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Nana Patekar His Silence on #MeToo Allegations by Tanushree Dutta | Best Actor In 2024 |

Nana Patekar

Tanushree Dutta made headlines in 2018 for alleging sexual misconduct against Nana Patekar during filming of Horn Ok Pleassss (2008), leading to an FIR that was eventually closed after one year due to lack of witnesses and evidence.

Now Nana Patekar speaks out on the ongoing controversy. Watch this video for more.Nana Patekar Breaks His Silence On Tanushree Dutta Sexual Harassment Allegations

Tanushree Dutta set off the MeToo movement in Bollywood in 2018 by accusing veteran actor Nana Patekar of sexual harassment and attempted sexual abuse while working on Horn Ok Pleassss (2008). Dutta claimed Patekar tried to sexually abuse her while filming Horn Ok Pleassss.

Nana Patekar

This incident was a wakeup call for the Indian film industry and spurred women to share their experiences of sexual misconduct. While many supported Tanushree, some industry bigwigs chose not to address or acknowledge the issue directly – such as actor Nana Patekar who maintained his innocence when allegations against him surfaced.

Recently, Khamoshi actor has spoken up and revealed all that transpired. Rather than take offense at allegations made against him when they knew they were unfounded; rather he upholds free speech principles and did not react when accusations came his way.

Nana Patekar told NDTV he wasn’t offended by allegations against him as he strongly supports free speech and there was no proof of anything being claimed against him. Furthermore, he stated he did nothing wrong and simply offered assistance choreographing dance steps for her film project.

In his interview, he described his reaction upon hearing of sexual harassment accusations; it was difficult for him to believe it and even more difficult fighting the case in court, with media and social media contributing further distorting it all.

He expressed no anger towards her for what she did, believing it necessary for future generations. Women had previously hesitated to tell their stories out of fear of stigmatisation or shame.

Nana Patekar

Nana Patekar

Nana’s attorney Rajendra Shirodkar came forward in support of Nana and declared any allegations made against her by actress Jennifer Lawrence to be baseless and no evidence against her could be provided from them.

Nana Patekar’s recent statement has stirred much debate within Bollywood. Many critics have lashed out against Nana for remaining silent about Tanushree and have asked him to speak up; others have likened this situation to Harvey Weinstein scandal while providing support to Tanushree even while questioning her decision to publicly address allegations made against her.

Nana Patekar Rejects Tanushree Dutta’s Allegations Of Sexual Harassment

Tanushree Dutta’s allegations against Nana Patekar sent shockwaves through India and helped spark its #MeToo movement. Dutta claimed Patekar, then aged 67, assaulted her during filming of Horn Ok Pleasssss (2008) by demanding intimate dance steps between them and physically abusing her on set – in addition to demanding intimate dance steps between themselves.

Nana Patekar

Nana’s allegations prompted an FIR, but was dropped within one year due to lack of evidence and witnesses. However, this scandal raised awareness about gender equality within Bollywood and caused many women to share their own experiences publicly. Recently in an interview with Lallantop Nana addressed these allegations by explaining he knew they were false so he did not react angrily when confronted about them.

He denied all allegations are accurate and claims his wife was mistreated by those trying to bring him down. On a positive note, however, the actor expressed relief at people speaking up about sexual harassment in Bollywood – something which he views as unacceptable treatment of women.

Nana Patekar

Nana Patekar

Nana indicated he does not read online comments and takes social media seriously, nor take into consideration other people’s opinions of him. While he believes any wrongdoers should face penalties accordingly, he does not believe it would be equitable for both sides to suffer equally from punishments.

Nana believes those remaining silent about Tanushree may fear for their projects should they speak out; she noted how some actors have already been dropped for sexual misconduct claims as evidence that things might be changing in Bollywood.

Nana remains unapologetic regarding Tanushree’s allegations and has continued to deny them, leading to more controversy between him and Tanushree. While currently filming with Akshay Kumar on their movie together, Tanushree recently spoke up about her experience with Nana; she expressed that she still felt victimized; wants both Nana as well as Horn Ok Pleassss director/choreographer brought into justice; however doesn’t feel vindicated yet as there’s more work left before feeling vindicated – divine retribution may finally kick in and industry will start taking sexual harassment seriously than before.

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