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Ram Charan recently marked his inaugural Father’s Day celebration with his family – wife Upasana Kamineni and daughter Klin Kaara Konidela included. Ram revealed how much their lives have changed as they witnessed his son grow into manhood through Klin Kaara Konidela.

Upasana and Ramu were married in 2012, and recently celebrated their tenth anniversary. Upasana recently talked about her postpartum experience and thanked Ramu for being there as support during that journey.

Fatherhood | He’s a Daddy’s Daddy

Ram Charan is one of the biggest stars in Tollywood and an attentive father. Together with wife Upasana Kamineni Konidela, they share a daughter named Klin Kaara who turns one this month. For years now, their privacy had been carefully guarded; but on Father’s Day 2024 they surprised fans by posting an adorable snap to X (formerly Twitter) where Ram can be seen holding his daughter close in his arms while beaming with pride!Fatherhood

Upasana shared that initially she found it hard to comprehend her husband’s work as an actor; however, thanks to his dedication and patience in explaining each detail of his art form to her she now appreciates him as an artist as well as praise him for balancing both career and family life successfully.Fatherhood

Mega star Tom Hiddleston revealed that becoming a father was one of the greatest changes to his life. It felt as though something inside him had been rejuvenated; everything now takes on new meaning as his world revolves around his daughter.Fatherhood

Upasana also discussed her husband’s work ethic and said he never let fame get to his head, instead remaining polite and respectful towards both their friends and themselves.

Ram’s RRR propelled him into nationwide fame, and since then, he has managed to balance both personal and professional responsibilities successfully. Currently working on Shankar-directed film RC 15 with Kiara Advani before commencing work on an untitled sports drama directed by Buchi Babu Sana.Ram Charan

Ram is an enormously beloved figure among Telugu cinema fans and a global celebrity. He can frequently be found appearing on morning shows in America as well as attending award ceremonies; additionally he hosts his own TV show and has numerous endorsements to his name. Additionally he will soon star alongside Chiranjeevi in another Puri Jagannadh film as the lead.Ram Charan


Fatherhood | He’s a Mommy’s Daddy

Ram Charan is one of Tollywood’s most successful actors, and recently added another feather to his cap with the success of RRR. The actor is thrilled with how his film was received internationally; but what has really brought him joy over time has been how fatherhood has altered him as an individual. Recently he shared an emotional post on Facebook regarding this transformational journey into parenthood that changed him even further as an individual.Fatherhood

Ramcharan and Upasana Kamineni Konidela have become extremely attached to their daughter Klin Kaara. He believes she has helped him rediscover himself. In a recent interview, he expressed his devotion and spoke about being “rebooted” since Klin Kaara arrived into this world. Upasana Kamineni Konidela commented on Ramcharan being such a great father that it becomes hard for them to leave her at home when going on trips – she even noticed similarities in terms of eating habits between herself and Ramcharan!Ram Charan

The actor has demonstrated his devotion to his family by always spending as much time with them. He strives to arrive at his daughter’s school before she heads out the door each morning, and makes sure he returns by 6 pm every evening. Furthermore, he goes out of his way to support and protect his wife’s career – as she is very dedicated in what she does!Ram Charan

Ram Charan has managed to successfully balance family and professional commitments since the release of his film, after starring alongside Buchi Babu Sana and Sukumar in “Game Changer”. Since then he has been busy shooting new projects such as Shankar’s Game Changer as well as shooting yet-untitled film with Buchi Babu Sana.

Chiranjeevi’s son Ram Charan has received congratulations and wishes from around the world for his big accomplishment. One of Telugu cinema’s most sought-after actors, he has managed to keep fans satisfied through regular releases. We wish Ram Charan a Happy Father’s Day while hoping he continues with his work ethic while giving his family all they deserve!

Fatherhood | He’s a Baby’s Daddy

Ram Charan, beloved to millions of his worldwide fans as the Mega Power Star, is making the most of being a father. Balancing family life and professional responsibilities as well as making daughter Klin Kaara feel special is his top priority; from giving interviews to Hollywood magazines and appearing on morning shows in America to attending award ceremonies he is enjoying every second.Ram Charan

Recently, Ram Charan surprised his fans and followers on social media by sharing an endearing picture of himself cradling his daughter Klin in his arms. This sweet moment earned the actor immense acclaim from admirers as she thanked him for showing such care towards his daughter. Ram Charan hails from an esteemed filmy family as well as Chiranjeevi’s clan; thus setting an inspiring example for new parents everywhere.Ram Charan

Mega Power Star recently shared his feelings and anxieties regarding becoming a first-time father for the first time in his life. The actor admitted feeling fear of doing things incorrectly when caring for their baby girl; but was quick to emphasize how supportive Upasana had been throughout this experience.

Upasana has been an exceptional companion through this journey of motherhood and she praised RRR actor for being such a caring father. She even mentioned how his attentive nature towards their daughter has added so much joy into this phase of their lives; even his eating habits have begun mirroring those of Upasana!

Ram Charan and Upasana have prioritized spending time with their daughter while working to realize all of their dreams. Soon, Ram Charan will return to shooting for SS Rajamouli’s Game Changer alongside Kiara Advani and director Shankar. In addition, he’ll collaborate with Buchibabu Sana & Sukumar on another project which features Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor in an important role. We wish all involved the best and hope to see Ram Charan back soon on screen!


Fatherhood | He’s a Wife’s Daddy

Ram Charan is an attentive father to his daughter Klin Kaara Konidela and truly cherishes every moment with her. In an interview for RRR actor’s show, he talked at length about their bond while also sharing how much he appreciates being married to Upasana as well.Fatherhood

Ram’s daughter arrived into this world last June and he has been an outstanding father ever since. Able to balance work commitments and home life seamlessly, during Father’s Day appearance he could be seen cuddling his daughter close, looking absolutely adorable.Fatherhood

Upasana has been an incredible partner to Ram, helping him navigate his new role. She was there by his side as he underwent surgery – she was so pleased that he didn’t give into pressure, doing what he felt was best for himself and their son. Upasana is so proud to see Ram becoming such an outstanding father figure, striving to be his very best version.

Recently, Ram and Upasana were seen visiting Mahalaxmi Temple in Mumbai to seek blessings for their daughter. Both wore traditional Indian attire and looked stunning together. Ram and Upasana have proven to be highly attentive parents to their daughter; making sure work doesn’t interfere with personal relationships, and safeguarding privacy.Fatherhood

Recently, Mega Powerstar appeared on an US-based talk show and discussed his wife Upasana’s pregnancy as well as fatherhood openly and without reservation. He revealed that he plans his work schedule around his daughter’s needs until she begins school.

Ram Charan’s success with RRR propelled him into global superstardom and since then, he has enjoyed being in the limelight. From appearing on magazine covers to attending award ceremonies, Charan has found himself constantly in the media’s gaze. On his work front, Charan will soon appear in both SS Rajamouli’s RC 15 as well as Shankar’s Game Changer alongside Kiara Advani.

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