TVS iQube Recalled

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TVS iQube Recalled

TVS Motor announced a proactive recall for any iQube units manufactured between July 10, 2023 and September 9, 2023 manufactured between these dates. They will conduct bridge tube inspections of these units free of charge to identify any necessary corrections that need to be made.

Lithium-ion batteries boast one of the lowest rates of discharge among electric vehicle batteries on the market; only losing approximately five percent in 10 days without use.

TVS iQube Recalled | Bridge Tube

As part of their effort to maintain optimal ride handling quality, a manufacturer has begun undertaking proactive bridge tube inspections on all affected units and will contact customers before performing necessary rectifications at no charge.TVS iQube Recalled

TVS has not specified what caused the issue with its iQube scooter, however carandbike understands that an inspection may be undertaken as a preventative measure as this issue could lead to bridge tube breakage compromising structural integrity of the device.

The iQube comes in various iterations, from 2.2kWh up to its highest-spec version 3.4kW/h, offering five colors TFT displays and five connectivity features, such as TPMS and underseat storage space of 30L for 30 rides at once. It can reach 78km of travel on one charge while its larger 5.1 kWh counterpart can extend that reach up to 150 km!TVS iQube Recalled

TVS iQube is notable for having one of the lowest rates of discharge among its competitors; losing only 5% capacity every 10 days of non-use. To maximize performance and efficiency when charging the battery on dry surfaces and with clean charging couplers; however, TVS has provided one of the industry’s longest warranties, which is supported by a robust authorized service network.TVS iQube Recalled

TVS iQube Recalled

TVS iQube Recalled | Battery

TVS iQube’s battery is protected by an intelligent protection system which will ensure it does not become overcharged, with controllers to diagnose its state of health and regenerative braking to recover energy that would otherwise be lost through braking and use it to charge up the battery more quickly.

The iQube offers two battery options- 2.2 kWh and 3.4 kWh with maximum speeds of 78 km/h respectively. Both models come in five color choices including Copper Bronze Matte, Coral Sand Satin, Titanium Gray Matte and Starlight Blue; additionally they include 7″ full-colour TFT touchscreen displays, Alexa voice assistant functionality, TPMS/connected features as well as 32L of underseat storage capacity.

Current warranty for the iQube is for X years and Y kms; however, this doesn’t include natural disasters or water entry damages. Therefore, we strongly suggest you purchase an electric vehicle insurance policy which provides various benefits like on-site charging facility, pick up/drop service and emergency message relay service etc.

TVS authorised service centers feature trained technicians equipped with special tools and diagnostic equipment that are necessary to repair faulty batteries, while also guaranteeing optimal performance of your iQube after repairs are complete. You can schedule an appointment for free service by contacting either your nearest TVS authorized service centre’s service advisor, or using the toll-free/hotline number listed in your owner’s manual.

TVS iQube Recalled | Electronics

The electronics of the iQube have been put through rigorous testing to ensure they deliver optimal performance under various conditions and meet AIS 156 Phase II safety guidelines. Furthermore, all affected owners will be contacted by TVS dealerships and will undergo proactive inspection to check bridge tube integrity so it withstands long term loads from electric motor.

In case of an engine failure, the instrument cluster will display an alert to inform you. MIL (Malfunction Indicator Light) may illuminate briefly until temperature of system drops and system performance returns to normal.TVS iQube Recalled

After its debut in May 2023, the refreshed iQube was met with overwhelming interest upon its launch – especially its top-spec ST variant offering an estimated 140km range on one charge. Equipped with a 7-inch TFT cluster that supports music controls and theme personalisation features as well as TVS Connect (including vehicle crash alerts, towing alerts, voice assistant with Alexa skill sets support as well as tire pressure monitoring system compatibility) it also boasts 30-litre under seat storage space.

The iQube Lite 2.2kWh, S 3.4kWh and 5.1kWh models are priced at Rs 94,999, Rs 1.65 lakh and 1.85 lakh, respectively. The latter boasts of the largest battery capacity, being fully charged from zero-percent to 80 per cent in just 4 hours 18 minutes!TVS iQube Recalled

TVS iQube Recalled

TVS iQube Recalled | Safety

iQube is equipped with multiple safeguards designed to ensure rider safety during unexpected situations, including crash detection sensors that can alert emergency contacts of impending impacts and also shutting itself off in response to such impacts.

The iQube’s battery pack is comprised of high-grade cells designed to last longer than regular batteries; however, an attenuation rate of 10-20% should be expected around 75,000 km depending on usage pattern. Furthermore, its smart battery management system will monitor conditions within its pack and adjust performance as necessary.

iQube comes equipped with a carry-along charger that can be used to power its vehicle when connected to any 5A domestic socket. However, using other chargers may lead to overcharging which will impede battery performance as well as potentially nullify warranties.

TVS has announced a proactive inspection of iQube units manufactured between July 10, 2023 and September 9, 2023, to ensure their long-term ride stability. TVS will perform any necessary rectifications at no cost to its customers and directly communicate with owners of affected scooters in order to schedule inspections.

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