Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah – A Cricketer to Watch | Best Bowler In 2024

Jasprit Bumrah

Bumrah has quickly established himself as one of the premier bowlers across all formats of cricket. Although initially resistant, his mother ultimately agreed to send him to an academy.

He has perfected all aspects of fast bowling: swing, bounce, thinking, wobbleballs, slow ones, yorkers and 80 MPH offspin.Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah  | 1. He is a good finisher

Jasprit Bumrah stands out as an outstanding finisher – something which not many bowlers can claim to have accomplished. His skill lies in being able to time yorkers exactly right for death overs. Additionally, he’s been an outstanding wicket-taker in limited over formats. Bumrah has been an integral player on Mumbai Indians during all three IPL championship victories won between 2017-2021.Jasprit Bumrah

He has amassed 149 wickets in 89 ODI matches for India, placing second only to Mohammed Shami as India’s all-round wicket-taker. Furthermore, he has shown his talents with both bat and ball by scoring two fifties at the 2023 World Cup; earning praise from MS Dhoni along the way. A complete package and formidable opponent.

One thing that sets him apart is his unusual action, which can cause strain on the back. But he has found ways to use his height and modify his run-up in order to minimize stress on his spine. Furthermore, he has amassed an arsenal of tricks including slow deliveries, cutters and short balls in his arsenal.Jasprit Bumrah

He has excelled at red-ball cricket as well, recording several five-wicket hauls across South Africa, England and Australia. A highly versatile bowler who could prove invaluable for India in any format of cricket.Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah | 2. He is a good wicket-taker

Jasprit Bumrah has emerged as one of the premier wicket-taking bowlers in modern cricket. Famous for his death-over yorkers and integral member of both Mumbai Indians in IPL and Team India internationally. With unorthodox action coupled with deceptive pace making him an effective opponent against batsmen worldwide; plus being an exceptional fielder. Not forgetting his fantastic attitude off the pitch too.Jasprit Bumrah

Consistent and impressive in his performances over recent years, Jadeja has emerged as an outstanding fast bowler in recent times. He played an essential part in India winning three IPL titles and is an integral member of Team India at both levels – IPL and Test cricket. His impressive feats have won him critical acclaim while solidifying his status as an accomplished fast-bowler worldwide.

Bumrah has still proven himself an elite cricketer despite injury setbacks, with his high bowling speed capable of taking wickets across any format of cricket he plays in. Bumrah is not going to become just another benchwarmer.

Bumrah’s injury issues have demonstrated the need for him to be handled carefully. His unusual action puts undue strain on his back, potentially leading to injury. Therefore, it is vital for him to avoid too many consecutive games at once while listening closely to what his body needs from him.Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah | 3. He is a good medium-pacer

Bumrah’s unconventional action may draw stares, but his bowling abilities make him one of the most lethal fast bowlers of this generation. He can swing both ways with variations to fool even set batters while also toe-threatening yorkers or slow straight deliveries can nip in even set batsmen and take out wickets quickly.

Ervine has unleashed an uncompromising pace attack that has stunned his opponents. In fact, he currently holds the best average for an Indian seamer in Australia and South Africa as well as having an exceptional economy rate in England with sub-10 average in West Indies batting. Plus he’s an amazing finisher taking numerous wickets during an innings’ final stages!

As well as his natural ability, Bumrah stands out due to his unusual release point. Unlike most modern fast bowlers, he keeps his hand below his hips when releasing the ball for maximum accuracy when hitting stumps.

Bumrah’s unorthodox action had long been a source of concern regarding his longevity as it could put him at greater risk of injuries. But with an impressive performance at the World Cup behind him, Bumrah proved himself worthy to become India’s most promising fast bowler and is sure to become an invaluable member of their squad going forward.Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah  | 4. He is a good off-spinner

Bumrah is an exceptional bowler who possesses more tricks in his repertoire than many of history’s great seamers combined. His arsenal includes swing, seam and bounce tactics – something few other bowlers can match him on; additionally he can perform all three with uncanny accuracy.

As such, he is so dangerous. Currently the best new-ball bowler in world cricket, and deadly with old ball during death overs as well – his lack of weaknesses makes him such an integral member of India’s squad.

He can take wickets in every situation and on any surface. From fast bowling in the powerplay overs to lethal old ball delivery at death – an almost uncounterable combination for batsmen! – his wicket-taking prowess makes him hard to stop.

He doesn’t rely on either pitch or overheads to make an impactful statement, which speaks volumes of their excellence as cricketers. It takes experience to adjust to his unusual action which features hyperextended elbows and an unconventional release point; making it hard for batters to pick up the ball at exactly the same time, often leaving them looking as though they’re playing on delay.

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