True Wireless Earphones

Sennheiser Accentum True Wireless Earphones With ANC | Best earphone in 2024 ?

True Wireless Earphones

Sennheiser’s Smart Control app is user-friendly, featuring an EQ and listening profile designer as well as support for aptX HD and aptX Adaptive codecs.

Physical controls for the Accentum reside on its right ear cup and offer standard functions like playback, ANC, voice assistant and Bluetooth pairing – these don’t, however, support touch sensitivity due to budget considerations.

 True Wireless Earphones Features

As one might expect from premium headphones, the Accentum Wireless have much to offer. Not only are they equipped with adaptive ANC technology but they’re also Bluetooth 5.3 compatible and support both SBC and aptX Adaptive codecs (in addition to more commonly used SBC and AAC codecs).

Your headphone’s functions can be managed using either the Smart Control app or physical buttons on its ear cups, each offering easy-to-use controls with excellent sensitivity and responsiveness. A power button stands out on its own on the bottom right ear cup while multifunction button features touch zones which you can press to skip tracks or switch audio sources.

Controls on the ear cups allow you to customize the strength of Transparency mode, while an Ambient Awareness feature lets you quickly switch it off so your surroundings are back into your view. There are also presets tailored to different music genres – although I found some of them overly warm sounding.

The Accentum Wireless offers an impressive battery life of up to 28 hours when active noise cancellation is disabled, taking only 90 minutes for full recharge, and can even connect wirelessly via Qi charging pads – although they don’t come equipped with cases.

True Wireless Earphones

 True Wireless Earphones Design

Accentum headsets are solidly-built, following in the tradition of the company’s wireless headsets. Crafted of matte black plastic with vent slots on each earcup and two beamforming mics at the back for voice clarity during phone calls, these USB headsets also come with an adaptor cable to use wired for audio playback or hands-free calling and come complete with a fully recyclable case, 4-foot USB-A to USB-C cable charging/audio access cable and printed instructions for use.True Wireless Earphones

The Accentum boasts an impressive 50 hour battery life, outshone only by more premium earbuds like Sony’s WH-1000XM4 Wireless and Bose QuietComfort 45 models. However, its lifespan falls slightly short of that of flagship Sennheiser Momentum 4 headphones.

ANC works well at dampening monotonous noises and low-frequency sounds, though it doesn’t eliminate random noise or the twittering of birds completely. Switching to Transparency mode reveals ambient noise with an artificial quality.True Wireless Earphones

Through the free Smart Control app (for both iOS and Android), you can take advantage of various functions, such as equalization adjustments and setting up multipoint connections. Furthermore, bass boost can add extra punch to your music, at the cost of some detail in high frequencies.

 True Wireless Earphones Comfort

I found the earbuds comfortable, with accurate touch zones registering my finger presses. Additionally, the Active Noise Cancellation performed well – offering low frequency boost without overpowering music – while my two mic array caught both Google and Siri voice commands well – although I wish the headset would activate automatically whenever these wake-word phrases were spoken out loud in order to skip tracks or start podcasts.

Sennheiser describes their 7mm transducers as offering “powerful and engaging bass, natural mids and crisp treble,” according to Sennheiser. A pair of noise-canceling microphones paired with beamforming technology reduce distracting low frequencies like airplane cabin noise to an inaudible level; transparent mode lets you hear your environment on demand; while their free Smart Control app offers EQ customization and Sound Check features which create audio presets tailored specifically for you listening preferences.True Wireless Earphones

Bluetooth 5.3 supports SBC, AAC and aptX HD codecs; its built-in microphone works seamlessly with voice assistants; wireless multipoint allows multiple devices to pair at the same time; IP54 protection ensures splash resistance; battery life with ANC off lasts up to eight hours with case storage holding an extra 28; quick charging takes 90 minutes while Qi-compatible charging pads let you refuel quickly from anywhere in your environment.True Wireless Earphones

True Wireless Earphones

 True Wireless Earphones Sound

The Accentum are similar to Momentum 4 Wireless in that you can expect great sound quality from them. Their active noise cancellation technology effectively blocks out both intermittent sounds like traffic and continuous ones like electric motor hum, making these headphones ideal for work, school and running/cycling outdoors. Furthermore, there is a transparency mode which lets you hear your surroundings while remaining aware of nearby people or traffic hazard; its level can be adjusted through Sennheiser Smart Control app, along with their five-band equalizer that caters to various musical genres.True Wireless Earphones

Physical controls on these headphones were easy to use, with one press activating voice assistant and double presses cycling through ANC and transparency modes. Our testing devices paired seamlessly without issues related to Bluetooth range or stability; in addition, Qi wireless charging was supported as well for added convenience.True Wireless Earphones

Sound quality of these headphones is good but not exceptional, with natural and balanced bass-treble response that should please most listeners at this price point. Although these cans should satisfy most listeners, for a closer examination of competing offerings at this price, more research should be undertaken into other available cans in this category.True Wireless Earphones

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