BGauss RUV350

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BGauss RUV350

BGauss RUV350 is an innovative electric scooter designed to deliver more power and comfort. Equipped with larger wheels for superior stability and agility on rough terrains, this revolutionary model boasts unrivaled agility on rough surfaces.

The electric scooter will be manufactured in Chakan near Pune after extensive research and development efforts have taken place. Furthermore, 125 showrooms will be set up across India by this company.

BGauss RUV350 Powertrain

BGauss RUV350 scooter is engineered to offer robust performance and smart features, while prioritizing rider comfort and safety. The RUV350 will make a suitable option for urban commuters traveling on rough terrain; featuring larger wheels with comfortable suspension setup, modern lighting technology, grade A disc brakes for smooth braking action and grade A disc brakes to provide secure stopping power.

No details have yet been disclosed for the forthcoming scooter from BGauss; however, its appearance resembles its previous flagship offering, the D15. With 16-inch alloy wheels and features such as telescopic fork up front and dual springs at the back for optimal ride comfort, this electric-scooter promises an enjoyable riding experience.

The BGauss RUV350 will feature large wheels as well as a sizable footboard and ample under-seat storage space, along with a fully digital instrument cluster to give riders important information. Other key elements include its hexagonal headlight with DRL (daytime running light), turn indicators, single piece seat, saree guard and oval taillamps as well as dual shock absorbers at both ends and drum brakes on both ends for ultimate rideability.

BGauss RUV350

BGauss RUV350 Design

Elegant electric scooter ergonomically designed to offer an unforgettable commuting experience, featuring extra comfort, range and space.

Bgauss’ RUV350 electric scooter will debut on 25 June and build upon the legacy of their D15 flagship model. While exact details such as battery specifications or key details have yet to be disclosed, we anticipate cutting-edge powertrain components that surpass its flagship sibling. Manufacturing will take place at Chakan facility outside Pune and it will undergo rigorous R&D processes, ensuring top quality production. Furthermore, with over 125 showrooms nationwide and eyeing international markets BGauss is dedicated to the “Make in India” initiative.

The forthcoming e-scooter will come equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels to provide exceptional ride quality over bumpy roads. Furthermore, an upright rider’s triangle and practical amenities such as a flat floorboard will also be added for optimal riding experience.

The BGauss RUV350 will compete against premium offerings like the TVS iQube and Bajaj Chetak Urbane. The latter comes equipped with a 3.2-kWh motor that boasts an impressive riding range of up to 157 km and features such as automatic headlight on/off control as well as a fully digital instrument console, making it an attractive alternative to petrol two-wheelers in its segment.

BGauss RUV350 Safety

BGauss’ RUV350 electric scooter aims to meet the demands of premium buyers with stylish design, integrated technology, and convenient charging capabilities. Furthermore, the brand claims rigorous research and development efforts have gone into creating this scooter, which will compete with established players such as Ola Electric, Ather and TVS in India’s EV market.

The BGauss RUV350 will feature a large battery pack and powerful motor with an estimated range of over 100km. Customers can select their ideal model from among various colours and designs; its fully digital display will display useful information such as speed, driving mode and battery SOC levels; plus anti-theft motor locking will protect it further from theft.

The BGauss RUV350 will feature 16-inch alloy wheels similar to those found on its flagship D15 EV, providing it with more comfort when driving over bad patches of road and offering an enjoyable experience. Tubeless tyres will reduce chances of puncturing due to sharp objects in the road while simultaneously improving ride quality and increasing longevity of its tyres; furthermore it features a telescopic front fork and twin shock absorbers at its rear for enhanced performance.

BGauss RUV350

BGauss RUV350 Price

BGauss is one of India’s premier electric scooter manufacturers. Operating out of Chakan in a state-of-the-art facility, they have been producing premium electric vehicles for four years now. Furthermore, the company maintains over 125 showrooms across India as well as expanding internationally – all part of their commitment to “Make in India.”

The RUV350 from BGauss has caused great excitement among e-scooter enthusiasts. Expected to be a premium option with stylish design and cutting edge features, it marks their second addition in their lineup following the C12i model.

Details regarding the forthcoming e-scooter remain limited, though it’s expected to feature a large 16-inch wheel for an enjoyable experience over bumpy roads. Furthermore, its suspension setup includes telescopic forks at the front and dual springs in the rear – adding another level of comfort. Adding to its practicality will be its sizeable footboard and ample under-seat storage capacity.

BGauss RUV350 will feature cutting-edge powertrain components that surpass those found on its flagship model, the D15. Although its exact battery size remains unannounced, its size likely falls within the 3.2kWh range. Manufactured at their state-of-the-art factory in Chakan, Pune it will undergo rigorous research and development processes for top quality standards.

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