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Aamir Khan Splurges Rs 9.7 Crore on New Property in His Own Residential Complex | Best Property In 2024 ?

New Property

Aamir Khan is one of India’s most beloved actors. His films have garnered critical acclaim and been box office hits worldwide; moreover, a significant portion of his earnings is donated to charity.

He owns property in Pali Hills and recently made an acquisition at Bella Vista Apartments – an upscale complex.

 New Property | 1. Aamir Khan Splurges Rs 9.7 Crore on New Property in His Own Residential Com

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan recently splashed out Rs 9.7 crore to add another property in his residential complex to his expansive real estate portfolio. Aamir purchased a flat at Bella Vista Apartments in Mumbai’s Pali Hills neighborhood; known for its peaceful environment and lush landscaping. Kiran Rao and Reena Dutta already owned properties here prior to Aamir making this latest purchase that covers approximately 1,027 square feet of space.

As someone known for keeping his personal life private, the actor is expected to move into his new flat within weeks. Additionally, on work grounds he’s getting ready to return to big screen with RS Prasanna’s Sitaare Zameen Par set to release around Christmas this year and featuring Genelia Deshmukh as one of its leads.

 New Property | 2. Aamir Khan Splurges Rs 9.7 Crore on New Property in His Own Residential Com

Aamir Khan recently expanded his real estate portfolio in Mumbai by purchasing an 1,027-square-foot apartment located in Pali Hills’ upscale Pali Hills neighborhood and situated within Bella Vista Apartments’ premium residential building Bella Vista Apartments; Aamir already owned nine of 24 units within this complex as well as Marina Apartments’ units nearby and currently both his ex-wives Kiran Rao and Reena Dutta reside here.

Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal carried forward their red-and-white color theme from their wedding ceremony on Sunday as they left for dinner with friends at an exclusive hotel in Mumbai on Monday night. The couple was photographed as they entered and exited.

Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Afzal were seen interacting with the media before heading indoors to meet family and friends – their first public appearance since their marriage on Sunday. Both donned casual outfits with an air of elegance; after receiving numerous hate messages following their nuptials they disabled comments sections on Instagram posts to prevent abuse and harassment from taking place.

New Property

 New Property | 3. Aamir Khan Splurges Rs 9.7 Crore on New Property in His Own Residential Com

Actor Aamir Khan recently made headlines for adding another property to his impressive real estate portfolio, spending Rs 9.7 crore for it in Mumbai residential complex Pali Hill. Known for its peaceful environment and lush green scenery, Pali Hill attracts high-profile residents such as actors and industrialists; Aamir already owned multiple apartments at Bella Vista Apartments complexes located nearby as well as his sea-facing home in Bandra.

The actor recently added to their real estate portfolio with the purchase of an apartment spanning an area of 1,027 square feet (carpet area) that features parking space. Reportedly, transfer deed was finalised on June 25 with stamp duty amounting to Rs 58.5 lakh and registration fee amounting to Rs 30 thousand being payable upon finalisation.

On the professional front, Aamir Khan last made an appearance in Laal Singh Chaddha – an adaptation of Forrest Gump – before moving onto Sitaare Zameen Par, directed by RS Prasanna.

New Property

 New Property| 4. Aamir Khan Splurges Rs 9.7 Crore on New Property in His Own Residential Com

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan has added another impressive property to his real estate portfolio, buying into Bella Vista Apartments of Mumbai’s Pali Hill neighborhood in its exclusive Pali Hill enclave known for its serene environment and lush greenery, drawing many high-profile residents. According to reports, Aamir reportedly purchased one that spans 1,027 square feet (carpet area). Aamir already owned properties within Bella Vista and Marina Apartments within this coveted community.

Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal were seen out for dinner together at an Indian restaurant in Mumbai on Wednesday night, matching in red and white like their wedding ceremony on Sunday.

Sonakshi and Zaheer were in Delhi to attend a friend’s birthday celebration. Sonakshi will soon make her comeback as stars in RS Prasanna’s sports drama Sitaare Zameen Par, set for release this Christmas.

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