Yoga Day 2024

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Yoga Day 2024

At New Delhi’s Rajpath (King’s Avenue), thousands are expected to gather this weekend to mark International Yoga Day – a pet initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi – and set an official Guinness World Record for largest yoga class ever practiced at one time.

Indian missions abroad have held practice sessions to prepare thousands of participants for Sunday’s main event.

Yoga Day 2024  New Delhi

Capital city Delhi pulses with energy and rich history. Street food tours through Chandni Chowk Market should not be missed, nor visits to Humayun’s Tomb or Red Fort (UNESCO World Heritage sites of Mughal Empire), either. Experience local life at laidback Khan Market or sprawling Hauz Khas Village instead!

The Lotus Temple takes its name from its iconic lotus shape when seen from above and belongs to Bahai faith, which proclaims unity across religions and peoples. At nighttime it makes for an exquisite sight with both its grounds and gardens beautifully illuminated.

On International Yoga Day, however, the American Embassy opened its doors to visitors from all around the world to take part in its event – with over 84 nations represented at International Yoga Day itself! Some scientists voiced criticism over its success saying it had become “an advertisement for new breed of yoga gurus”, and claimed yogic practices weren’t scientifically verified.Yoga Day 2024

Yoga Day 2024

Yoga Day 2024 Ranchi

Around the globe, yoga enthusiasts from all backgrounds came together on April 21 to celebrate yoga day with stretching, twisting, breathing exercises and other forms of body awareness practices. From the UN General Assembly hall to India’s Parliament House; Beijing to Ranchi; people woke up and saw yoga unfold before them!Yoga Day 2024

Jharkhand State Capital of Ranchi has organized several yoga events. Chief Minister, Union Ministers and ministers from other states will all attend these yoga performances.Yoga Day 2024

The main event will take place at Prabhat Tara ground with PM Modi performing yoga asanas alongside thousands of participants at this event.Yoga Day 2024

Nirmala Sitharaman and Gautam Gambhir will join other senior BJP leaders, like Nirmala Sitharaman and Gautam Gambhir, at one or more of these 40 events. Additionally, other distinguished dignitaries will attend yoga sessions at Red Fort, Nehru Park, Lodhi Garden Talkatora Garden Yamuna Sports Complex as well as Red Fort. Furthermore, individuals as well as institutions – schools, corporates, industry bodies or government offices – to organize yoga programs for their employees in-house. The ministry also strongly advises schools, corporates to organize programs tailored towards employees who might benefit from such sessions to create positive workplace cultures among their employees.

Yoga Day 2024 Kathmandu

Kathmandu may be chaotic and noisy, but its charm cannot be denied. With an endless assortment of shops offering everything from Nepali momos to outdoor gear; friendly locals who speak good English make getting around easy; there are also plenty of restaurants and cafes catering both tourists and locals; with both having plenty to offer visitors!

As part of International Yoga Day celebrations on Wednesday, the Embassy of India in Nepal hosted a Yoga demonstration on Wednesday on the banks of Phewa Lake in Pokhara attracting hundreds of local yoga enthusiasts and officials such as Ambassador Naveen Srivastava, Nepal Tourism Minister Sudan Kirati and other local officials.

Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Prime Minister of Nepal, addressed an International Yoga Day ceremony. He mentioned how Yoga was one of Nepal’s priceless treasures and Yogmaya Ayurveda University envisioned to address natural environmental causes should take the lead academically in this field as an educational institution with credible credentials. Pushpa also pointed out how ancient civilizations had their foundation in Yoga and Vaastu engineering practices.

Yoga Day 2024  Ahmedabad

One of India’s premier industrial cities, Ahmedabad is famed for its textile production. A popular tourist attraction and tourist destination, the city offers several textile museums; two popular options being Textile City and Calico Museum.

The Sarkhej Roza complex of tombs is another architectural highlight. Also known as Shah Alam no Roza, this exquisite structure boasts intricate sculptures and latticework that give this Islamic-influenced structure its Hindu flair.

Many of the city’s monuments reflect its dynastic history. Tombs belonging to Ahmad Shah and his family stand out among these landmarks; while Jami Masjid, which dates back to 1423 and features 260 intricately carved columns reminiscent of Hindu temples are another testament to this fact.

Mahatma Gandhi first established Kochrab and Satyagraha ashrams here. At both Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Memorial and Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya you’ll find photographs, documents, and other memorabilia related to Indian independence movements on display. Ahmedabad also hosts many schools like Gandhi Vidyalaya run by Municipal Corporation of Ahmedabad.

Yoga Day 2024

Yoga Day 2024  Bangalore

Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka, is a vibrant cosmopolitan town that plays host to numerous educational and research institutions in India. Dubbed ‘Silicon Valley of India’ for its many technological organizations like ISRO, Wipro and Infosys; Bangalore also houses one of the world’s most productive metro areas and several state-owned aerospace and defence entities such as National Aerospace Laboratories Limited and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

Bangalore Palace is renowned as a ‘Tudor-style palace’ and an absolute must-see attraction. A grand and luxurious monument with massive courtyards, exquisite Rajasthani paintings and intricately carved pillars and arches reminiscent of medieval Europe, this impressive structure represents Neo-Dravidian artistry which pays homage to India’s heritage and is an example of Neo-Dravidian artistry encapsulating centuries of rich cultural tradition.

At 6.30 AM on June 21, students from Sophia High School and NCC Cadets arrived with yoga mats to celebrate International Yoga Day at Manekshaw Parade Grounds in Manekshaw Township. Mrs Sudha, their Yoga Instructor along with Dr Lavanya Hod and Associate Professor Dpt of Swasthavritta & Yoga were present as well as yoga instructor Mrs Sudha provided instruction.

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