetite for sports dramas expands, Kabir Khan has written and directed Chandu Champion as an intimate tribute. Although some scenes contain unnecessary drama or confusing plotlines, Kartik Aaryan’s impressive performance propels this film forward and shows his range.Chandu Champion Movie Review

Murlikant Petkar filed a police complaint against successive Indian presidents for failing to award him with an Arjuna Award – India’s second-highest honor – when no such award had been bestowed upon him. That narrative led into another narrative depicting someone paralysed from waist down who never lost strength of character and desire.Chandu Champion Movie Review

Petkar was driven by his determination and unwillingness to yield in pursuit of Olympic victory, and Khan expertly chronicles this journey without becoming preachy or overbearing; rather he shows it all without becoming tedious or dull.Chandu Champion Movie Review

Bhuvan Arora and Rajpal Yadav make memorable portrayals as Petkar’s friends; Vijay Raaz as Tiger Ali, Petkar’s mentor, also shines. Although certain scenes at the end may feel forced-in or filmic melodrama may take hold for 10 minutes at times, these issues quickly fall away when confronted by its captivating narrative arc – this film should definitely not be missed! A must watch!

Chandu Champion Movie Review

Kartik Aaryan’s infectious energy as Murlikant Petkar in Chandu Champion shines through with unbridled enthusiasm; often known for playing comic relief roles, here he shows he’s more capable than that by portraying an underdog with unwavering determination – Kabir Khan proves himself as an exceptional storyteller by crafting this biopic so well.

Murlikant may seem out-of-reach to others, yet his dream of winning an Olympic gold medal doesn’t appear out-of-reach to him. Hailing from a humble village upbringing in Kerala and driven to achieve greatness despite any setbacks; skipping school to learn wrestling instead; competing without prior training in local tournaments with confidence that no obstacles stand between him and Olympic success; eventually even winning his debut match without prior preparation; nothing stands between Murlikant and Olympic success!Chandu Champion Movie Review

Sudeep Chatterjee’s cinematography shines, particularly during scenes such as the one-take war scene and boxing matches which exude an acute sense of urgency. Furthermore, this film boasts powerful dramatic moments as well as exciting action sequences – with his cinematography standing out even further.

Chandu Champion is an engaging drama featuring an admirable lead character and powerful message, guaranteed to leave an impactful impression at the box office.Chandu Champion Movie Review

Chandu Champion Movie Review

Chandu Champion Movie Review

Fans of Kartik Aaryan should make this movie part of their viewing regiment, for its heartwarming tale of an underdog champion’s triumphant comeback shows us that dreams can come true despite setbacks while encouraging us to remain positive despite criticisms.

This sports drama tale follows a typical sports-drama plotline while still remaining captivating and riveting. Our protagonist starts his journey as raw talent who is then nurtured and developed under an elite coach into one of the greatest athletes ever seen on screen. Along his journey he faces various setbacks, but eventually triumphantly returns triumphantly to win his game and become champion.

Kabir Khan and his team do an outstanding job presenting this story. He wisely avoids using overly dramatic or loud dialoguebaazi to capture audiences; giving Kartik Aaryan an ample platform to show his range as an actor – something he accomplishes successfully.

Rajpal Yadav, Shreyas Talpade and Vijay Raaz all play impressive supporting roles while Bhuvan Arora returns as hero’s best friend providing comic relief that prevents it from becoming too dark or tragic. Cinematography is top notch while colors appear very warm and vibrant.

Chandu Champion Movie Review

Chandu Champion Movie Review

Chandu Champion is an inspiring tale about human resilience and triumph against all odds. Telling his story as an unwilling war hero makes for engaging viewing.Chandu Champion Movie Review

This movie is an absolute must-see for sports and history fans alike, featuring an amazing cast lead by Kartik Aaryan whose performance will leave audiences stunned! He masterfully portrays several roles throughout, such as those of a child fascinated with war, an idealistic teenager with big goals, a soldier on mission as well as an athlete both fierce and flawed!Chandu Champion Movie Review

Chandu Champion Movie Review

Kartik Aaryan stars alongside Hemangi Kavi as Murlikant’s mother and Bhagyashri Borse as his current-era reporter who pursues him. Director Kabir Khan attempts to capture both its essence and reality; unfortunately cliches sometimes prevent this from happening successfully.

Sports biopics require great writing and direction in order to succeed; unfortunately, Chandu Champion’s filmmakers were undone by cliched and ineffective scenes which detracted from what could have been an impressive tale. If you can look past its faults, though, Chandu Champion is still worth watching.Chandu Champion Movie Review

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