Bajaj CNG Bike

Bajaj CNG Bike | The country’s first CNG bike may get the name Fighter, Bajaj got it trademarked | Best Bike In 2024

Bajaj CNG Bike

Country’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer Bajaj Auto soon the first CNG Bike can be introduced. According to media reports, the company has trademarked the new name before the launch of this bike. whom CNG Bike Can be used in. What other information has been received from the reports? We are telling you in this news. 

Bajaj has registered its name or trademark. 

Bajaj Auto has filed for trademark of a new name. According to reports the company Fighter The name has been filed for trademark. It is believed that the company with this name CNG Bike Can bring. 

Had got the name Bruzer trademarked last month. 

Before this, another name was trademarked by the company last month. The company has also trademarked the name Bruiser last month. In such a situation, it is expected that the company can use it in other CNG bikes in future. 

Bajaj CNG Bike

Spot was not found during testing 

Bajaj Auto will soon launch a CNG bike. This bike has been sold by the company 18 Can be brought to the market in June. but before that CNG Bike Has been seen several times during testing. Where information about some of its features is also available. 

Bajaj CNG Bike

how to be wheat features 

country’s first CNG Bike Circular LED headlight in, small side view mirror, covered cng tank, long single seat, hand guard, alloy wheels, Features like front disc brake and digital speedometer can be found. In this the company can offer more than one variant. 

Bajaj CNG Bike

This detail was leaked earlier 

CNG Bike The design information was leaked even before its launch. Bike chassis in leaked blueprints, Information about CNG and petrol tanks was revealed. According to media reports, the leaked information revealed that the bike could be equipped with a double cradle frame with braces to stop the cylinder. In the bike, CNG cylinder can be placed below the seat. Whereas for filling CNG, the nozzle can be given towards the front. Along with this, a small petrol tank will also be provided in it.

Bajaj CNG Bike Launch Date: Confirmed, world’s first CNG bike will be launched on this day

What has not happened till now is going to happen now, Till now you must have seen CNG option only in vehicles.. But now the world’s first CNG Bike going to be launched. Bajaj Auto Has done wonders and has prepared a bike which will run on CNG.. Bajaj Pulsar NS400 During the launch event of the company, the managing director of the company has given information about when the CNG bike will be launched.

Since CNG Motorcycle Since the information has come to light, people have been waiting for the launch of the CNG bike.. Now it seems that this wait of the people is going to end soon.. At present, it is yet to be revealed what will be the name of this CNG bike.

Bajaj CNG Bike

Bajaj CNG Bike

Bajaj CNG Motorcycle Launch Date 

Bajaj Auto Managing Director Rajiv Bajaj has confirmed that Bajaj’s first CNG bike will be launched this month. 18 june 2024 will be launched in India. Now it seems that the arrival of this bike will provide relief from expensive petrol.. Apart from this, it is also expected to get better mileage through CNG bike as compared to petrol.

Bajaj CNG Bike

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Many times Bajaj CNG bike has been spotted during testing.. Dual in testing bikeFuel system is also indicated, The way CNG option is available with petrol in CNG car., Same thing can be seen in bike also

The CNG bike seen during testing had disc and drum brake setup along with telescopic forks at the front and monoshock at the rear.. Apart from this, this bike has single channel for safety. ABS or combiBraking system can be included

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